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Date Submitted20/05/2019 14:49
Series (!)Aikatsu Friends!
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165 comment(s):
20/05/2019 15:01 *Anonymous
[comment removed]
20/05/2019 15:08 *Anonymous
[comment removed]
20/05/2019 16:33 — Anonymous
Is there a good reason someone would come to animetosho and refer to anime fans as "mentally disturbed" ?
20/05/2019 17:49 — Anon
Is there a good reason why the mentally disturbed keep coming here to spam their websites?
20/05/2019 15:19 *Anonymous
[comment removed]
20/05/2019 16:47 *Anonymous
[comment removed]
20/05/2019 17:00 *Anonymous
[comment removed]
20/05/2019 17:11 *Anon
[comment removed]
20/05/2019 17:20 *Anon
[comment removed]
20/05/2019 17:34 *Anon
[comment removed]
20/05/2019 15:28 *Anonymous
[comment removed]
20/05/2019 15:41 *Anon
[comment removed]
20/05/2019 16:11 *Anonymous
[comment removed]
20/05/2019 16:13 *Anonymous
[comment removed]
20/05/2019 16:32 *Anon
[comment removed]
20/05/2019 17:42 *Anonymous
[comment removed]
21/05/2019 00:33 — Anonymous
20/05/2019 18:49 *Anonymous
This is a cute show that I am fond of.
20/05/2019 19:08 *Anon
[comment removed]
20/05/2019 20:01 *Anonymous
[comment removed]
20/05/2019 20:08 *Anonymous
[comment removed]
20/05/2019 21:25 *Anony
[comment removed]
20/05/2019 20:37 *Anon
[comment removed]
21/05/2019 00:58 — Anonymous
21/05/2019 01:12 — Anonymous
stop stalking.
21/05/2019 21:28 — Anonymous
The fear of a few that Aikatsu Friends Radiant Jewel was following in the footsteps of S2 of Aikatsu Stars has been put to rest. My favorite part of all Aikatsu series is the emphasis that friendly competition helps elevate everyone and that treating competitors as enemies has a negative effect.
Love this show and believe it's getting better with each episode.
22/05/2019 03:38 — Anonymous
23/05/2019 13:42 — Anonymous
What's you problem?
22/05/2019 04:16 — Anonymous
Yeah its turned out to be true to the title. At the end of season one it looked like another Perfect Elza was headed our way. Hope it stays that way.
22/05/2019 16:51 — Anonymous
Looking forward to more backstory an Alicia.
21/05/2019 22:17 — Anonymous
The comments that WERE expressed here were well within the rules expressed under the comment box and contained no links as per the admin's request.  Whoever erased them had better check with his/her boss and think about why comments are allowed.
22/05/2019 02:53 — Anonymous
Nope. The one who erased them doesn't need to check with anyone. They were given carte blanche over the comments and they used it at their discretion.

Btw, there are no "rules" under the comment box. It only states, "Please be aware..."
Given that it's not written as a comprehensive, detailed list of do's & don'ts, it's weird why anyone takes it as such.
22/05/2019 04:38 — Anonymous
1. You were given "carte blanche" by who? You strangly avoid saying.  Was it your Mother?   Who gives anyone the freedom to do anything they want instead of awarding a trust to someone who will do the right thing instead of doing anything they want?  Are you suggesting you are on staff?  If on staff, shouldn't you do what admin would do?  admin was teaching and reasoning with users, and not deleting comments except under severe need.  If you do not represent admin, who do you represent?

2. Censorship is the worst and most immature thing someone with power can do to other people.  It is to deny them their voice, their existence.  And it serves no real purpose.  People who want a quiet sterile site can go to the mirror where it's dead quiet.  But they don't go there and they complain when the main site is down because they like AT's live version.  I don't believe there was even any vulgar or obscene language in most or all of what you deleted.
22/05/2019 04:39 — Anonymous
3. If you treat people like adults, they learn.  Treat them like children and they don't.  And users in these strings have learned a lot of things that you apparently don't know about.  They've learned how to speak their mind and walk away, not wasting their time on useless retorts or trying to get the last word.  And they've learned how to tell meaningful replies from meaningless ones.  These are the reasons why the number participating has steadily dropped.  The people here are more worthy of judging you than you have proved in judging them.  You should step down or admin should return you to the general user pool as someone with insufficient judgment to act and an insufficient sense of responsibility or stewardship.   And maybe insufficient character to admit a mistake.

4. P.S. Thanks for the admission about the comment box that you were just acting by your whims not by any rules.  People and organizations can't live by your whims, and historically we avoid arbitrary dictators when we can.  We prefer the social contract of rules.
22/05/2019 04:41 — Anonymous
5. Your response about why you censored was almost the most infantile thing written in this string.  Arbitrary actions.  A lack of a sense of accountability.  "Carte blanch" sounds like a terrible misunderstanding on your part.  Congratulations on obtaining the iron throne, even if it is only in your mind.  This isn't actually your site, is it?  Feel free to create your own site somewhere.  I suppose you would like a site where people blow kisses at each other.  Maybe there's a kindergarten site you could help a little somewhere, maybe not.

You deleted comments that were not obscene or vulgar.  Stay out of comments.  You have no talent for it.  Read some history and philosophy, and come back when you understand them and your goal is to make better people, not quiet ones.

Please be aware: The comment boxes carry weight because we respect admin.  You do not and therefore do not respect his comments, even laughing that others respect his words instructions and advice -bad on you.

cc: admin
22/05/2019 04:53 — Anonymous
In my opinion, this general complaint about board policies belongs in feedback. I know you are not able to delete it or move it. So, please, in the future try and keep it out of comments section. Ignore if you wish, but please consider my request.
22/05/2019 05:48 — Anonymous
My notes belong where the crime was committed.  Thanks for the anonymous advice.  You want to add some official weight to it?  No?  ok then.
22/05/2019 11:42 *admin
Thanks for putting out your thoughts on the matter and bringing forth your concerns. I'll try to address them and some misunderstandings which I think you may have.

There are no stated rules around comments here - I personally don't believe that they're effective. I generally prefer the "common sense" approach, as subjective as the notion may be. The notes below the comment box are just guidelines, based on typical comments that are likely to be made or issues which have arisen in the past.

It's very obvious what the problem is here, and I don't think my removing the comments was unjustified. It's basically the exact same thing that has been going on for the past ten or so times. I'd hardly consider it "censorship" - just pick any past Aikatsu listing and you'll the type of stuff that was "censored" here.
I've made some indication that I think this has occurred enough times already. I don't see any further value brought by these discussions, neither do I see any value lost by removing them. The intention behind the removal was not to suppress opinion, it was to avert repeating the same thing that has happened countless times before, to which, I think has had the desired effect. However, if you believe the "discussions" held value, you're more than welcome to hold them elsewhere. I just think most visitors of this site have seen more than enough of the same thing to care for it filling up the latest comments listing, however.

I did intend to post a comment when I removed the comments above, but unfortunately didn't get around to it. Please accept my apologies about that.
Thanks again for bringing forward your concerns.
23/05/2019 00:08 — Anonymous
I agree. It's the same circus every time a new episode comes out.
22/05/2019 13:37 — Anonymous
If you discord retards wanna troll, go back to ur server or move to /pol/ permanently.
22/05/2019 16:48 — Anonymous
23/05/2019 08:33 — Anonymous
Obvious troll looking to cause problems.
23/05/2019 08:36 — Anonymous
Same trolling repeated.
23/05/2019 12:10 — Anonymous
If you discord retards wanna troll, go back to ur server or move to /pol/ permanently.
23/05/2019 12:44 — Anonymous
nice trolling ya got going there there
23/05/2019 13:40 — Anonymous
If you discord retards wanna troll, go back to ur server or move to /pol/ permanently.
23/05/2019 15:22 — Anonymous
troll repeat post #9
22/05/2019 03:38 — Anonymous
If you discord retards wanna troll, go back to ur server or move to /pol/ permanently.
22/05/2019 04:36 — Anonymous
23/05/2019 08:35 — Anonymous
troll is obvious
23/05/2019 12:09 — Anonymous
If you discord retards wanna troll, go back to ur server or move to /pol/ permanently.
23/05/2019 12:46 — Anonymous
such a wonderful troll repeating the same nonsense for the 6th time after the previous ones were removed
23/05/2019 13:39 — Anonymous
If you discord retards wanna troll, go back to ur server or move to /pol/ permanently.
23/05/2019 15:22 — Anonymous
troll repeat post #10
21/05/2019 22:24 — Anonymous
Are the rules for comments here different than the rules in Feedback?

"It's to collect all your death threats, love messages, requests to the code monkeys or just suggestions/issues/questions/criticisms/idle talk or whatever feedback you think is worth our database space."

If so, get them printed under the comments box and I'll believe you acted with AT's rules and not just on your own whims.
22/05/2019 03:37 — Anonymous
If you discord retards wanna troll, go back to ur server or move to /pol/ permanently.
22/05/2019 04:37 — Anonymous
22/05/2019 13:35 — Anonymous
stop stalking, a$$hole
22/05/2019 16:49 — Anonymous
22/05/2019 17:33 — Anonymous
stop stalking, a$$hole
23/05/2019 08:38 — Anonymous
Same troll repeating same phrase that has nothing to do with this episode of Aikatsu Friends.
23/05/2019 12:10 — Anonymous
If you discord retards wanna troll, go back to ur server or move to /pol/ permanently.
23/05/2019 12:47 — Anonymous
not sure what this is about but this appears to be the 7th repeat
22/05/2019 05:49 — Anonymous
The Censor in this string  has done and said several weird things which I believe I now understand: She is not an AT Moderator but has borrowed the identity and credentials of a retired Moderator.

What she did: A kind of censorship that AT has never done before, whole sections and with no obscenities or vularities.  A type of senseless censorship.  A lack of emulating admin's principles and methods, like not interactions with users, a lack of deference to admin's authority.

What she said:
1. She was abstract in citing her authority instead of citing admin.  She is probably referring to instead to the real Moderator who told her to go nuts here.
2. She has continued to hide her identity not even taking responsibility forher massive intrusion into user's lives.
3. She tries to even hid her gender with neutral phrases, but she's obviously a "she".
3. She makes several 3rd party types of evasions like 'Whoever it was who censored those comments..."  People don't talk that way when they are honest.
4. Improper comments about admin, like she had no history with him or knew him.
5. Her claim someone gave her "carte blanch" to do anything she wanted to to comments -doesn't sound like admin.
6. Her lack of a sense of accountability to admin for her actions;
7. Her lack of feelings of responsibility to explain her actions to users;

8. Her belittlement and lack of respect for admin's instructions under the comment boxes.

If anyone else has a theory about her weird evasive note and strange expressions?

I've been here a long time.  This censor is fake staff.

admin, I hope you have a way of cleaning house for something like this.

This note is a copy and will be repeated until I am sure admin got to see it.
22/05/2019 12:01 *admin
Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your efforts in trying to bring forth your concerns.

whole sections and with no obscenities or vularities
Actually I think you'll find there's plenty of that in there. At the very least, no-one would consider the removed comments cordial.

For the record, I do really trust the judgements of all the moderators here, and they have done much, voluntarily, to support Anime Tosho. I don't mind the idea of questioning people or raising concerns - there's always some level of subjectivity after all - but I feel that it's worth pointing out.

I usually don't remove comments, but I don't really hold reservations about doing so when I feel it to be necessary. In this case, the same "discussion" crops up yet again, and shows no signs of disappearing or providing anything of further value, hence removing comments does appear to be somewhat effective at preventing further repetition.
I did intend to make a comment when I removed the above, but forgot to do it. My apologies about that.

Thanks again for your comment, and hope you understand my reasoning behind my actions.
22/05/2019 17:47 — Anonymous
I fail to understand why you are fine with the current posts containing "asshole" and "retard" that appeared after you removed the circular 'I know you are, but what am I ?' nonsense. One individual is trying to restart what your clear message indicated should stop. Failure to act at this point, indirectly indicates your approval.
22/05/2019 19:20 — Anon
The only "a-hole" word I see here is in your post. I did a word search.
23/05/2019 02:52 — Anonymous
22/05/2019 19:24 — Anonymous
Then why are you still replying on these threads? Unless you are the troll, pretending to be a different poster, Move on. Nothing to see here.
23/05/2019 02:54 — Anonymous
23/05/2019 12:11 — Anonymous
If you discord retards wanna troll, go back to ur server or move to /pol/ permanently.
23/05/2019 12:50 — Anonymous
8th time same troll bitching about something called /pol/ whatever that is and discord whatever that is
23/05/2019 13:39 — Anonymous
If you discord retards wanna troll, go back to ur server or move to /pol/ permanently.
23/05/2019 15:24 — Anonymous
troll repeat post #11
24/05/2019 16:41 — Anonymous
I searched /pol/ + Aikatsu got no hits. Could not find anything on discord /pol/ about Aikatsu.
24/05/2019 16:35 — Anonymous
So I searched discord + Aikatsu and discord + /pol/ got lots of hits on 1st and none on 2nd. So which discord + Aikatsu site are you trying to advertise with all these identical posts?
24/05/2019 17:07 — Anon
Please, just drop it already. You're just feeding the trolls on both sides of this.
24/05/2019 18:19 — Anonymous
11 repeat troll posts about sites I have never heard of.
Everything else here after the clean up concerns Aikatsu.
I support the Aikatsu side and do not consider them to be trolls.
24/05/2019 18:34 — Anonymous
Because you are the owner of the fansite who's was spamming until now.
24/05/2019 18:47 — Anonymous
I own no sites for fans or anyone else. I do see repeated posts here in this thread talking about discord and pol. Google gives lots of hits but does little to help me follow what is being bitched about.
24/05/2019 19:15 — Anonymous
Then the internet is not for you if you take things literally and don't know when you're being trolled. Get off the internet.
24/05/2019 19:17 — Anonymous
Nice to meet you troll.
22/05/2019 07:15 — Anonymous
Holy shit someone got the censorship wand.
22/05/2019 20:00 — Anonymous
Aikatsu Friends part 2. After the first 50 episodes we follow our friends to high school and Jeweling dresses. I like this show, however I miss the more complex plots and extended cast of characters that were the hallmarks of Aikatsu & Aikatsu Stars. Having fun viewing it even so.
23/05/2019 02:59 — Anonymous
A few new characters this time. It still seems a bit thin when there are gatherings of so many unknown classmates.
23/05/2019 08:43 — Anonymous
Great show. Compared to previous Aikatsu series it does seem a bit more predictable.
23/05/2019 09:15 — Anonymous
I followed Aikatsu Stars for around 70 episodes *spoiler* right up untill the gang got into S4, then looking forward to the rest of the shows run watching our heroines faff about in their new much coveted S4 status = boom, new characters intoduced = Where my MC's go?

I think its maybe cause the show is linked to a card game / app? and the stats must show an uptick in sales when new characters are introduced - or something.

I'll need to go back and check out the rest of 'Stars now, as there is only around another 20 episodes I've still to see.

BTW do any of the 'Stars cast appear in 'Friends?

and also

I do not understand these threads, they begin with someone adverting their Aikatsu website, an act that cannot be designated trolling, spamming maybe, but not trolling, and even then its not against the rules, then, EVERY TIME, they are attacked and trolled by what seems like the same person, who goes on to accuse the Aikatsu person for the trolling.
23/05/2019 09:19 — Anonymous
Yah. I think the Aikatsu Friends fan shagged the salty guys girlfriend or something.
23/05/2019 09:20 — Anonymous
Aikatsu guy here. Can confirm ;)
23/05/2019 09:42 — Anonymous
Its not even Spam to be honest. It's just one anime fan advertising his relatively underground anime site, here on this relatively underground anime comments section. This is the literal definition of "Community" and I would imagine most people here (if they're even aware of it) would applaud such a thing.

23/05/2019 10:18 — Anonymous
Correct. Spam would be some twat posting clickbait or porn or whatever. An anime related link on an anime website is not spam.
23/05/2019 13:04 — Anonymous
No spoilers from me. I've watched Stars twice and found the last 20 eps to be the better part of season 2.
As for Friends, you can begin watching now as it's solid break from the others. Don't remember a cross over so far.
24/05/2019 05:20 — Anonymous
I miss the introduction of new Idols seen in the previous series. The fun of different Aikatsu schools and discovering idols at potato farms expanded the richness of the series and thus my enjoyment of it. We have a long way to go so I maintain high hopes for Aikatsu Friends.
24/05/2019 22:27 — Anonymous
Currently downloading 19 Spring anime shows and a half dozen carry overs. The Aikatsu series is one of the very few that I  watch as soon as it is available. Aikatsu Friends is one of my all time faves.
So much anime so little time. Never gonna be able to watch them all.
25/05/2019 11:30 — Anonymous
"So much anime so little time. Never gonna be able to watch them all."
Man, that's true ;)
25/05/2019 14:16 — Anonymous
Instead of attempting to make a larger dent in my growing un viewed collection, I confess to being distracted by re watching shows, for example, before a new season comes out or to lift my spirits during stressful times.

Aikatsu, Love Live, and even PriPara or PreCure are nice positive thought generating fare that bring a smile to my brain in ways escape reality blood and gore fare never could. What a wonderful worlds that can create such simplistic joy filled entertainment.
23/05/2019 09:56 — Anonymous
Best thing about Aikatsu Stars was Akko's redemption, where we learn what turned her into such a bratty kid, and then see her character arc blossoming into such a nice and kind person, which of course, she always was under her abrasive facade.
23/05/2019 09:57 — Anonymous
hmhmm. Similar to Nico from Love LIve
23/05/2019 12:57 — Anonymous
It seemed to take forever for Perfect Elza be surprised by what was important to her in the end.
24/05/2019 01:44 — Anonymous
I loved the Love Live back story oriented episodes on Nico. Her interactions with her family helped me see her as more than comic relief. Re watching the series, knowing more about her drops my annoyance factor towards her when I first viewed this series.
I find the same goes with Elza and the second half of Aikatsu Stars, even if it's to a lesser degree.
I heartily agree with your view of Akko.
24/05/2019 13:12 — Anonymous
Nico Nico Ni
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