[Mezashite] Aikatsu Friends! - 056 [5F048B44].mkv

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Date Submitted13/05/2019 13:57
Series (!)Aikatsu Friends!
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24 comment(s):
13/05/2019 14:37 — Anonymous
Great series. Thanks to all the fans and fan sites that make these subs possible.
14/05/2019 04:17 — Anonymous
Searching fandom for Aikatsu will bring you to many wonderful wiki fan sites where you can discuss this show in a troll free environment. Enjoy.
13/05/2019 14:47 — Anonymous
In before troll starts attacking Aikatsu Friends Fans. Download and enjoy the show.
14/05/2019 05:26 — Anonymous
Wow... It's like these twinks are just baiting people now too have a go at them on this site!?
14/05/2019 06:06 — Anonymous
nice troll
16/05/2019 03:08 — Anonymous
16/05/2019 03:27 — Anonymous
"f" fag "u" understands or some other secret code for being a troll
14/05/2019 11:29 — Anon
It looks that way to me also. They must be really disappointed that the spam hater hasn't shown up. Maybe they just want to see the memes again?
15/05/2019 23:25 — Anonymous
nice troll
16/05/2019 03:09 — Anonymous
16/05/2019 05:54 — Anonymous
"fu" is Chinese character for 'luck' or 'fortune'.
16/05/2019 08:04 — Anonymous
just a troll who was banned from some discord bluestone fan site related to aikatsu because he did not like the rules
been bitching about it since around episode 44
16/05/2019 12:39 — Anonymous
Somebody just had to bring up the Blutarski circle jerk boiz.....
Ramensub also got banned just for asking why they were spamming here when they don't allow spam spam on their server.
16/05/2019 14:41 — Anonymous
I remember that, didn't the server owner come here because of that and finally started crying "Leave me alone"?
They're just a bunch of cry-babies that got called out for doing what is against their own rules.
16/05/2019 13:52 — Anonymous
nice troll
16/05/2019 13:59 — Anonymous
you're the troll lol
16/05/2019 14:00 — Anonymous
nice troll
16/05/2019 22:05 — Anonymous
I just checked the comments at Aikatsu Friends 44, lots of blah, blah, blah, whaaaaaaaa! Appears to be a personal grudge by someone kicked off a members only Aikatsu/Warcraft site. Starts with whaaaa at 44 then precedes to get louder and uglier with each new episode.
16/05/2019 22:16 — Anonymous
The spamming started at ep 39 (by the timeline), the blowback started at ep 41. Ep 44 is when it really took off. It's not like they were spamming since ep 1.
16/05/2019 22:34 — Anonymous
Episode 41. OP on January 2019. Post attacked on March 2019.
Why try so hard to twist the obvious?
16/05/2019 23:37 — Anonymous
Not sure why the discord link is called spam. I saw the link posted for several weeks. I ignored it till it was attacked. Clicked it and it was an invite to join. Googled it and was not interested.
Our troll probably joined and later was kicked out. Possible since link was ignored by everyone for a month or so and then suddenly attacked. The attacks continue to this day even after months of the link not being posted.
Seems like a personal beef with people who banned him and are not responding to him here.
16/05/2019 22:41 — Anonymous
Most anime fan sites, including those that create fan subs, require membership before commenting. It is a self defense tool that is required to control the trolls.
16/05/2019 22:49 — Anonymous
Probably why they don't post their links on nyaa, they'd be banned for spamming if they weren't banned already.
15/05/2019 22:18 — Anon
"baiting people" something like using the homophobic gay hating slur "twinks" in reference to fans of this show?
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