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Date Submitted12/05/2019 13:22
Series (!)Aikatsu Friends!
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41 comment(s):
12/05/2019 13:54 *Anonymous
*Moderator edit.  Enjoy the show.
12/05/2019 14:15 — Anonymous
Are you trying to start a sh*t-show again? The admin said to quit posting the links and you just did by proxy.......
Everybody who is a real fan of the show knows by now. It's not like it's something new.
12/05/2019 15:22 — Anonymous
Please stop calling Aikatsu Friends a shit-show.
12/05/2019 15:29 — Anonymous
He is obviously referring to starting a sh*t-show in comments, and you are obviously trolling.
12/05/2019 15:39 — Anonymous
nice troll
12/05/2019 17:15 — Anonymous
This shows fans have been attacked by a troll starting here when episode 44 was posted. Just ignore the hate and search for Aikatsu friendly sites to discuss this anime.
12/05/2019 18:02 — Anonymous
Correction: the SPAMMERS posting Discord links and then fan site links were "attacked". If the SPAMMERS happened to be fans that's their problem.
12/05/2019 21:12 — Anon
Thanks for nothing, troll. This thread was doing fine until you had to post drivel about something nobody really cares about. Just download your show and move on.
12/05/2019 18:11 — Anonymous
An individual unhappy with the rules at a members only fan site decided to bring his argument here. Attacking anyone who did not support his complaints as a spammer or troll.
No one here wants, needs, or cares about his petty little problems at a site they have never heard of and never plan to join.
13/05/2019 00:23 — Anon
I wonder why he decided this site was a good place to go after groups of fans he does not like?
12/05/2019 18:23 — Anonymous
And no one here wants, needs, or cares about a petty little fan site or Discord server that they have never heard of and never plan to join.
12/05/2019 18:31 — Anonymous
The attack on Aikatsu fans starting here at episode 44 of Aikatsu Friends and still present today is expected at places like 4chan /a/. If you want to continue your little tirade please take it somewhere else.
12/05/2019 21:16 — Anon
Who cares, you're the one that's propagating the problem, just don't post and move on. They'll probably see your post as fodder to keep the sh*t stirred.And your post is stirring the sh*t.
13/05/2019 00:39 — Anonymous
I don't care about fan sites or whatever. I do, however find the attacks on fans of this show disturbing.
13/05/2019 01:06 — Anonymous
The internet is a disturbing place: get over it.

13/05/2019 06:57 — Anonymous
I literally laughed out loud

It used to be good though, the internetthat is. Even trolls used to be funny. I guess there still is some funny stuff, but normie trolls are just boring. Contrarians who cannot be content with a simple shake of the head when they see something they don't agree with. They just HAVE to post. SJW NPC normalfags everywhere contaminating my internets.

On page. Ignore the fool and rock on my Aikatsu tomodachis!
13/05/2019 07:25 — Anonymous
nice troll
13/05/2019 07:29 — Anonymous
You are right on target there.
Being called a troll for simple stating the obvious helps prove your point.
They just can't help from stepping in it no matter how large the sign is.
13/05/2019 01:10 — Anonymous
I find the constant spamming of fan sites disturbing.
13/05/2019 01:26 — Anonymous
So what?  I'm not interested in your feelings.  I consider them a form of spam.  Go start a blog that no one will read.

13/05/2019 01:34 — Anonymous
nice troll
13/05/2019 01:38 — Anon
same ol trolling
13/05/2019 01:43 — Anonymous
Lead by example and start your own blog and get back to me.
13/05/2019 01:46 — Anonymous
All this hate directed a Anime fans at an anime site. How wonderful.
13/05/2019 01:59 — Anonymous
Hate? I see trolls trolling each other. What you consider hate isn't hate in other people's eyes.
13/05/2019 12:15 — Anonymous

nice troll
13/05/2019 14:56 — Anonymous
13/05/2019 15:35 — Anonymous
nice troll
13/05/2019 18:19 — Anonymous
13/05/2019 23:07 — Anonymous
nice troll
14/05/2019 00:06 — Anonymous
14/05/2019 04:12 — Anonymous
nice troll
14/05/2019 05:25 — Anonymous
14/05/2019 06:07 — Anonymous
obvious troll
14/05/2019 12:24 — Anonymous
die copycat bitch
13/05/2019 02:33 — MeH
AnimeTosho is an anime site created and run by anime fans. Constructive criticism about series is welcome. Name calling and shaming those who enjoy or like a specific show is childish and rude. So enjoy your favorite shows and ignore the petty squabbles of "I know you are, but what am I".
13/05/2019 07:22 — Anonymous
speaking to deaf ears. Aikatsu pages are troll trap
14/05/2019 17:26 — Anonymous
I agree with what has been said, but please don't use my name again! ^^
14/05/2019 20:38 — Anonymous
Posting as "Anonymous" is not allowed? I don't think so. Keep dreaming!^^
14/05/2019 21:31 — Anonymous
Pretty sure he replied to "Yesterday 02:33 — MeH"
14/05/2019 21:59 — Anonymous
So are you "Anonymous" or anonymous "MeH"? What other tag besides these two do you use?
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