[ADZPlus] Etotama [BD 1080p FLAC]

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Date Submitted31/12/2016 02:25
Series (!)Etotama: Eto Tamashii
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10 comment(s):
Q 31/12/2016 02:43 — Anonymous
Can this be let through? Thank you
31/12/2016 02:57 *Anonymous
" I just added neko☆works' typesetting and lyrics for the OP/ED to ADZ's release"

--needs a category change to orange, and I could see a Nyaa kill for name infringement or the minimal content difference.
--just to mention it.
31/12/2016 03:01 — Anonymous
so I'd wait a little, rather than process and delete.
31/12/2016 03:07 — Anonymous
Alright ,Thank you!
31/12/2016 05:56 — Anonymous
This is that show which ended up receiving such abysmal sale due to the fact that the one in charge of marketing somehow think it's a good idea to sold the BD way early before the anime even finished airing its 3rd episode. I remembered reading how the volume 1 BD received an abundance of page view and the staff thanked people for it but in the end, only a selected few ended up buying it, which is kind of cringeworthy. Guess every other production committee realized that kind of shitty marketing backfired tremendously after this particular event. Late night anime is very niche afterall and Etotama isn't particularly groundbreaking enough for it to make a name like Kill la Kill for example.
26/08/2018 15:44 *BetaMAX
#Even a Pawn can take down a King#
As it's now unlikely, that some major group picks it up, I've revised the scripts (tons of timing fixes, mostly unified styling, TS fixes/improvements, reworked fontconfig) and put together a 720p mux. Overall 3.8 GiB, including the Specials, OP/ED and the 13 transformation sequences. In case, someone is interested, I would provide DDL. Moved it to archival storage, so not available for upload anymore.

Video: H.264, 720p, 10-bit, High 10, vfr (makes sense for CGI scenes), crf 19
Audio: AAC LC, 2ch, vbr, ~160kbit
Subs: based on this batch

[Nothing here anymore]
PW = AT link of this [ADZPlus] batch
13/09/2019 19:20 — bomaye6

Where can I download this?
13/09/2019 20:14 — Anonymous
if you want the story,


if you want this version, no idea.
18/09/2019 21:06 — bomaye6
Yeah, I was referring to the version BetaMAX was talking about in his post.
19/09/2019 00:57 — Anonymous
Unfortunately, Betamax has decided that CR is a good organization that tells the truth and is concerned about the good of the public, so he's apparently moved on.
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