Paul no Miracle Dai Sakusen TV 05-06 [ARR]

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Date Submitted25/03/2023 20:33
Series (!)Paul no Miracle Dai Sakusen
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udp:// failedU: 41d, 1hr, 11min ago
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27 comment(s):
26/03/2023 03:06 — Anonymous
there there there! They even try to watermark an srt subtitle.
101% NOT RECOMENDED to download
26/03/2023 20:51 — Hylozoic
All subbers watermark subs or video, retarded hater! Try to go fuck yout slut mom!
26/03/2023 22:03 — Anonymous
except when they don't??
27/03/2023 12:29 — Hylozoic
They always do it, retarded cocksucker!
27/03/2023 16:28 — Anonymous
Could you explain that? I've taken a look into the srt (only) and all I do see is short notes at beginning and end.
This is something many subbers do (note we talk about personal subs, not rips that come with official ones already).
A watermark is rather something permanent. I didn't take a look into the encode if its there - I am simply on interested in their uploads (neither what they do or how they do it).
27/03/2023 17:20 — Hylozoic
1)No watermarks in ARR rips. It's just haters' slunder. 2)We do it fast and cheap. And you like to suck cock.
27/03/2023 20:11 — Anonymous
That's basically what i've been saying. But well, since you're unreasonable. Userscript to remove your stuff. And bye.
28/03/2023 04:35 — Hylozoic
If I', repeat your shit, I'm reasonable. Nuclear strike to remove you from planet.
26/03/2023 23:59 — Anonymous
Why does anyone even bother with ARR or Kingmenu ?
Lousy Russians
27/03/2023 12:30 — Hylozoic
Don't fuck with Russia or USA! Kingmenu is american group!
27/03/2023 13:54 — Anonymous
Wer is your source? You rutard??
27/03/2023 15:58 — Anonymous
Nice spelling... I guess English isn't your native language. (look in comment under series) (look in comment under series)
Just to name a few.
27/03/2023 17:18 — Hylozoic
Kingmenu is american group, moron:
27/03/2023 21:22 — Anonymous
An American group that helps Russia.
How stupid are you people.
Click and see for yourself.
28/03/2023 04:36 — Hylozoic
You fucking american shit must help us!
28/03/2023 07:49 — Anonymous
ultimately, it's a blog full of rutards plannin their agendas
29/03/2023 05:50 — Hylozoic
Who's is rutards? American retards like you?
28/03/2023 02:02 — Anonymous
Nice,  now Hylozoic commenting with anon account, what a breach of common platform trust!
29/03/2023 05:47 — Hylozoic
It's some retard who don't know Kingmenu.
27/03/2023 17:18 — Hylozoic
27/03/2023 16:00 — Anonymous
Type (kingmenu) in the search bar (top left hand side of the page) and left click on their file uploads and see for yourself.
27/03/2023 21:34 — Japanimelvr
Yeah a lot of their releases have mention of helping Russia by buying Anime and helping with providing raws also shout outs to (Anonymous Rotten Russians)
They may be an American group (don't see anything on their site about themselves) but they do seem to be working with Russian Subbers.
28/03/2023 04:38 — Hylozoic
The don't work with me.
28/03/2023 10:58 — Anonymous
No one knows who you are.  So that could be a reason.
29/03/2023 05:50 — Hylozoic
I'm ARR, greatest ripper ever. Kingmenu is american group which upload files from USA that you can see yourself:
29/03/2023 11:55 — Anonymous
This topic is pointless. People here obviously cannot learn for themselves and are so used to being told what to do and what to believe.
(Hylozoic) is a perfect example of how someone with little intelligence can be easily brainwashed... and most people now a days are dumbed down (TikTok).
Sorry for the rant     now back to some Anime !
Bye Bye
29/03/2023 18:29 — Anonymous
Looking around, it seems arr/Hylozoic/etc is now putting up other people's encodes, adding its name to the file name, then not seeding any of it in an attempt to get you to go to their webshite - which is of course funded by porn ads.
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