Neon Genesis Evangelion [NETFLIX PATCHED][Sephirotic Sync]

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Date Submitted01/07/2019 02:07
Series (!)Shinseiki Evangelion
CommentFly Me to the Moon is back!
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5 comment(s):
16/07/2019 03:24 — Anonymous
This is a suggestion, It would be in your best interest to not use the new audio they did for Eva. It's full of mind traps. They made a verbatim dubbing with different cv's. It might seem exactly the same but it's not. Dialogue has been changed, removed, added.

Little bits here and there. There aim is to take the freedom the original gives your imagination away from you. and don't forget the usual use of words like 'OldMan" etc. designed for creating a society that has no respect for anyone older then they are. Those same words are found in all dub Anime today.

Check by taking the subtitles for the original dub and the new dub and do a comparison.

16/07/2019 11:15 — Anonymous
I suppose you like the JP version of Ghost Stories better than the dub also.
31/07/2019 05:55 — Anonymous
No I just don't like it when Anime is edited in way it loses the essence that fans were originally drawn to the show.  I watch both sub and dub of the same Anime.  It use to be because it took a while to get dubs. It changed to wanting to know how much story is changed.  Eventually I learned the language.

Today all new shows (which is almost all of them) licensed to funi/cr are tweaked in production and they still get intentional translation errors. Read ( FanSub groups are needed more than ever.

Animators are not happy and telling fans in their own way. It's becoming more frequent.  An example and It's really sad nothing was said on Anime boards checked. All easily spotted the first time watching "Wisemans Grandson." first ep is enough to find some of the funniest there's been.  

What they were trying to prevent has already happened. Now it's about keeping Pandora's box from opening. But at the same time Dub dialogue is still the opposite of what it use to be. negative disrespectful behavior.
17/04/2020 22:11 — Anonymous
Wait dose this have the english dub or not im confused
17/04/2020 22:46 — Anonymous
These are just sound files, no video.

"Netflix English dub of Neon Genesis Evangelion episodes 1-26"
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