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Date Submitted16/03/2023 22:50
Series (!)Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita
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26 comment(s):
18/03/2023 10:42 — Anonymous
First episode when played with MX player it gets exit after the Goblin killing skill scene
18/03/2023 12:25 — Anonymous
There literally are many other better versions, why'd you dl this cra.ppy version?? Pfft!
18/03/2023 17:22 — Anonymous
For a quick answer, I assume you're talking about the 8-9min time frame of ep1?  It played fine there with the K-Lite pack for me, which is a good choice for a free media player. You can look up K-Lite's site and download info in Wikipedia.
18/03/2023 17:59 — Anonymous
I just finished the whole of ep1 with K-Lite.  Playback was fine.

I'm glad to see this source is back.
19/04/2023 18:34 — Anonymous
Guys, MX Player is a real good player on mobile phone. Recommenting K-Lite wont get you anything.
@Topic Any half decent phone lets say last 5 years should be able to play it.
For MX Player - Which version do you have? Meaning Ver# and Free/Paid/Beta? Did you check switching SW/HW/HW+ Decode? Did you check codecs: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/mx-...c.2156254/
You could also test https://f-droid.org/de/packages/is.xyz.mpv/ . If all is not working did you check re-dl files?
19/04/2023 20:09 — Anonymous
who asked about mobile?  The files play fine on pc.
19/04/2023 20:16 — Anonymous
The OP? .. first one asking since he comes with MX Player? What does it help him if you say it runs fine on pc while he wants to play on mobile which on such isnt a problem.
19/04/2023 20:56 — Anonymous
I used something called mxplayer for windows back in the day. So this one is android.  Best to specify when asking about non-pc platforms.  
19/04/2023 21:16 — Anonymous
There was something callen MPlayer for Windows and you can find ways to use MX Player through emulation android>win but. I searched a lot already before and now, you might link to a MXPlayer on win?
20/04/2023 08:02 — Anonymous
No matter what you say. Any file
size of 720p is still 720p. There's
lots of noises and grains when
played in 2K + res. screen.
20/04/2023 08:07 — Anonymous
WTH? Yes, that's true but isnt the topic here if the OP wants to play it on/through phone for whatever reasons. Are you still the same guy? You seem to want to enforce your setup onto others, thats quite the ego-number and lame. Plz just stop now.
19/04/2023 02:17 — Anonymous
With VLC also there are some playback issues in mobile
19/04/2023 03:06 — Anonymous
VLC might be a dead project (not current, not properly updated anymore).  You would be wise to move on if you can.
19/04/2023 09:31 — Anonymous
what makes you think its a dead project. it would be wise for you to adopt vlc. it works. its everywhere and will continue to exist even if other projects die lol
19/04/2023 23:52 *MeH
Possibilities are endless ...
The best and most powerful media player on earth is K-Lite Codec Pack (Full or Mega). The other great one is mpv (which is based on MPlayer and mplayer2). KLCP (Full or Mega) and mpv can play ANY media file out of the box without the need to configure or download any extra codec. KLCP is Windows-only while mpv is cross platform. Having both of them on a system is a wise thing to do.

PotPlayer and SMPlayer are runner-ups.

VLC Media Player was once the Swiss army knife of video players but it's not recommended anymore due to its inability to play some codecs and inferiority as compared with KLCP and mpv.

The best video players for Android are MX Player, XPlayer and mpv.
20/04/2023 07:49 — Anonymous
PotPlayer btw. isnt bad btw., well default it is but it's amazing (more than K-Lite so plz refrain from most powerfull) when used with lavfilters and madvr like in https://www.videohelp.com/software/LAV...rs-Megamix resp. with configuration like https://anime.my/tutorials/configuring...-decoding/
20/04/2023 16:47 — Anonymous
Android is not my field, but for what it's worth of the options I see listed I'd invest time in mpv as a serious, although not always easy to work with, project.

I have concerns that mxplayer having  been bought by Amazon, will be getting loaded up with DRM and collecting your data.  I'd have the same concerns for any commercial player or browser.
21/04/2023 19:52 — Anonymous
has it been bought yet? There used be talks but that can got throught months or years and I cant find any result. And its basically just amazon wants, nothing from the other side so imo still unclear how feasable it even is?
21/04/2023 20:44 — Anonymous
according to wikipedia, it is in talks with Amazon currently, but it is already owned by Indian and Chinese companies for $250 million.  So it is a commercial product and not a project, which is all I use.
21/04/2023 21:11 — Anonymous: "Anon"
Almost all mobile (Android/iOS) apps are commercial products to make many by in-app purchase or via selling (hopefully anonymized) users data.
21/04/2023 21:29 — Anonymous
not true for mpv, as far as I know, but I don't have time to check, so if someone wants to be sure:
21/04/2023 21:45 — Anonymous: "Anon"
mpv and some other apps are a different story. That's why I said "Almost all" and not "every single app" out there ;)
21/04/2023 23:26 — Anonymous
a wink?  Like you think you said something clever?  LOL.
22/04/2023 00:24 — Anonymous
you just sound dumb
21/04/2023 21:38 — Anonymous
ads and such would be ok for legit viewing, but copyright violations are a different game.
22/04/2023 02:25 — Anonymous
Grabing a p0PC0RN to watch this comment-driven show
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