[Mezashite] Aikatsu Friends! - 047 [73C65E8E].mkv

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Date Submitted10/03/2019 18:24
SeriesAikatsu Friends! - Episode 47 (of 50): Mastery Idol Coco
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67 comment(s):
10/03/2019 19:15 — Anonymous
Thanks for this Mezashite. In before temper-tantrum sama goes bat shit crazy attacking the fan site that kicked him out for being the obvious ass he is.
10/03/2019 19:35 — ACTL_33
Seriously? The guy apparently spammed said "link" *there*? Tell me it's not true.
13/03/2019 13:43 — Anonymous
A link inviting fans to join Blueston Aikatsu fan site was 1st posted Jan 13 of this year. That was 2 months and 8 or so invites ago. While it is true links exist, it is also true that they have not been treated as spam here. Links to anime fan sites posted at an anime fan site that are not after money, advertisement hit counts, or virus based info theft can hardly be classified as detrimental to the fan sub community.
13/03/2019 13:54 — Anonymous
If you are going to join a fan site it's best to support the release group by joining their site.
10/03/2019 21:05 — Anonymous
Heh, that so called fan site attacked this place first by spamming the threads.
IIRC the  one said he got kicked for not changing his avatar, if not changing it is being an ass I'd say you have mental issues.
Ramen got kicked just for asking why they spammed here.
The server is obviously run by little kids.
11/03/2019 01:20 — Anonymous
Nice series, good subs, pass on the drama-rama by banned sama.
11/03/2019 03:18 — Anonymous
Please post that discord fansub link so we can see what all the bitchin is about.
11/03/2019 03:40 — Anonymous
not fansub. Fan group. No different than promoting your youtube channel or fb group or WhatsApp group.
Seems like the spammer will not spam his discord server link anymore https://animetosho.org/view/mezashite-...mment86397
11/03/2019 04:17 — Anonymous
You call it spam and then provide a link to it. RETARD.
11/03/2019 04:38 — Anonymous
lol the link is to the comment "shut the f*ck up and leave me alone"
and the invite link in that page is now invalid fyi
11/03/2019 14:07 — Anonymous
Bad news, it's back online
11/03/2019 14:15 — Anonymous
You really think you can kill off Ice Crown and Bluestone Aikatsu with a bit of trash talk trolling? Good luck tard.
11/03/2019 14:34 — Anonymous
No problem, every time that link gets posted here it will get trash talked and the results will eventually appear on Google. I'm sure this is the type of publicity those little cry-babies want.

The server sounds like a giant bore. A bunch of little cry babies chatting about a crappy show while having a circle jerk.
11/03/2019 14:38 — Anonymous
Big words banned sama. It's clear that without you any site would be a better place to visit.
11/03/2019 14:41 — Anonymous
You must be retarded, I was never banned because I never went there. Why would I join a server about a crappy show I have absolutely no interest in?
11/03/2019 14:49 — Anonymous
So you just visit posts designed only to download Aikatsu Friends, a show you have no interest in, to attack a fan site you have no interest in, and keep at it for 4 weeks?

Nice try silly child.
11/03/2019 15:18 — Anonymous
I read all the new posts here, this thread happens to be one of many I read.
I comment on quite a few threads but not all of them. I posted in this thread because of the unwanted spamming by a crappy Discord server member on this site.

And here you are defending the blatant unwanted spamming of a server the vast majority of readers have no interest in.
11/03/2019 15:28 — Anonymous
Sorry you have so much hate for Bluestone Aikatsu, Ice Crown, and all the Aikatsu fans who love the show. Is it really necessary to attack posts simply providing a link to download sub releases of the show here? I guess all the other places remove, ban, or block your hateful vicious trolling.

Have you little fun here. With every comment your true colors become brighter and clearer for all to see.
11/03/2019 15:32 — Anonymous
To the guy just above me: it has nothing to do with hate of the people you mentioned, it's the hatred of spam posts like they have been doing here.
You all don't allow the spam posts of links to other places on your server (it's in the rules) so why do you think it's OK to spam post a link to your server here?
11/03/2019 15:37 — Anonymous
One major glaring insightful little point. No one has posted a link to any Bluestone Aikatsu or Ice Crown sites in this thread.
10/03/2019 22:20 — Anonymous
Whats with all the Drama in these Aikatsu threads?

Asking for a friend
10/03/2019 22:32 — Anonymous
10/03/2019 22:48 — Anonymous
Click on it -- or -- Do your self a favor and don't waste even this tiny portion of your life being so obviously  trolled.
10/03/2019 22:54 — Anonymous
Why would anyone need to ask about this for a "friend".  Doesn't he have internet in his country?

Here's the short version: There is considerable consensus that the discord advertisement is spam.  He quits posting it here, and we leave him alone.  And that he probably isn't ready to host a discord or anything like it.
10/03/2019 23:23 — Anonymous
Smells like temper-tantrum sama same fagging in here don't it?

Most don't read comments here.
Those that do usually scan for problems with subs before downloading.
Most don't comment here.
Those that do warn about problem subs.

Those that comment idot-savant style based on disagreements from other sites where they were banned, and have nothing to do withe the anime or the sub group are obvious trolls.
10/03/2019 23:37 — Anonymous
You don't know how many read comments, make comments or anything else on this site, jerk.
10/03/2019 23:44 — Anonymous
You were kicked off a fan site with a few hundred members? If that's all you got to get this cranked over, you have no hope of a real life any time in the near future.
11/03/2019 01:03 — Anonymous
That's my note -I've never been kicked off any fan site.  In fact, I chat with founders.

The guy who claimed to know everything is obviously deluded and clinically pompous.
11/03/2019 01:38 — Anonymous
There is a single individual pissed about something no one here cares about.
Nice try temper tantrum sama
10/03/2019 22:22 — Anonymous
btw, does Akko appear much, if at all, in 'Friends?
11/03/2019 04:24 — Anonymous
11/03/2019 13:11 — Anonymous
Thanks for the Bluestone Aikatsu link
11/03/2019 13:18 — Anonymous
Thats the guy that created Ice Crown. Way Cool. Better name than the old Ice Crown War3 tag.
11/03/2019 14:11 — Anonymous
This troll is attacking a site belonging to a legend in the Aikatsu/PreCure world. WTF is his major malfunction.
11/03/2019 14:42 — Anonymous
He gat banned for being an ass, just like he is demonstrating here.
11/03/2019 14:52 — Anonymous
The idiot above me thinks it's just one person who is 'attacking' the site. They seem to think anyone who speaks ' ill ' of the spammed server is the same person.
There are several of us attacking the spammer who has been posting spam links to their childish server.

A legend? Really? In his own mind maybe.
11/03/2019 15:16 — Anonymous
Big fan of Ice Crown. Dealing with haters. who think they are the gatekeepers of good vs bad anime shows, attacking PreCure and Aikatsu is just a normal part of being a fan.
11/03/2019 15:23 — Anonymous
Yet another idiot ^^ defending the unwanted spamming of a server where it isn't wanted.
It's easy, don't spam post the Discord server here and you/he won't have to ' deal ' with it.
11/03/2019 15:32 — Anonymous
So much hate, so few brain cells.
11/03/2019 16:46 — John_Doe
The Central Scrutinizer
Some funny stuff here. First it started by someone inciting the typical sh*t storm by calling out this supposed "temper-tantrum sama".
Then the typical responses come along, then I see what are members of this "fan site" come in to stir the flames some more.
Then I see defenders/members of the fan site that has been spammed here in the past trying to deflect by saying the "hatred" is aimed at some people that the vast majority of readers here never heard of when in fact any so called "hatred" is directed at the spam and now the site that started this sh*t storm.
Special thanks go out to the anon that gave out the nameless spam posters user names. Enjoy the spam/sh*t storm that may come along after people google those names and start posting wherever they have, talk about having "so few brain cells".
I have been part of the scene for around 15 years and never heard of these so called "Legends" before, I wouldn't call them legends.
Like the one anon said I also read every new post here, it has nothing to do with like/dislike of this or any other show that makes me reply.

Bottom line: if the link spammer(s) don't post that link anymore and the members of the fan site quit posting in this shows threads the sh*t storms will go away in a couple of weeks
11/03/2019 17:20 — Anonymous
Wonderful bottom line there bub. If the shows fans quit posting in the shows threads on this site the shitstorm he is creating will go away. He really is not very good at hiding his true colors.
11/03/2019 17:25 — Anonymous
You believed that temper-tantrum sama, in the first comment, was personally directed at you? I wonder why?
11/03/2019 17:34 — John_Doe
The Central Scrutinizer
No, I know it wasn't directed at me. What makes you think I do?
You need to quit imagining things that aren't there, or are you trying to stir the flames?
11/03/2019 17:42 — Anonymous
"Special thanks" to those who want Aikatsu fans attacked. WTF?
11/03/2019 18:21 — Spam spam spam spam spam
Those who want Aikatsu fans attacked?
No, it's those who hate spam.
If you think it's not spam simply because the group is for fans of the anime linked in the page, that is wrong.
Any link to some FB group, discord server or whatever group that is not the fansub group are all considered as spam.
If you want to spread around the existence of your group, make a fb group, twitter account or something else that you handle yourself.
Or maybe help sub the bluray raw, then put your discord link in the release page.

Posting your discord link here is actually that self promoting that you don't want to happen in your group. You don't like self promotion, we don't either.
11/03/2019 18:34 — Anonymous
Once again for the slow people. There is no discord link, that you keep bitching about, posted in this thread.
The mods here take action as needed, they do not base their decisions on every visitor who comments personal opinions.
11/03/2019 18:35 — John_Doe
The Central Scrutinizer
You must not understand what the point is and that is if you're on a site where you are hated for posting spam you must have  "so few brain cells" that you would actually post the user names of the server you are spamming.
You are just inviting trouble for yourself/them.

If the link isn't spam why don't you post it on Nyaa where these files are sourced from?
11/03/2019 18:42 — Anonymous
Constantly with the threats if you don't get your way? If everyone does not agree with you? Commenting in a post for an anime series you don't like about a fan group you have only hatred for? All in the guise of a neutral uninterested person being helpful to this site? Lovely.
11/03/2019 18:52 — Anonymous
I'd say his posts in this thread are pretty neutral and I do not see any threats in what they posted. I also don't see where they expressed any hatred for the show, fan group or saying anything about what they would do if they don't have it their way. You are just putting words in their mouth. Lovely......
11/03/2019 17:14 — Anonymous
If you like Aitakatsu Friends or other Aikatsu series you can visit Ice Crown or Bluestone Aikatsu where attacks like this are not welcome.

You can clearly see that this individual has been banned from these sites and easily understand why.
11/03/2019 18:52 — Anonymous
Don't listen to this person the Bluestone Aikatsu is the one where you have to fill a form to join Aikatsu as if it was a job or some shit. They tell you to watch the first episode and give you a youtube link even though I've watched the series like 2 times. If you're not using an Aikatsu episode you're not considered a member of the server. Don't fall for their lies. I hope the admin or mod or whatever close the comments whenever an episode get subbed.
11/03/2019 18:57 — Anonymous
Hi there banned sama. Just could not restrain yourself from demonstrating more reasons you are causing so much drama here.
11/03/2019 19:23 — Anonymous
The whole outrage over spam thing is a bit odd. I had to go back to some old episode posts to find the said offending link. The hot link did not bring you to a website. It simply brought you to an invite page with no ads, no sample page, and no statements trying to convince or sell the site. I got no warning or blocks from my ant-crap ware. Google brought up no troubling warnings about the site.
The link was a month old and as of today still exists. Seems like a bit of over the top drama of nothing of any importance.
11/03/2019 20:22 — Anonymous
well ofc link is safe. it's a discord invite link nothing else. google discord servers. people are worked up about how that discord server owner spams his invite link whenever a new episode comes up. in addition to his childish behavior in that server and over here.
11/03/2019 20:43 — Anonymous
Nice try drama boy. The owner of discord is not posting the link. The owner of the server is not discord. The owner of the server is not the Fan group. You need to find better translation software.
11/03/2019 20:54 — Anonymous
Nice try, deflection boy. Nowhere in that post did the anon above you claim the owner of Discord was spamming the link. They also didn't say the owner of that server was Discord or a fan site.
You need to get better reading comprehension skills.
11/03/2019 21:25 — Anonymous
'discord server owner spams his invite link"
11/03/2019 21:44 — Anonymous
Only one who could possibly understand that bit of broken mangled english was the one who mangled it. You seem to understand it. Try harder.
12/03/2019 11:23 — Anonymous
it's better than whatever you used to write that crap
11/03/2019 21:22 — Anonymous
"discord server owner spams his invite link"  silly me thinking this means 'discord server owner spams his invite link'

u so fun ee
12/03/2019 01:17 — Anonymous
All of you who spent time on serious replies fell for a troll. It's obvious af.
12/03/2019 02:45 — Anonymous
That's what crybaby has been saying from the start.  

-So go home with your fake buddies and enjoy your own discord, such as it is.
12/03/2019 12:44 — Anonymous
Scream at the sky till you pass out. It's fun to watch.
12/03/2019 03:23 — Anonymous
Obvious the troll hates Blustone Aikatsu because they banned him. Sorry, just don't care about him or the site he is pissed at. Links have not been removed and his tirades have not been either. Staff is treating it as the big nothing burger 99.99% of the sites visitors here who either ignore it or not notice it at all are.
12/03/2019 13:21 — Anonymous
Which troll? I see a bunch of trolls here, including yourself.
13/03/2019 20:47 — Anonymous
Yes, but you forgot to tell them to put on their "thinking caps"!
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