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Date Submitted04/03/2019 16:39
SeriesAikatsu Friends! - Episode 46 (of 50): Princess from the Moon
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File Name (Size)[Mezashite] Aikatsu Friends! - 046 [A95D4BF2].mkv (697.7 MB)
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79 comment(s):
04/03/2019 16:54 — Anon
In before that chump comes in and posts his bogus Discord server link. You all have been warned.
04/03/2019 17:05 — Anonymous
Please stop being such an ass. Simply offering  a link for someone to view or join a fan site is no big deal. This series is one i love, even though it is not very popular with mainstream anime fans. I have no intention of joining or viewing the fan site you rail against, however i see no reason the simple posting of the link is anythging to go bat shit crazy over.
04/03/2019 17:16 — Anonymous
You mean like the 'ass' that posts the link? It has been reported by some people who joined that if you don't change your avatar etc. they kick you out.
Crap like that is just trashing this site.
04/03/2019 18:33 — Anonymous
Looks like this little toad joined, acted like an ass, and was kicked out. Nice temper tantrum you got going there. Easy to see why you were not welcome there.
04/03/2019 18:58 — Anonymous
You're so funny, I wouldn't bother to join a server for this crappy show. Just stating what others said about being told they had to change avatars etc.

Thanks for playing anyway.
04/03/2019 17:07 — Anonymous
04/03/2019 17:29 — Anonymous
isn't this pretty much a spam now?
04/03/2019 17:32 — Anonymous
NOT A Spam
04/03/2019 18:06 — Anonymous
Yes, it's SPAM
04/03/2019 18:18 — Anonymous
it's not spam.
04/03/2019 19:11 — RamenSub
just checcked the discord.
they kicked me cos I think they spammed AT lol
DM with one of them:
Cure PopuriToday at 1:53 AM
just answer my question on my server.
but not on dm
i said just answer my question on my server.
not on dm
now i will ask
where you get invite link?
about my server
i said where you get invite link?
about my server
we give warning if you don't answer my question
Cure Popuri pinned a message to this channel. See all the pins.Today at 2:00 AM
ramensama92Today at 2:00 AM
I'm typing man
Cure PopuriToday at 2:00 AM
i told you answer my question
where you get invite link?
about my server
ramensama92Today at 2:00 AM
Cure PopuriToday at 2:00 AM
we are not spam
that's the reason using anonymox
ramensama92Today at 2:01 AM
yes you are
Cure PopuriToday at 2:01 AM
I am not spam
we use anonymox
do you understand about different ip?
that's what we use anonymox
ramensama92Today at 2:01 AM
do you understand what is spam?
Cure PopuriToday at 2:04 AM
i don't want answer, i disable dm from server members.
so leave me alone
The irony is, this is in their rule
Can I Advertise my server?
Unfortunately NO, this is not a self promotion discord. Self promotion is not allowed.
Don't they realize they are doing that self promotion here.
At least make an account here then put your discord link in the signature. See the thingy beside my username for example
04/03/2019 19:23 — Anonymous
> I am not spam
seems like the person don't even know what is spam nor how to use the word spam.
04/03/2019 19:32 *John_Doe
The Central Scrutinizer
A spammer in denial of their spamming, lol
04/03/2019 19:07 — John_Doe
The Central Scrutinizer
Looks like spam to me. It gets posted on every release with no description/info what so ever. But I'm sure there are some people stupid enough to blindly click on any link they see.
04/03/2019 19:10 — Anonymous
this is not spam.
04/03/2019 19:12 — Anonymous
04/03/2019 19:15 — Anonymous
i said it's not spam.
04/03/2019 19:19 — Anonymous
I said it is spam, because it is shameless self promotion of a server that doesn't allow self promotion and bans people for the stupidest of things.
Look at what RamenSub posted above.
The server must be run by little cry-babies.
04/03/2019 19:23 — Anonymous
i repeat: it's not spam.
04/03/2019 19:26 — Anonymous
I repeat: it is spam. I'd also bet you tried to spam it on nyaa and got kicked out.
04/03/2019 19:28 — Anonymous
i said it's not spam, do you understand? if you say "no" one more time, it's not allowed. say yes at once if not spam.
04/03/2019 19:31 — Anonymous
We are telling you that it is spam and you don't understand what is considered spam,
do you understand?
04/03/2019 19:32 — QuoteMan
No u
04/03/2019 19:35 — Anonymous
would you please stop acting me? copying message is not allowed. and also it's not spam.
04/03/2019 19:38 — Anonymous
"stop acting me"??
That doesn't make sense in English, could you translate it back to your original language?
04/03/2019 19:40 — John_Doe
The Central Scrutinizer
You are the one that doesn't know what spam is.

"Spamming is the use of messaging systems to send an unsolicited message (spam), especially advertising, as well as sending messages repeatedly on the same site."

Your posts are unsolicited, they are advertising your server and you are doing it repeatedly here.
04/03/2019 19:42 — Anonymous
shut up, keeping reply is impossible, so everyone leave me alone.
04/03/2019 19:48 — Anonymous
so, you don't even want to consider that you might misunderstand the concept of spam
and you don't even want to try to have an argument?
I'm guessing you know you're wrong but you don't want to admit it.
You know that is very childish?
04/03/2019 19:52 — Anonymous
shut the f*ck up and leave me alone
04/03/2019 19:28 — Anonymous
go make twitter, facebook group and/or amino for your group instead of spamming here
05/03/2019 01:56 — Anonymous
this thread is trollalicious and everybody who [responded seriously] fell for it.

put your thinking caps on my dudes! lol
05/03/2019 02:02 — Anonymous
Regardless, giving this discord listing the reputation it deserves is a service.
04/03/2019 23:51 — Anonymous
If we complained to their host (gg?) do you think they would shut him down?
05/03/2019 00:01 — Anonymous
Discord won't shut their server down and I don't see any reason to try to get them shut down. They just need to quit spamming their server here or they will have to put up with the comments they will get for doing it.
But he can continue to cry 'leave me alone' like a little baby and ban all those that join his server, it just makes them look like the cry-babies they are.
05/03/2019 00:28 — Anonymous
I am the ninja who uses what works, including bluffing (now ruined).  You are the samurai who wants to righteously beat the villain into submission.  Oh well.
05/03/2019 00:57 — Anonymous
dumb samurais...
05/03/2019 01:22 — Anonymous
Not as dumb as you think, It has nothing to do with beating them into submission, it's all about Google's indexing.
This thread will get indexed on Google and eventually this thread will appear in the results of a search of their Discord addy. One of the other threads is already in the results.
I guess they will know about my evil plot now......
05/03/2019 02:04 — Anonymous
It sounds like Hollywood's idea of a bright plot...
05/03/2019 01:49 — Anonymous
I hate it when tards take their little bitch slapping fests from other sites and bring them here. Its quite obvious one was quietly providing a link that was ignored by 99.999% of this sites viewers and the newcomer is creating drama with his fairly recent carryover bitch fest. Don't want or appreciate his temper tantrum that has nothing to do with this show or the sub groups generously providing their efforts for others to view.
05/03/2019 02:42 — Anonymous
99.999% of this site's viewers don't bother reading the comment section so of course that many ignored it.
12/03/2019 04:06 — Anonymous
12/03/2019 04:10 — Anonymous
12/03/2019 04:13 — Anonymous
12/03/2019 04:16 — Anonymous
12/03/2019 04:26 — Anonymous
12/03/2019 04:27 — Anonymous
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