[Mezashite] Aikatsu Friends! - 046 [A95D4BF2].mkv

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Date Submitted04/03/2019 16:39
SeriesAikatsu Friends! - Episode 46 (of 50): Princess from the Moon
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File Name (Size)[Mezashite] Aikatsu Friends! - 046 [A95D4BF2].mkv (697.7 MB)
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79 comment(s):
12/03/2019 04:30 — Anonymous
12/03/2019 04:34 — This is not spam
12/03/2019 11:16 — Anonymous
Finally, a link that isn't spam since it leads to the uploader's website.
12/03/2019 15:39 — Anonymous
apparently the discord spammer have a wordpress that ripoff mezashite's posts
fucking topkek
12/03/2019 15:49 — Anonymous
So you think the auto fetching program used by Animetosho to ripoff mezashite's posts are bad? (It's simply doing what your enemy is) Can you get any any more deeply lost in your hatred for Bluestone Aikatsu? Silly Wabbit
12/03/2019 15:55 — Anonymous
AT don't ripoff mezashite's posts lol
they give proper links
that bluestone guy truly ripoff stuffs, even the rants.
and dude don't even credit mezashite
12/03/2019 16:06 — ACTL_33
Yep, although I don't want to add fuel to the fire regarding this - I can definitely tell we have a "red flag" right here, and it looks like we've run into a heartless and mentally ill plagiarist.

With all due respect, whoever you are, just STOP. Please. You're making this even worse for yourself and pulling us down with it.
12/03/2019 16:30 — Anonymous
You seem to lack a basic understanding about the whole spirit of fan-subbing. It's all about sharing the love not who gets credit.
12/03/2019 16:43 — Anonymous
You seem to lack a basic understanding of the concept of plagiarism.
12/03/2019 16:51 — Anonymous
So you are here at a site that provides links to videos without the owners permission and lecture them about plagiarism?

u so fun ee
12/03/2019 21:00 — Anonymous
Dude, videos here are sourced from torrents
Torrent means uploaders expect you to spread around the files.
That's the permission.
u so fun ee
12/03/2019 22:00 — Anonymous
No one could be this retarded? The person who owns the copyrights? Oooops forgot I'm dealing with a retard. Wait till he tries to sell all this stuff he claims he has permission for. Playing with this troll is fun.
12/03/2019 22:13 — Anonymous
So lets get this straight. Everyone in the world is expected to spread the files around and have permission from the uploaders to do so, except one small group of people that kicked you off their fan site for being the wonderful charming person that you have shown all of us you are?
12/03/2019 22:53 — Anonymous
OK, genius, how do you know that you are replying to the person that got kicked? You can't be stupid that you actually believe it is, are you?
I'm in a server where there are 2 others that are posting here and none of them ever even joined that spammed server.
There are some posts here that none of us made that are against the spammer and their so called friends. But we are kicking back laughing at you clowns making asses of yourselves.
12/03/2019 23:03 — Anonymous
Taking both sides to keep a troll playing the game and showing his true self is just good sporting fun.
12/03/2019 23:35 — Anonymous
Oh, a merry little gang of three, Not one person. You can tell because of the little self made tags identify them as such. They all are just like you and agree with you that bringing your little bitch fest here is so well received. They all are obsessed with one little fan site, that they never joined or wanted to join. They all have no interest in the show whose thread they have chosen as a forum. Three dedicated individuals constantly posting for about a month now this off topic silliness. I read the manga and saw the anime, so it's possible.
13/03/2019 01:06 — Anonymous
Make it at least 4 since I'm posting in here also. It's funny watching the retards trying to defend the spamming and thinking all the posts are by the one person who said he was banned. Was really funny when that little kid starting crying and saying leave me alone. It's easy to avoid being picked on just quit posting your spam link.
13/03/2019 02:20 — Anonymous
Once again for the really slow retarded individuals trolling this thread -- The so called spam link post has not been posted in this thread. So all your little bitch noises are about something that did not occur.
Yes, creating off topic drama about something that does not exist is TROLLING.
13/03/2019 02:31 — Anonymous
Interesting fun fact. Over a month of bitching about a so called spam link. It seems obvious to everyone except the trolls, that the powers that be do not share their views.
13/03/2019 02:37 — Anonymous
kek! A retard that responds to the trolling. Well done troll, well done.
It doesn't matter if the spam link isn't in this thread, they beat you by posting first.

The powers that be haven't stated their view, they rarely delete anything and I haven't seen a post where they approve of the link. So how would you know what their views are?
13/03/2019 04:02 — Anonymous
If the links are spam they will be removed. Waiting for them to agree with you. Been over a month of you bitching almost every day. Could it be they have no clue what you are bitching about. I don't think so.
13/03/2019 13:03 — Anonymous
Nice hit with the Ron Obvious statement, but truth is something these trolls laugh at.
12/03/2019 16:11 — Anonymous
Please stop being such an ass, and take your little drama with you.
13/03/2019 03:05 — Anonymous
Can't stop trolls with either reason or logic. There are currently 9 hotlinks to different fan sites in this thread. They were all added after days of bitching about something that was not posted here. Because they are obvious trolls, they don't consider 8 of the nine links to fan sites to be spam, just a narrow focus on the one the are pissed at. The silly reasons they give for labeling the site link spam include the horrible restrictive burdens of having to answer questions when applying to be a member and restriction on avatars. Yeah, makes my heart bleed for them NOT.
13/03/2019 03:32 — Anonymous
> they don't consider 8 of the nine links to fan sites to be spam
wrong, other than mezashite, all are spams.
Bluestone guy is the only one we know for sure posted at least one of them.
13/03/2019 03:54 — Anonymous
Mezashite is a fan site that produces fan subs. Go over there and explain to them that they are not Aikatsu fans and that there site is not a fan site. What a wonderful way for you to become best buds with them. So every fan site that does not produce fan subs is spam. Try harder. Its so much fun to spin these trolls up.
13/03/2019 04:07 — Anonymous
This thread is about the [Mezashite] release and they have their own site. It is not suppose to be about advertising some kiddies fan site and before you say it wasn't spammed in this thread just look at all the other [Mazashite] threads for this show.
If you want to promote your kiddie fan site you should release your own encodes instead of riding on someone else's coat-tails.  
13/03/2019 04:19 — Anonymous
Just another fan site posting their link so it will be fetched here. It's self promotion. There are many subs picked up here every day that have no link to their site listed. Every reason you list for calling something you don't like spam describes almost everything fetched by this site.
13/03/2019 07:26 — Anonymous
To the post above me you are stupid af, every file picked up here is picked up on purpose so it isn't spam. Adding a fan site in the comment section that isn't part of the release group is spam.
13/03/2019 03:12 — Anonymous
The very idea that a link to an anime fan site on a fan sub site is spam is quite amusing.
13/03/2019 03:37 — Anonymous
The very idea that an anime fan site doing self promotion when they themselves don't like self promotion is quite amusing.
13/03/2019 03:44 — Anonymous
The very idea that a fan site has to resort to spamming in a desperate attempt to draw in members is quite amusing, especially when they are supposed to be legends.
13/03/2019 02:24 — Anonymous
That is topkek! This Bluestone is such a legend that there are no comments there. No wonder they need to spam their server to draw in the suckers.
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