Iron Man Rise of Technovore (2013)

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Date Submitted21/04/2013 11:14
Series (!)Iron Man: Rise of Technovore - OVA

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Q 23/04/2013 04:53 — Anonymous
What is its extension ?
23/04/2013 05:32 — A_Registered_Trademark
mp4 is a video format/container used usually either for hard-subs or no-subs.  In this case it is no subs.  Instead, the subs are provided separately in an srt extension file of the same name.  To play with subs, place both the mp4 and the srt files into the same folder and play the mp4.  Most video players will then automatically find and use the subs in a srt with the same file name as the mp4.

If you prefer a one-file mkv version, I believe one just arrived here.  Bigger though.
Q 23/04/2013 07:37 — Anonymous
I just wonder why there is no extension in front page :)
They just wrote "Iron Man Rise of Technovore (2013)" and has size bigger than mp4 file in detail page.
I thought they compressed video file and subtitle in 1 compression file.
23/04/2013 07:46 — dark
that's maybe because its a folder name
23/04/2013 07:46 *A_Registered_Trademark
Oh, sorry.  Title they gave to the torrent.  And because it's multi-files.

Size: bits vs bytes? 650.6 MB (682,199,576 bytes) or total size of torrent?

Since it generated some preview pictures, I thought it was probably legit, but it is very small for 1 hour 28 minutes.

I don't know the source (yify-torrents).  And I do hate filenames full of periods.

It was submitted anonymously to TT.  It appears to have been sent to and rejected by Nyaa.  Nyaa also red-listed the 2.8GB version from another group, but allowed it.  Don't know why.

This version is probably poor at best.  Something better will come along.

Media files such as mkv, mp4, avi can be crap but pose no security threat to anyone's machine.  The threats come from getting people to run exe files or visit a hacked website.  In a recent case, someone tried to make a Naruto movie look like a media file, with an ending like "....mkv.exe"  but that of course is an exe file.  One guy here fell for that trick.
[an exception: "wmv" and "wmf" may pose a threat.  As I recall, they can be password protected and they can activate software that has nothing to do with playback.  Microsoft!...]

When to be suspicious:
1. More than one file in listing = 50% likely to be trap/crap
2. One of those files is wmv = 99.44% likely to be trap/crap
3. Anything about passwords, update codecs, etc. = 500% likely to be crap/hack (=need 5 wooden stakes thru heart to kill sender)
23/04/2013 08:35 *dark
its 650mb so probably a mini encode. i don't think torrent got rejected by Nyaa.
no reason to reject this torrent, probably wasn't even uploaded on nyaa. all red-listed torrents are re-encodes
groups like Deadfish & SORE re-encode into hardsubbed mp4 so it can be played on TV, phone, PS3, etc.
since it doesn't support softsubs & 10-bit. :)
23/04/2013 08:55 *A_Registered_Trademark
Nyaa began rejecting multi-listed torrents a while ago.  That would be my guess.  You can see Nyaa in their open spec but it didn't make it there.  

I don't really know the specifics/consistencies of Nyaa's policies anymore.  They emphasize they are private and can do anything they want.  True enough, I guess.  But several fansubs now only list legacy series at Nyaa because of this kind of stuff, so I have been given to understand.

The red-listed one I mentioned was 2.8GB, 720p mkv with PGS subs from the BD.  ?
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