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Date Submitted25/01/2014 05:31
Series (!)Medaka Box
Comment#hi10anime@irc.rizon.net | hi10anime.com
117.7 MB
109.4 MB
102.7 MB
98.22 MB
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9 comment(s):
Q 27/01/2014 03:33 — RanD
is it possible to fetch this one? the torrent was working though, other people completed it
27/01/2014 03:42 — Envy
Ah Mendokusai....
"Whatever the script considers to be a 'batch', over 3GB in size" so it gets fetched has long has it's not over 3gb in size.

But it can't get this one cause something appears to be wrong with the torrent.
27/01/2014 03:43 *RanD
could it be related to the trackers? like the 1337x tracker
edit: I've removed the 1337x tracker now, if you want can you try to refetch it please?
27/01/2014 03:52 — Envy
Ah Mendokusai....
It could've been since the torrent does seem to have a few seeders.
27/01/2014 03:57 *RanD
yes that's very strange, the other torrents were identical to this but they were processed correctly, does the script refuse torrents containing dead trackers? like that 1337x that most likely is offline, the previous torrents didn't have this tracker but this torrent is kinda old, so I just updated the file adding the new trackers, I didn't think about removing the dead ones
edit: I see it's working now, thanks for the help, 1337x won't see my torrents anymore..
27/01/2014 06:02 — admin
Broken trackers don't really pose a problem as it happens all the time, but for some reason this torrent had a rare glitch (seems to be an issue with the torrent client used by the server, probably not the torrent itself) which caused it to freeze up.
What's somewhat more puzzling is why it's gone through fine now.

So yeah, nothing on your end, though you may wish to remove the 1337x tracker anyway since it doesn't resolve any more.
27/01/2014 06:15 — NSA-Guy
Sorry!  That was us.  Everything now should be just fine...

Keep downloading, suckers --er, nice people.
21/08/2014 13:17 — Anonymous
yep, im download from turbobit and seeding for torrent ;p
L 12/02/2024 15:24 — moszter
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