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Date Submitted10/04/2019 15:43
SeriesKenja no Mago - Episode 1 (of 12): A Babe in the Woods Goes to the Capital
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97 comment(s):
10/04/2019 15:59 — Anonymous
Another show I was looking for which was destroyed by funishit subs. This season sucks.
10/04/2019 16:20 — Anonymous
By funisht you mean funimation or the actual funishit subs?
Did they change lines on the subs as usual or just poor translation?
10/04/2019 17:04 — Anonymous
The subs look fine to me, or are you complaining because there's no honorifics?
10/04/2019 17:05 — Anonymous
OOps, that post was meant for the OP.
11/04/2019 08:22 — Anonymous
Don't worry about it, I figured it was meant to the OP.
On a side note:  Wow this scalated quikly.
Anyways, aside from the whole honorofic stuff, as someone who doesn't speak japanese the question I first made to the OP remains.
Did they change something to the translation aside from honorifics?
I ask this 'cause I didn't really notice anything weird in the subs but since I am not japanese I could be wrong.
Also I know that the second question may sound dumb but there is actually a group that goes by the name of "funishit"
But some people also calls funimation "funishit" and considering that this anime seem to be funimation related (huge Funimation logo after the Kadokawa one)
And a lot of people know that funimation loves to change texts and dubs with american sjw political propaganda. Not like I care about politics since I am not even american, but still sucks if they do, this mainly for the sake of coherence in the translation.
11/04/2019 10:17 — Anonymous
This clears some misunderstanding. Good.
10/04/2019 17:28 — Anonymous
(Sound of zipper opening)  pulls out pacifier
10/04/2019 18:38 — Anonymous
The subs are fine, if you don't like them learn Japanese and you won't need them.
It must really suck for you that a show was "destroyed" because YOU don't like the subs.
10/04/2019 18:43 — Anonymous
As a relatively disinterested passerby, I can't help but chip in on this ^ is pathetic comment.
10/04/2019 19:36 — Anonymous
Hi guys is this anime good to be watch ??
10/04/2019 19:51 — Anonymous
No one can really answer such a question, but is downloading the smallest sized file to watch and decide for yourself not possible?  We all love and hate different stuff.
10/04/2019 19:55 — Anonymous
I don't even trust written descriptions of the plot.  Anime sometimes breaks molds and creates something that is nothing like you expected.  Sometimes good, somes ...otherwise.

I actually decide what to watch by the preview pictures.  The art style tells all.
10/04/2019 18:47 — Anonymous
Good subs sit in the background inoticed as the viewer gets drawn ito the show. Bad subs are clunky and break the immersion.

For a relatively new anime watcher (under 1 month of anime watching), honoriifics break his immersion
For a seasoned fan, clunky anglosization breaks the immersion

10/04/2019 18:48 — Anonymous
Perfect summary of the honorifics debate. Thank you
10/04/2019 18:52 — Anonymous
"Mr. Kirito" Maan, shit like that breaks the fucking immersion all right
10/04/2019 18:53 — Anonymous
I've been watching anime for years and am a well seasoned fan, honorifics are still what you call clunky and are not part of the English language.
10/04/2019 19:01 — Anonymous
Are you fucking serious? Get the fuck back to plebblt. Fucksake.
10/04/2019 18:50 — Anonymous
Why the heck do payshit streams tailor their subs for newfags?
10/04/2019 18:55 — Anonymous
Why do people like you bother to watch them if you know how they are not going to be to your taste?
10/04/2019 18:58 — Anonymous
I haven't watched this, but I would assume it is because a custom sub isn't up yet?

I feel stupid for having answered such a stupid question

Fucksake Tosho, smarten up here. What is this? Open day for the newfaggots?
10/04/2019 18:56 — Anonymous
Because they have a poor business strategy, and also, they are not anime fans, just opportunists. Tabun.
10/04/2019 20:06 — Anonymous
I hate to have to break this to you amerifags, but anime is not made in America, it is made in Japan, generally for a domestic audience. This being the case, there are countless, countless examples honorifics used in a way that illustrates the subtle and complex inter-relationship dynamics between the characters in any given show.

This of course is completely missed by the "newfag" so it is natural that they do not understand it, and feel it is unnecessary to have words they do not understand in their 'English Subtitles"

Conversely, the "seasoned anime fan" becomes completely conversant in these relationship dynamics, and intact honorics certainly add to the experience of watching a show.

There is also a very good argument for words that appear a lot, to be written as they sound, this is especially important in peoples names (Such as the anon aboves reference to "Mr. Kirito", which would be ok if our ears hear the words "Mr Kirito" being spoken, but when we hear "Kirito-san" 10 times in a show, and the subs are written as "Mr. Kirito" then it can become very jarring,

If you enjoy your subtitles in ameri-trash style, you are either a newbie, or, and I realise I'm perhaps being a little harsh here (but lets be honest), a lower IQ / less observant / type.

And with this being the case, I can well understand the frustration sometimes displayed, when anons favourite show comes with [shitesubs] aimed at lowest common denominator.
10/04/2019 21:00 — Anonymous
Spoken like a true weebfag (since you called the vast majority of us amerifags). I have been watching anime for years and know plenty of others including scene groups (we are all seasoned fans) who don't see the need for honorifics in their releases. If you don't like the fact that many groups don't use them feel free to start your own release group to cater to those that must have them. Another thing, must of us are not the domestic audience you mentioned.
Bottom line is a lot of fansub groups don't bother with honorifics and they have translators that help them. Learn Japanese if you are that hard-core of a weeb, take the next step.
If honorifics were that important to the story all the fan subbers would be using them.
10/04/2019 22:00 — Anonymous
Still on the spittle spraying insane rage against honorifics or well known and understood japanese terms in any subtitles produced by fans for fans. You fall in lockstep with the laziness of the adult swim generation who believe any dubs, no matter how horrible, are superior to fan subs. If you like honorifics then you are not just a fan but what he views as the ultimate insult a weeb. Notice he does not attack every episode that appears at this site with honorifics. He is not just a hater he is a lazy hater who does not watch more than a few subbed series, if any. His attacks only pop up in response to viewing the term honorifics.
10/04/2019 22:39 — Anonymous
How do you know that's the same anon you are talking about? I and others here know you don't actually know, all you can do is accuse. I also see a couple of people here are on the spittle spraying insane rage against those that don't care about honorifics. It looks like you are one of those haters.
10/04/2019 23:05 — Anonymous
If you don't know, I am not going to point out the obvious clues so you can attempt to hide them.
10/04/2019 22:00 — Anonymous
Dumb fuck reply from a dumb fuck.
Made for generally domestic audience? You couldn't be more wrong. Anime export is a massive part of their economy. They wouldnt make a 10th as much if it was only viewed in Japan.
Easy answer is anime is to Japan`s economy as oil is to the middle east`s economy.

Read this:
10/04/2019 22:13 — Anonymous
Nice little bit of misdirection there. 80% of all animated content broadcast and viewed in America is produced in Japan. So simple to prove this is bullshit. Now if you are talking about video games, Japan does have an big presence.
10/04/2019 22:28 — Anonymous
Sorry try harder. No where in that article does it state that.  Not even close. Cant convince others so make up things. lol
10/04/2019 22:34 — Anonymous
Since you dont understand (to really dumb it down)  what it actually stated is that over 80% of the money Japan makes from anime out side of Japan comes from Europe and the United States.
10/04/2019 22:49 — MeH
What you (or that Quora post) claim is completely wrong. As mentioned in my post below, according to The Association of Japanese Animations (AJA), the biggest market for anime outside of Japan is China. The second place goes to South Korea and then Taiwan. Around %40 of anime industry's overseas market is in Asia, %26 in Europe and around only %7 in North America.
10/04/2019 22:30 — MeH
"Easy answer is anime is to Japan`s economy as oil is to the middle east`s economy."
Your comment reveals that not only you know nothing about Japanese economy, it also shows hat you have no idea about oil and Middle East. Your comment is too absurd to even laugh at it.

While total annual revenue of anime industry is about $20 billion, Japan's GDP is more than $5000 billion ($5.1 trillion). It means anime industry's share in Japan's GDP is around %0.4. It's less than half a percent!!!
And also only less than that $20 billion annual revenue is from overseas market.

Instead of relying on false info from a Quora post!!! see authentic data from AJA and read about Japanese GDP and economy from trusted sources like The Economist.
10/04/2019 23:12 — Anonymous
Apparently you didn't get point at all. Didnt think it would need explaining . Sigh.... this is pointless but will make a ditch effort.

If we wanted to pick apart and argue what would be japans biggest export wed have a pointless debate neither of us cares about. Automotive, electronics, who cares.

The point wasn't about the biggest Japanese export the point was that Japan makes more money on anime outside of Japan than inside Japan. Its a matter of numbers. Slightly exceeding 100 million of entire populace of Japan vs the rest of the world. Common sense says the is a larger audience of anime outside of Japan. When the world thinks of anime they usually think Japan. Many countries have some anime creation but whos #1? Because it isnt their largest export in yen its not important to their economy? The amount of jobs and studios would say otherwise. You go where the money is and tailor your product to the mass. Not hard to understand.

Trying to insinuate that anime in general is tailored to a domestic audience in general is just foolish. Anyway debate, argue, etc.. Im done with this. Waste of my time.
10/04/2019 23:18 — Anonymous
You proved just how clueless you are to another group of strangers. Way to go. Another trophy for participating. Yeah !!
11/04/2019 22:11 — Anonymous
Just above u blah blahed about <Anime export is a massive part of their economy.> and now u r covering up it.
11/04/2019 20:37 — Anonymous
heh. namefag believes what he reads in the Economist


11/04/2019 10:12 — Anonymous
The first line of that Quora article (that we now know is all false) reads as: "Data show that animation is Japan's third-largest industry, annual turnover of 230 trillion yen."
230 trillion yen?!!! It's 2.3 trillion dollar. Anime's annual turnover is 2.3 trillion dollar?!!! 0.o Anime is the third-largest industry in Japan?!!! @.@
11/04/2019 18:48 — Anonymous
Not necessarily false. Turnover in business sense is total cash flow in the industry. Turnover is not profits.
11/04/2019 20:59 — MeH
Anon didn't say turnover is profit &#x1F928
Revenue is also referred to as sales or turnover.
revenue = turnover = sales   profit = net income = revenue - costs = turnover - costs

The total annual revenue or turnover of Japan's anime industry is about $20 billion not $2300 billion. The profit from all that annual turnover of $20 billion can be as little as $2-3 billion.
So it's more than obvious the the first line and the whole of that Quora post is completely and absolutely false. Relying on info from sites like Quora or an article that its very first line is wrong is just what idiots do -_-

I'm just disappointed by the number of ignorant people on this planet &#x1F611
11/04/2019 21:37 — Anonymous
To a bonehead like u that thinks cash flow and turnover are the same thing, it's not necessarily false!
11/04/2019 19:59 — Anonymous
Almost all Japanese anime is made for the Japanese domestic market, even the recent collaborations with netflix have the Japanese market as the main focus (see recent interview with Kyoani director "Yes, we can invite (netflix) into our home, but we must make sure they take their shoes off first"

The foriegn anime sales don't mean that much to these people, unkike the west, these people are artisans first, businessmen second, as hard a pill as it might be to swallow, Japanese people give absolutely zero fucks about our opinions, and they will not tailor thier product to our tastes.
11/04/2019 22:06 — Anonymous
Reading all the comments, it seems you messed up badly ;)
12/04/2019 20:49 — Anonymous
[quotingsomefaggit] "Reading all the comments, it seems you messed up badly ;)" [/quotingsomefaggit]

I cannot fucking believe that someone new to the thread would post something so inane. Please tell me you are that samefag samefagging again. if you are not samefagging you are beyond all hope, you are obviously a half-wit.
12/04/2019 21:05 — Anonymous
***it seems***

12/04/2019 21:08 — Anonymous
That wink!


12/04/2019 22:05 — Anonymous
You're too stupid to know such things! Go read your quora shit and believe in them ;)
10/04/2019 22:09 — Anonymous
Another example.....
The band Baby Metal is huge outside of Japan but not known by most Japanese inside of Japan. Most Japanese don`t listen to them at all There are videos of interviews with random Japanese residents stating as much. Japanese business is smart and tailor their products to bring in the most money which is internationally.
11/04/2019 22:19 — Anonymous
Baby Metal isn't as popular as AKB48, Morning Musume or Nogizaka46, but they're quite popular and well-known in Japan.
12/04/2019 22:15 — Anonymous
That's right.
10/04/2019 22:20 — Anonymous
Dude you seriously made yourself look extremely stupid. You write an essay and  have the audacity to accuse other of low IQ`s and being less observant and yet your so called essay is that of an immature 10 year old ( and a dumb one at that) trying to convince everyone else he is a day trader genius.

Sorry you arent fooling anyone.
10/04/2019 22:30 — Anonymous
You start your reply with "Dude" so we could immediately be astonished by your obvious superior intelligence.

Then you accuse others of trying to fool someone.
10/04/2019 21:19 — Anon
I think it's better to use honorifics like 'Aki-san' or 'Kirino-chan' and not 'Mr. Aki'.
But the ultimate solution is what I'm trying to do i.e learning Japanese and freeing oneself from all subtitles ;)
11/04/2019 11:24 — Anonymous
The specific importance of various markets aside (and small percentages can make profit or loss for a production), I believe the real reason subs are non-honorific is efficiency: They are simultaneously creating the subs and the script for the dubs.  Two birds with one effort is a good use of resources, like it or not.  And dubs seldom have Japanese honorifics.

What I don't know why people have to read the honorific when they can hear it in the audio  and therefore take that information into account (san, chan, kun, etc).  Which is one reason I usually don't like dubs.
11/04/2019 11:35 — Anonymous
I hate dubs because they ruin anime and make it look like just another American animation like Simpsons, South Park etc.
Not to mention that Japanese voice acting is excellent and the best in the world.
Another reason is that I like Nihongo.
11/04/2019 19:47 — Anonymous
Japanese voice acting is a serious respected profession in it's own right.

Amarican voice actors are not seen in the same way, see for instance, how Pixar etc. pull in famous movie actors for their films. American dubs always have that awful nasal tone of "adults pretending to be children", and I don't actually think the problem lies with the american voice actors, there is a few examples of actual good dubs, but they are the exception to the rule. The problem is that dub actors have to contend with terrible directors during the dubbing process. It is just bad, bad, bad.
11/04/2019 20:10 — Anonymous
^My exact thought. I remove honorifics because I can still hear them. I'd add them back if I shared the subs, but for me, the more compact the sub, the more eyeball time for the visuals.
11/04/2019 20:18 — Anonymous
Fan sub groups rarely make dubs. Due to many factors including, but not limited to, being all volunteer small groups of people doing this for love of anime in their spare time. Usually they have one or two volunteers doing all the voices.

On the for profit side, things are quite different. People are paid for speed of subbing. Many time the cheapest, fastest, most reliable translator is used and things such as the use of honorifics is not considered important. Usually only anime based on western characters, in a western setting, with a western story line (Full Metal Alchemist) see a no honorifics as an important part of the translation.
11/04/2019 20:29 — Anonymous
To be fair, a lot of the releases that have paysites as the source actually do contain honorifics, maybe 2 thirds of the shows I watch from horriblesubs have them. This is a fact I am glad about. For my part I would leave in all Japanese terms as much as possible. I hate seeing "senpai" turned into "upperclassmen" for instance. Leave it be, fuck the newbies and casual watchers
11/04/2019 21:14 — Anonymous
I agree.
11/04/2019 21:35 — Anonymous
or when they say "nii-san" and it gets turned into their name instead of "brother".
11/04/2019 20:24 — Anonymous
as noted above

Hearing "Kirito-kun", and reading "Mr. Kirito" 10 times in one show can be a pain in the ass. The brain notices it, wheaas if its the same it flies by in a natural way without breaking the immersion.

And we also have the subtle differences in relationships shown by changes in honorifics; -chan -kun -san -sama etc, and not least humorous ones too, like someone adding childish -tan, or a mocking -sama

When all that is translated as Mr. or worse, just the name alone, (dropping an honorific has tremendous significance in Japan, and therefore, would have tremendous significance to the characters in the show) only a complete ignoramous could fail to notice how much is "lost in translation"

11/04/2019 21:15 — Anonymous
That's right.
12/04/2019 21:21 — Anonymous
You're being awfully fussy for a freeloader...

Live with it.
12/04/2019 21:37 — Anonymous
btw, the subtle differences or the childish or the mocking are in the intonation of the audio of these great voice actors, or the context of the scene, not in the subs text, unless they use parentheses (mocking).

"The pain in your brain concerns me greatly."  --Guess what my intonation of that sentence would convey.
12/04/2019 22:45 — Anonymous
If the subtle differences or the childish or the mocking are in the intonation of the audio of these great voice actors, or the context of the scene then you don't need it in the subs.
13/04/2019 13:00 — Anonymous
As a newcomer to this debate I am now utterly in favour of keeping the subtitles as close as possible to audio, including all honorifics and other often used words. Along with this, I can now totally understand the disappointment some fans feel when the poorly anglicized subtitles go against this rather intuitive format.

Regarding the poor arguments against honorifics, on reading through the thread, you can see that It is obviously the one person, as the points raised in favour an Anglicized translation are very similar, subjective, and always slightly off, and they have very little in the way of actual merit or argument. It is like reading the ravings of a madman intent on going against the prevailing wind just for the sake of it.
13/04/2019 13:06 — Anonymous
The fool is embarrassed and is trying to save face as it has been made clear that the only people that cannot enjoy honorifics are new viewers and casual TV / 'cartoon' watchers and also those of a low level and low I.Q.  
13/04/2019 13:23 — Anonymous
Any veteran of /a/ will tell you that the hardcore loli merchants loathe honorifics, and they hate Japan also.

I have no idea why this is, but if I was to guess I would say that they resent the fact that the Japanese anime style, along with the audio and the honorifics intrude on their sick fantasies
13/04/2019 13:27 — Anonymous
I always wondered why there is so much 'Japan hate' in the anime community. Makes sense now. I bet that is where the weeb hate comes from too.
13/04/2019 16:57 — Anonymous
What a crock of crap. Just because you call it "Japan hate" doesn't mean it is. If the person comes right out and says "I hate Japan" then it would be. Just because people don't want honorifics in their english subs doesn't mean they hate Japan. To the anon post above you not everybody watches anime for the lolis.
14/04/2019 15:47 — Anonymous
Did you even read the guys post?

Anon was making the point that there is and always has been a very toxic element in the anime community, they constantly hate on Japan, on honorifics and anyone who likes Japan and Japanese culture ("Weebs")

Anon does a great job joining the dots, linking the toxicity to the dodgy elements that frequent /a/

It never made sense to me that the anime community hates on itself so badly, anon explains it very succinctly, now it makes sense.

For my part I would like to add that it looks like after that initial anti-weeb attitude took hold, decent people joining the anime community subsequently took up the anti-Japan attitude, the hive mentality locking into step with the very vocal pre existing "in" crowd,

Also, Anon never said  that "everyone watches anime for the lolis" - You are (Purposely?) twisting the guys words.

Lolis are mainstream family viewing in Japan, they are not seen in a sexual way, they are seen as cute, stupid, and funny and enjoyable fun characters to watch. Thankfully, most western anime viewers seem to enjoy anime in the spirit that it was intended.

It is the pervert crowd on places like /a/* the ones that have a corrupted, projected toxic view of lolis, and they are at the centre of all the Japan hatred in the anime community, they resent the actual  'Japan-ness' of anime as it gets in the way of their fantasies, which would be Western based.

*Disclaimer, there are cool people on /a/ too, but the 'wild west' atmosphere that these places have makes them attractive to sick people, who unfortunately are very vocal there

Also, I do think the anti-Japan, anti-Weeb sentiment has lessened greatly in the last few years, I guess this is due to anime becoming more popular, making the community less centralised, making it possible to chat without being trolled by hive mind /a/ bots.
15/04/2019 15:50 — Anonymous
go back to /pol/
15/04/2019 17:01 — Anonymous
Why? Touch a nerve did he?

Speaking of /pol/acks

Some anons might raise an eyebrow at the fact that diplomatic relations between Japan and Israel have always been appaling, and personally, I have 3 Jewish ganer aquaintances, all of whom have an unrestrained hatred for Japan, and express this hatred freely whenever the opportunity arises, I realise that is anecdotal, and may or may not have any relavence as to why there is so much weeb-hate in the anime community, but there you go.

Also, I've been told that some of the large anime websites such as the anime news network are Jewish owned, again, just dropping some /pol/ level info, since anon seemed a bit triggered kek

Japan is a big supporter of Palestinian rights btw
16/04/2019 13:02 — Anonymous
cause perfect place for this drama.
13/04/2019 18:40 — Anonymous
It's the adult swim crowd. First exposed to anime as dubs. First exposure is to a very limited type and style of anime. Mindset that this is the only real anime cock blocks their brains from accepting or experiencing the full range of the anime experience.

They have no clue that it sound like Japan hate when they try to justify what they view as good vs bad parts of the anime culture.
13/04/2019 13:22 — Anonymous
It looks like 2 people at most posting the pro honorific side and if you know anything about the Japanese language you would know that it would be hard to follow subs if they were kept as close to possible to the audio.
In any case it doesn't matter what side of the aisle you are on this topic because the release groups aren't going to change the way they do because of what was said here.

To the anon that said "The fool is embarrassed and is trying to save face" I have to laugh at you because I doubt a nameless, faceless anon is even embarrassed in the first place.
12/04/2019 21:38 — Anonymous
Your complaining here falls on deaf ears since it won't make release groups change how they do subs. If you don't like how a group does it either don't download it or rework the subs to the way you want them.
14/04/2019 01:42 — admin
I think the topic has been debated enough, and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere or being of use to anyone.
It would be appreciated if we could just put it to rest now.
14/04/2019 03:15 — Anonymous
Thank you.
14/04/2019 16:06 — Anonymous

'''Shut it down!'''
15/04/2019 23:05 — Anonymous
Maybe the "admin" should make anyone who wants to comment actually get an account with at least a name behind the comment. Any one can keep this bullshit going on and on without any repercussions. If the "admin" actually had any power this conversation would have been deleted.
16/04/2019 02:49 — Anonymous
I personally like the approach of the people who run this place.
16/04/2019 04:15 — Anonymous
Participation in comments is your choice.  If you can't walk away from it for some bizarre reason, that's your problem.  Use the mirror site if comments bother you.  It has no comments.
16/04/2019 07:45 — Anonymous
It won't matter.
One person can make as many account as they willing to,  albeit harder than simply changing the name Anonymous to something else before commenting.
13/04/2019 02:43 — Anonymous
This was a show I enjoyed. I recommend you check it out.

p.s. (ignore if u r not a troll) Our troll friend is having a total shit storm spaz fest over someone mentioning the word "honorifics". Only the troll (AOC's retarded sibling) seems to care enough to try and keep his rant alive. Dead horse beating the dead rats dead wife, or something like that.
15/04/2019 17:04 — Anonymous
What is all this about?
15/04/2019 17:05 — Anonymous
Long, long ago, in the primordial soup of the early interchans, the Peedos on /a/ were looking forward to endless cartoon inspired fapsies with Debbie calling them Big Bro, instead, they got Kao-chan calling them Nii-san. Incensed with seething anger and resentment, they locked step in a hive mind of anti-weeb sentiment, forever trolling anyone who expresses a love of anime, honorifics or any other expression of Japanese culture
15/04/2019 18:01 — Anonymous
Isn't the theme of Japanese culture subservience and that someday robots or little girls will save them?
15/04/2019 19:43 — Anonymous
Of course not.
What crap is that? You just showed how illiterate you are when it comes to Japanese culture and society. But unfortunately it's not surprising when it comes to average Joes like you. You just know nothing. Full of misunderstandings :(

And that's the theme in American culture where always some (fake) heroes should save you people. One day it's Batman, the other day it's Superman and the next it's Supergirl!!!
16/04/2019 13:04 — Anonymous
go back to /pol/
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