Aoyama Goushou Tanpenshuu 2

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Three animated short stories from the creator of Meitantei Conan. Additionally a making of special of Conan was included on the tape.

Story 1: Detective George's Special Case
A girl is fleeing from men in black. She runs into a detective agency and discovers that the detective there is a super-miniature-size, cool dude. He risks his life trying to solve a case for this client. Will they come through in the end?

Story 2: 10 Planetes in the Night Sky
Meet Baby Conan!
Yukiko Kudo is looking for her missing husband. The only clue to find him again is to decipher a mysterious message left for her. Their baby, Shinichi Kudo, one who later becomes the famous high school Detective Conan, will at this age already be offering some important hints for her.

Story 3: Play it Again
Thanks to the mystical powers of a Cherry Blossom Tree, a 70-year-old man with a secret sword technique goes back into the past and becomes the same age as his granddaughter. While enjoying his youth for the second time around, he notices that a player is after his granddaughter.

Special Story: Making of Meitantei Conan
Do you know how to make animation?
Everybody wants to see the workings of an animation studio.
Based on the concept of Detective Conan, the three sub-characters visit the animation studio of Detective Conan. This episode will surely catch the hearts of Detective Conan fans!
[The actual animation is also involved in this special.]

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