[ZenSub]To Love-Ru_ Trouble - Darkness OVA - 03 (640x360 Web)[B0CE7AF6].mkv

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Date Submitted18/08/2013 09:01
Series (!)To Love-Ru: Trouble - Darkness OAD
File Name (Size)[ZenSub]To Love-Ru_ Trouble - Darkness OVA - 03 (640x360 Web)[B0CE7AF6].mkv (49.31 MB)
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SubtitlesAll Attachments | #3: und [ASS]

30 comment(s):
Q 18/08/2013 11:24 — FUCK
mana LINK DLnya FUCK!!
Q 18/08/2013 11:48 — Anonymous
bahasanya jaga bang, itu ada Download -___-, harusnya terima kasih ente bro haduh haduh -_-
18/08/2013 11:57 — Anonymous
LOL lagi galau kali

btw sebelumnya thank buat para admin ^^
L 18/08/2013 11:28 — Atas gwa BEGO
itu jelas" ada tulisan Download,
kalo nanya ngomongnya ga usah kasar, udah sukur di uploadin -.-
18/08/2013 11:49 — Irsan
Thanks bang mimin, akhirnya bisa ketemu Kotegawa Yui lagi :3
Q 18/08/2013 14:25 — Anonymous
Thanks Yah gan Btw ada Link Grupnya Fb gak ... :)
18/08/2013 14:32 — Anonymous
bukan sub indo kah bro
18/08/2013 15:58 — MbahSepuh
Sorry, but it's on english bro.
18/08/2013 15:42 — John_Rhogan
English guys!!

I'll wait for a better quality version.
18/08/2013 20:35 — raflein
indon faggot :v
18/08/2013 21:29 — Anonymous
Fucking Indonesian mudslimes.

This is an English site, speak fucking English if your going to comment here.
18/08/2013 22:37 — anonymous
Agreed, it's almost as bad as that pathetic as the illiterate German in the feedback section.
18/08/2013 22:43 — Anonymous
*It's almost as bad as that pathetic and illiterate German in the feedback section [corrected for the scholar].
18/08/2013 23:00 — Anonymous
Nice one, you retard.
18/08/2013 23:09 — Anonymous
If you had read the feedback you would have known that he wasn't German and to be honest the other guy who was a Brit or something like that was way more retarded... even more than you are.
18/08/2013 23:22 — Anonymous
Lol, good one Nazi troll. You are a credit to the German race, who slaughtered millions of innocent Jews.
18/08/2013 23:30 — Anonymous
Sadly i am not a German, but if i was i would be proud of the accomplishments of the Germans, including slaughtering millions of innocent Jews. The world is overpopulated anywayy. :P
18/08/2013 23:31 — Anonymous
Sorry, ich bin ein Hurensohn. Ich bin so krank wie meine Nazi Lineage
und bin menschlichen Exkrementen.
18/08/2013 23:34 — Anonymous
Tell google their translate function needs work. But let me get this right, you are saying you are a son of a whore, a humen fecies and you come from a nazi lineage, if that is the case you should be proud of it. :o
Q 18/08/2013 23:51 — Anonymous
That is a simple explanation of you . Someone who says "i would be proud of the accomplishments of the Germans, including slaughtering millions of innocent Jews." Sick bastard , and a  genuine piece of crap. No wonder Germany is hated with sick creeps like you living there.*Feces. Basic English and a word that describes you well.
19/08/2013 02:32 — MbahSepuh
Ogh, these anons again.

Nice performance guys, lol.
19/08/2013 18:27 — Anonymous
No, that is who you are . The only whore-son, and feces on the site. As evidenced by your sick comments like  "i would be proud of the accomplishments of the Germans, including slaughtering millions of innocent Jews."  I even found a German site for you http://www.eliteanimes.com/?drgn=1 . Now  fuck off onto there, and be with fellow Germans who have your same shameful Nazi lineage.
19/08/2013 03:40 — Nighthawk
So much Indonesian faggot D:
18/08/2013 23:15 — Anonymous
Shut up you xenophobic monoglots.
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