[YATO] Girls Und Panzer Complete (Main Series + Movie + OVAs + Specials)(1280x720 HEVC BluRay)[Dual Audio]

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Date Submitted03/06/2016 10:28
Series (!)Girls und Panzer
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10 comment(s):
24/06/2016 09:23 — NoMore10bit
Argh.... it's been encoded using HEVC. This and 10 bit are killing Anime sharing. Even with updated codecs, it's always 50/50 it'll play.  This would be perfect find if it was encoded in standard 8 bit. There's a reason why All other A/V media that's shared on the internet, can only be found encoded with 8 bit A/V. It's so anyone can download it, knowing the files work on any media player or streaming device. HEVC and 10bit is limited to PC only playback.  Instead of using a remote control, a keyboard and mouse are required.  And when your done watching. It gets deleted instead of being saved forever in your Anime collection to watch again later or loan out to a friend or family member since it can be played on anything. Because There isn't a single external media player that can be bought in a store, online or even custom made, to play 10bit encoded media.
A lot of work goes into encoding media. Whenever I see a series that has a large number of episodes. I wonder why anyone would put all so much into something that can only played one way. For sometime now a few of the pc media players like MPC upscale to 10bit during playback.
24/06/2016 09:32 — Anonymous
I couldn't agree more, but what to do? People love quality, however hard maybe, using it, still, its popular with encoders and users...
24/06/2016 18:49 — Anonymous
One previous person learned to re-encode and mux himself so he could convert things to what he wanted (8-bit, I believe).
24/06/2016 20:44 — Anonymous
you again? well screw you buddy because hevc is here to stay, try setting up a htpc like everybody else instead of watching it in a peasant console you dumbass.
24/06/2016 09:37 — Anonymous
There are plenty of groups releasing poor quality mp4s that your toaster can play. Let groups release shows in high quality with fancy encoding if they want, if no-one downloads or thanks them then they'll die anyway.
24/06/2016 09:52 — Anonymous
i agree the invention of Television is killing the goodl ol' quality books, why do people not understand and want to leave the caves....
06/07/2016 02:53 — Anonymous
uhh, all working, thaaanks! :D
12/11/2017 16:03 — MeH
H.265/HEVC is the future and AnimeTosho (seriously) rocks ;)
Q 20/07/2020 23:27 — mago
can u guys fix the downloads
20/07/2020 23:29 — Anon
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