[Yameii] Mushoku Tensei - Jobless Reincarnation - S02E22 [English Dub] [CR WEB-DL 720p] [7FB2B7E9] (Mushoku Tensei II: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu)

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Date Submitted30/06/2024 19:23
Series (!)Mushoku Tensei II: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu (2024) - Episode 10 (of 12): Parents
CommentAniDB: Mushoku Tensei II: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu
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File Name (Size)[Yameii] Mushoku Tensei - Jobless Reincarnation - S02E22 [English Dub] [CR WEB-DL 720p] [7FB2B7E9].mkv (698.4 MB)
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40 comment(s):
Q 09/07/2024 21:13 — Anonymous: "Animelover"
When does episode 23 and 24 air?
When will you post them?
09/07/2024 21:22 — Anonymous
next week
09/07/2024 21:28 — Anonymous
It's kinda pointless to ask dumb questions when all the other dub groups have NOT posted them either. It's obviously not the fault of the groups that release them.
09/07/2024 21:47 — Anonymous
You were already answered previously in last weeks episode. Stop playing dumb.
10/07/2024 00:56 — Anonymous: "Animelover"
When you are unemployed and struggling to get work even as a burger flipper.
All you can do to distract yourself from screaming in frustration and punching a wall.
Is simply distracting yourself with engaging anime.
I normally download anime every Monday afternoon and I find delays irritating.
So I often ask a bunch of different people about the release of English Dub Anime releases.
10/07/2024 01:05 — Anonymous
I download every day a show I like comes out. I don't whine on here when a show is delayed. Have patience Grasshopper.
10/07/2024 10:53 — Anonymous
Judging by your comment posts... maybe it is hard to get work with your lack of education.
10/07/2024 21:58 — Anonymous: "Animelover"
I'm College level educated.
It's simply that no one in Michigan is hiring.
10/07/2024 22:31 — Anonymous: "Anon"
BS, I'm in Michigan and I see Help Wanted signs at a lot of places. A friend just moved back here from N. Carolina and got 2 jobs quickly. You must have other issues if you can't even get a job flipping burgers as you said.
Q 11/07/2024 01:03 — Anonymous: "Animelover"
Do you and your friend live in Grand Rapids?
We have 5,000 homeless people living in shelters downtown.
They have flooded local businesses with job applications.
I'm on a waiting list to be interviewed at Burger King.
At what businesses did you see help wanted signs?
99% of places do their hiring VIA a poorly created add on to their
companies website.
Others only hire VIA a hiring website that sells your information
to phone salesmen.
name one business in Grand Rapids That doesn't do tell you to apply online.
11/07/2024 01:09 — Anonymous
So you are a "Jobless Reincarnation"?  Better luck next life.
Q 11/07/2024 01:27 — Anonymous: "Animelover"
Do you know something I don't?
Do you retain memories from your last life?
If only I could be reborn in a world of magic.
Q 11/07/2024 01:15 — Anonymous
Is Burger King the only place that is hiring?
Or is that the only thing you're qualified for?
Q 11/07/2024 01:25 — Anonymous: "Animelover"
Are you for real?
You see I used Burger King as an example.
A new cineplex opened yesterday.
I applied online to be a popcorn seller yesterday.
After I applied I got an email that said
" You have been added to employment waiting list,
    You are currently 11th on the waiting list. "
Litterly every business that has advertising saying WE ARE HIRING
has a waiting list for a job that requires a high school education.
11/07/2024 01:42 — Anonymous
There are thousands of people with college degrees that can't find work in their field and have to work outside of that chosen field. I guess they weren't smart enough to check the job opportunities before signing up for those courses. These days trade schools are the best chance for those fresh out of high school or others looking to find a decent job.
11/07/2024 03:25 — Anonymous: "Animelover"
As someone who formerly was a Security Guard
at a company that went Bankrupt and closed it's doors during Co-vid.
I have employment experience and college level certifications.
However during Co-vid it seems my security company wasn't the only one effected.
A large amount of security companies I worked for went out of business.
So instead of simply applying for security guard jobs I've applied for basically any job.
If only the businesses where I was well known had survived.
11/07/2024 06:24 — Anonymous
As a former security guard at a company that went belly-up during COVID, you surely know the drill: you’ve got the experience, the certifications, and the frustration of seeing everything go poof. It’s almost like waiting for your favorite anime’s English dub—endless delays and disappointment. Maybe the businesses where you were well-known should’ve had a better plot twist! But hey, keep applying for those jobs. Who knows? Your next employer might be dubbing you the hero in no time!
11/07/2024 08:31 — Anonymous: "Animelover"
If only...
11/07/2024 12:54 — Anonymous
Have you tried your local unemployment agency or a temp agency? Temp agencies can get your foot in the door. Somehow I don't think you are seriously looking for a job.
11/07/2024 17:29 — Anonymous: "Animelover"
I went to a temp agency last month and joined the four month waiting list.
As I previously said " We have 5,000 homeless people living in shelters downtown.
They have flooded local businesses with job applications."
11/07/2024 13:31 — Anonymous: "Anon"
Google "grand rapids michigan job openings" and you will find lots of openings including a security officer for DHS. You won't get a job if you don't seriously try, BTW our unemployment rate is about the same as yours and even I could get a job if I wanted to come out of retirement.
Q 11/07/2024 17:32 — Anonymous: "Animelover"
Use Google to find a job?
That was the first fucking thing I did.
I have even put a profile on Zip recruiter too.
10/07/2024 13:55 — Anonymous
I get it you're mad about delays but nothing to do for you but wait. So, please wait.
10/07/2024 14:06 — Anonymous
You're brain dead
Q 10/07/2024 21:55 — Anonymous: "Animelover"
Are you a troll?
Do you get off on insulting people?
Do you jerk off while insulting people?
10/07/2024 22:10 — Anonymous
you're keep begging to be insulted buddy
Q 11/07/2024 01:04 — Anonymous: "Animelover"
How so?
11/07/2024 15:03 — Anonymous
You're brain dead
11/07/2024 17:34 *Anonymous: "Animelover"
12/07/2024 03:07 — Anonymous: "Animelover"
No Your Brain Dead sh!t head.
12/07/2024 03:12 — Anonymous
you mean you're (you are)
Q 12/07/2024 14:01 — Anonymous: "Animelover"
doesn't the brain currently inside of your head belong to you? Isn't it your brain?
12/07/2024 14:30 — Anonymous
No wonder you can't find a job with improper grammar usage like you have displayed here. I guess you received that college degree in a Cracker Jacks box...
12/07/2024 14:59 — Anonymous
damn bro did you get the college degree from an infomercial?
10/07/2024 14:47 — Anonymous
I haven't seen you upload share anything. Could you do that to ease my irritation.
10/07/2024 15:21 — Anonymous
Did you want fries with that?
10/07/2024 22:40 — Anonymous
If you did you won't get them because he can't even handle that job
Q 11/07/2024 01:14 — Anonymous: "Animelover"
I can operate a deep fry machine.
They only have one button.
You pour the frozen fries into the basket.
Press the button.
Wait for the basket to lower into the grease.
Then wait for the timer to ding.
Wait for the basket to raise.
Pour the fries into the fry bin with the heat lamp.
However the fries would go stale in shipping.
11/07/2024 08:36 — Anonymous
Damn, people really do has so much time to waste.
11/07/2024 17:36 — Anonymous: "Animelover"
Nothing better to do while waiting for new anime to drop.
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