[XerBlade] Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD Remaster (BD 1080p x265 10-bit Opus) [Multi-Audio 1xJPN/2xENG]

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Date Submitted27/11/2022 01:14
Series (!)Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED
udp://tracker.opentrackr.org:1337/announceS: 1L: 0C: 14U: 189d, 13hr, 32min ago
udp://tracker.torrent.eu.org:451/announceS: 6L: 0C: 334U: 519d, 23hr, 5min ago
http://nyaa.tracker.wf:7777/announceScrape failedU: 519d, 10hr, 51min ago
udp://open.stealth.si:80/announceS: 1L: 0C: 6U: 189d, 12hr, 57min ago
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5 comment(s):
06/12/2022 21:28 — Anonymous
Quick heads-up for anyone looking at this, the Signs/Songs tracks are mixed up for about ten episodes. If I didn't mix things up myself at any point:

11 -> 12
12 -> 13
13 -> 16
16 -> 17
17 -> 18
18 -> 21
21 -> 22
22 -> 24
24 -> 28
28 -> 29

Then 29 itself and all the rest appear to be okay. 11's actual Signs/Songs track seems to be missing entirely, but that's easy enough to pull from the full track.

And for anyone else that may care, the insert song in 23's Ocean dub fades out nearly a full minute earlier than the others. So lines 83-94 can be removed from its Ocean Signs/Songs track.
19/01/2023 23:11 — Anonymous
If you shared this, you should fix it the correct way instead of only saying something. If your not the uploader. Thanks for the heads up. it'll save me from having to go back and re edit those files a second time.  

It's really easy to create an automatic click & repair batch file for those file. You need, sub files, orig filenames and new filenames, that's it. You can even add audio file to the same batch task.  Then share it for anyone interested in fixing those issues.

You could even go one further and re-encode the audio to AAC and the video back to AVC8bit then bump the video frame rate setting from 24FPS to 60fps. The results will look and sound no different than what they do now.  The difference is, files can be watched on any kind of media player that exists in the world instead of only one way.  

Common sense is something everyone has but very few makes use of today. It was easy for funimation to make so many think h10/hevc can do something AVC can't. They used A.I. bots to bloat popularity by siphoning off files from user archives on the net, re-encode to h10/hevc then share the new files. Archives being shared stopped when their owners got pissed and shutdown after seeing so many of their encodes shared under new names and changed to 10bit.

It was the same when they said internet sharing was the reason all those Anime importers went bankrupt at the same time.  Not only was there no evidence to support the claim. It's impossible for any amount of sharing back then or today could force half a dozen companies to go out of businesses at the same time.  To keep the lie going they followed through on the threat to control offline sharing. h10/hevc did something they have never been able to do. Almost all sharing is only on the internet now. because file playback is restricted to software media player applications.  
20/01/2023 00:12 — Anonymous
bro who hurt you? What's wrong with wanting correct track tagging? Furthermore, XerBlade is known to make a couple blunders in every release.
20/01/2023 03:41 — Anonymous
Jesus wtf  man!!!!???? Ive make long comments occasionally but you made your into .... well just SHIT. No one gives a fuck about bankruptcies, bots, various ways of encoding, sites shut down, on and offline sharing, who pissed whoff 20 years ago, fucking etc. Comment section not an anime history forum.
Shouldve just said -
"Thanks for for letting us know man but on the offhand you are the uploader please correct these and reup."
Would've got the same point across. With the shit you added all you accomplished is making everyone think there is something seriously wrong with you. No need for all the damn bloatware.
20/01/2023 04:59 — Anonymous
Some people here are simply insane
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