The Vexations of a Shut-In Vampire Princess S01E04 The Mercy of the Lonely Crimson 1080p HIDI WEB-DL AAC2.0 H 264-VARYG (Hikikomari Kyuuketsuki no Monmon, Dual-Audio, Multi-Subs)

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Date Submitted06/05/2024 17:26
SeriesHikikomari Kyuuketsuki no Monmon - Episode 4 (of 12): The Mercy of the Lonely Crimson
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udp:// 81L: 4C: 247U: 17d, 13hr, 42min ago
udp:// 80L: 3C: 235U: 17d, 13hr, 42min ago 94L: 4C: 267U: 17d, 13hr, 26min ago
udp:// 77L: 3C: 233U: 17d, 13hr, 42min ago
File Name (Size)The.Vexations.of.a.Shut-In.Vampire.Princess.S01E04.The.Mercy.of.the.Lonely.Crimson.1080p.HIDI.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-VARYG.mkv (963.7 MB)
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SubtitlesAll Attachments | Forced [eng, ASS], eng [ASS], Latin American [spa, ASS]

14 comment(s):
15/05/2024 06:36 — Anonymous
>Language                                 : Japanese
>Default                                  : Yes
>Forced                                   : No

Ugh, I hate when uploaders do this. There are like 7 different Japanese language uploads so the least you can do is make the language english by default. Also, screw this dual language shit.
15/05/2024 07:06 — Anonymous
all audio languages have an assumed default even if the muxer doesn't properly tag them as default as per the matroska spec.
15/05/2024 12:06 — Anonymous
Change the settings in your player to make English the default track, that's what many people do.
But I do agree that Eng should be the default track on dual audio releases.
15/05/2024 16:04 — Anonymous
the default flag does not mean what you think it means.
all languages require a default.
15/05/2024 21:08 — Anon
You need to go back to school.
Even if the file has JP set as the default you can change the settings in your player to automatically play the EN audio file.
16/05/2024 01:59 — Anonymous
Both languages are considered to have a default. Period.
You cannot have an audio language included that doesn't have a default.

Matroska spec dictates this. Even if you wrongly do not give a default to each audio language, the matroska spec assumes you're an idiot and assumes all audio for that language has default flag even if its set to default: no.

Instead of telling me to go back to school, you should learn how to read what the spec dictates and what it says the default flag does and how it works, because you clearly failed this. <- scroll down to default flag.

"The “default track” flag is a hint for a Matroska Player indicating that a given track SHOULD be eligible to be automatically selected as the default track for a given language. If no tracks in a given language have the default track flag set, then all tracks in that language are eligible for automatic selection. This can be used to indicate that a track provides “regular service” suitable for users with default settings, as opposed to specialized services, such as commentary, hearing-impaired captions, or descriptive audio."

The default flag does not mean "this is the track that plays by default". Again, all audio languages included in the file are forced to have their own default track and if you fail to utilize the flag properly, it gives default to all audio of that language. There is no way around this failsafe.

In the case of this file, both the English and Japanese audio are assumed to have default set to yes even though VARYG improperly set the it to no on the English track.
16/05/2024 02:06 — Anonymous
I never said you can't change your settings in your player for preferences. I simply pointed out the fact that both tracks have default set to yes even though English says no, because the matroska spec dictates that all language options have a track with default so the whole "English should be THE default" argument is wrong, they both are default despite VARYG failing to tag properly.
16/05/2024 10:10 — Anon
My point about going back to school was about learning about reading and comprehension.
The person you were replying to was talking about player defaults not the file defaults.
They were talking about setting the preferred track in the player settings and you started talking about the default flags in the file which was not what they were talking about.
16/05/2024 16:07 — Anonymous
Then you should learn to read because their last sentence said "English should be default" hence why I said what I said.
16/05/2024 16:13 — Anonymous
Gotta laugh when people like Anon try to tell others to learn to read when they clearly can't read themselves.
15/05/2024 13:59 — Anonymous
Just configure your player properly
15/05/2024 21:12 — Anon
16/05/2024 06:20 — Anon
I know right?

I wish there was an uploader who'd do dub-only hidive releases like yameii (he stopped doing hidive releases for some reason)
16/05/2024 16:30 — Anonymous
I prefer Japanese over English audio. With/out eng subs.
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