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Date Submitted04/01/2024 16:31
SeriesSokushi Cheat ga Saikyou Sugite, Isekai no Yatsura ga Marude Aite ni Naranaindesu ga. - Episode 1 (of 12): Instant Death Ability
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File Name (Size)[SubsPlease] Sokushi Cheat - 01 (1080p) [E47853A6].mkv (469.2 MB)
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4 comment(s):
04/01/2024 18:26 — Anonymous
I wonder what percentage of all the millions of people who watch anime want this original tale of being sucked into a computer game. After all, there are no other animes like it. Not.
05/01/2024 18:43 — Anonymous
Heavily censored FYI, wait for an uncensored release or Blu-Ray.
12/02/2024 07:41 — Anonymous
I could live with heavily censored. Its the loss of imagination, original sentence structure it had, depiction of Japanese society the way they see themselves. and continuity is some of what has been stripped away.  Episodes are saturated with still images now because budgets have been cut in half.  And now shows that should be action driven, only contain enough to make the viewer think its beginning to look like its worth watching, then the action stops. It must hard for animators to go to work everyday, knowing they wont be challenged to use every ounce of their imagination and creativity.  
Today, I stopped watching two different new shows during the 5th ep of each one. They became saturated with boring dialogue, still images and actionless scenes. I can't imagine how bad they are going to be after the Eng dubs are created. They've become twice as bad as the originals they are created from. CV's intentionally overuse words and phrases, even mispronounce those words and names that have existed for millennia. Dubs are created totally different than in Japan. Each character is made alone. In Japan, they dub them together. It's why original language is 1000% better and Eng dubs can be so damn irritating. Starting in 2017, every aspect of Anime creation has been controlled by corporate America after funimation was repurchased from Gen F. by Sony pictures Intl.UK movie studio. He sold funi to Universal Pictures in 2005, They sold it back to him in 2011. It doesnt matter which studio owns funi-machinations because The movie studios all in it together. Every show streamed is produced by funi-crunch under assumed names to keep local fans blaming Anime studios. It took some research to find the answers. And some of them have even changed over the years to steer people away from the truth. One day Anime will return to its roots. But when that will be is still years from happening.

12/02/2024 14:31 — Anonymous
nice one porn addicted chatgpt
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