[Some-Stuffs] Pocket Monsters Movie 21 - Our Story/Minna no Monogatari (720p Vorbis 2.0)

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Date Submitted04/01/2019 09:34
Series (!)Gekijouban Pocket Monsters: Maboroshi no Pokemon Lugia Bakutan - Complete Movie
CommentLord Starfish: Translation, Timing, Typesetting
Article (!)Pocket Monsters Movie 21 – Our Story
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6 comment(s):
Q 05/01/2019 07:04 — Raikina
Video English ver.
Voice japanese ver.
06/01/2019 22:33 — Lord Starfish
Pretty much. The video was sourced from the Australian BD... Except for the title card and the Mewtwo preview at the end, which were obviously from the JP. Why? Because the Australian BD was available first and doing so allowed us to cut down on encoding time once the Japanese BD actually came out. That said, the HEVC version we just released uses the Japanese BD for everything except the end credits.
06/01/2019 22:52 — Anonymous
Thanks for the info!  Are Japanese BDs preferred due to quality somehow, or just additional content like title cards and previews?
07/01/2019 21:45 — Lord Starfish
I mean they SHOULD be the same aside from the credits and title cards... but for some reason the Australian BD of this movie had really muted yellows compared to the Japanese, making it look less good overall. If you compare the AU release to the JP, Pikachu looks a LOT paler in the former. Which is why, when doing the HEVC version, we decided to go back and use the JP footage instead.
07/01/2019 22:57 — Anonymous
Thanks for the reply.

That there would be a difference is strange.  The timing of the Australian disk being available before the Japanese disk is a little strange to me also.  So here's a dark theory: diminished video quality outside Japan to motivate worldwide fans to buy movies twice, once for early, once for quality and extras when the Japanese disk comes out.  

Do I have too dark a view of the industry, I wonder?  That the muted color happens to be Pikachu's aligns with my dark theory, I think.  And they couldn't include the extras in the AU release?  Ha!
08/01/2019 00:03 — Anonymous
well almost all anime USBD tends to have a brightness adjustment in comparison to JPBD, on top of extra compression to fit more eps per disc to save cost and sell at cheaper prices. It's why all the best groups will typically encode from JPBD when given the choice.
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