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Series (!)SSSS.Gridman
CommentTitleSSSS Gridman![img]([/img])SourceDmonHiroSynopsisYuuta Hibiki wakes up in the room of Rikka Takarada and notices two things: he has no memories, and he can hear a mysterious voice calling his name from a nearby room. On further inspection, he finds a robot—which introduces itself as Hyper Agent Gridman—behind the screen of an old computer. Much to Yuuta's surprise, Rikka cannot hear Gridman, nor can she see the ominous monsters looming over a thick fog as it envelopes the town outside.Another giant monster materializes in the city and proceeds to wreak havoc. Amidst the confusion, Yuuta is once again drawn to the old computer and merges with Gridman. Suddenly, he appears in the middle of the battle and is forced to fight the monster. Together with Rikka and fellow classmate Shou Utsumi, Yuuta forms the "Gridman Alliance" to defeat the monsters plaguing the city and find whoever is responsible for their emergence.InformationType: TVEpisodes: 12Status: Finished AiringAired: Oct 7, 2018 to Dec 23, 2018Premiered: Fall 2018Broadcast: Sundays at 00:00 (JST)Producers: Mainichi Broadcasting System, Pony Canyon, Tsuburaya Productions, KlockWorx, Ultra Super Pictures, Graphinica, Docomo Anime Store, Fields, BS11Licensors: FunimationStudios: TriggerSource: OriginalGenres: Action, Sci-Fi, MechaDuration: 23 min. per ep.Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older======================================================MediaInfoVideoID : 1Format : HEVCFormat/Info : High Efficiency Video CodingFormat profile : Main 10@L3.1@MainCodec ID : V_MPEGH/ISO/HEVCDuration : 23 min 41 sBit rate : 661 kb/sWidth : 1 280 pixelsHeight : 720 pixelsDisplay aspect ratio : 16:9Frame rate mode : ConstantFrame rate : 23.976 (24000/1001) FPSColor space : YUVChroma subsampling : 4:2:0Bit depth : 10 bitsAudioID : 2Format : VorbisFormat settings, Floor : 1Codec ID : A_VORBISDuration : 23 min 41 sBit rate mode : VariableBit rate : 80.0 kb/sChannel(s) : 2 channelsSampling rate : 48.0 kHzFrame rate : 55.750 FPS (861 SPF)Compression mode : LossyDelay relative to video : 9 msStream size : 12.6 MiB (10%)Title : StereoWriting library : libVorbis (Now 100% fewer shells) (20180316 (Now 100% fewer shells))Language : EnglishDefault : YesForced : NoComment : Processed by SoXTextID : 3Format : ASSCodec ID : S_TEXT/ASSCodec ID/Info : Advanced Sub Station AlphaDuration : 20 min 12 sBit rate : 171 b/sCount of elements : 315Compression mode : LosslessStream size : 25.4 KiB (0%)Default : NoForced : Yes============================================================Screenshots![img]([/img])![img]([/img])
udp:// 3L: 2C: 27U: 6d, 7hr, 16min ago
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udp:// failedU: 12hr, 13min ago
udp:// failedU: 19hr, 45min ago 8L: 1C: 272U: 111d, 18hr, 2min ago
udp:// 2L: 0C: 80U: 10d, 17hr, 53min ago
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