Shokugeki no Soma OVA (Complete)

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Date Submitted03/10/2017 22:07
Series (!)Shokugeki no Souma OAD
CommentSo, as season 3 just started, I decided to watch all the OVA episodes. But unfortunately, most of them had bad subs and OVA 4 had no subs at all.Video: [UrbanTbc] 1024x576 (Episodes 1, 2, 4), 1280x720 (episode 3)Audio: AAC (Episodes 1, 2, 4), FLAC (episode 3)Subtitles: Episode 1: Fixed wrong sentence order, fixed timing, removed unnecesary TL notes, fixed words here and there. Episode 2-3: Barely any changes. Episode 4: Subbed this myself, as there wasn't any english sub available for a long time. I think it should be good. (mega link separately!QVYBjZIb!jhqj1F_8lMbGLt1eGvp7Ye5rARKR_oU3YQSJRwpQBQI )
udp:// 3L: 0C: 13U: 161d, 2hr, 7min ago
udp:// failedU: 23d, 9hr, 46min ago 5L: 1C: 4018U: 195d, 20hr, 10min ago
udp:// 6L: 0C: 4U: 217d, 8hr, 30min ago
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6 comment(s):
04/10/2017 05:46 — Anonymous
is this good? i check the comments in nyaa & said that it is decent though there are many corrections & not so good
04/10/2017 06:01 — Anonymous
better wait for better subs
04/10/2017 07:14 — Anonymous
thank you for your opinion
04/10/2017 07:30 — Anonymous
Might as well wait forever because most of these are several months old and nobody has given a crap about doing better subs. Probably because the episodes themselves aren't that great.
04/10/2017 07:41 — Anonymous
Because no fansubs has decent translator.
Also, people should watch the 4th OVA (Ni no Sara OVA 2) since it's direct prequel of the 3rd season (the appearance of the Elite Ten).
Or better read the mango.
04/10/2017 08:36 — Anonymous
That's just circular reasoning. There are decent translators in the community, it's that they don't give a crap about these OVAs enough to work on them; hence to decent subs. Ni no Sara OVAs are certainly better than the first two, though.
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