Scott Pilgrim Takes Off - S01 - 1080p WEB H.264 DUAL-AUDIO Multi-Subs -WeebGakuin (NF)

This file has been deleted.
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Date Submitted19/11/2023 18:41
Commentnot mine, just sharing
udp:// 107L: 95C: 197U: 12d, 19hr, 39min ago
udp:// failedU: 12d, 9hr, 40min ago
udp:// 100L: 71C: 167U: 12d, 19hr, 35min ago
udp:// failedU: 12d, 9hr, 40min ago failedU: 12d, 19hr, 23min ago
udp:// 29L: 3C: 73U: 12d, 19hr, 21min ago
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15 comment(s):
19/11/2023 20:36 — Anonymous
> Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

At 11.44GB size total is would require the Apollo-V for take off! Houston, we have an encoding problem...
19/11/2023 22:14 — moozooh
No, there's no such problem. These are longer than regular TV anime episodes and are dual-audio, so on average they have lower video bitrate than a typical 1080p Crunchyroll episode rip.
20/11/2023 22:03 — Anonymous
File info says they're only 28 minutes an episode.
19/11/2023 22:41 — Anonymous
NF is like 5000kbps
19/11/2023 22:22 — Anonymous
deleted from Nyaa.
20/11/2023 13:22 — Anonymous
Nyaa, MAL, and AniDB are trying so hard to gatekeep lmao. Anyway thanks for the upload
20/11/2023 18:21 — Anonymous
This cartoon have japanese dubs?
Q 20/11/2023 18:47 — Anonymous
> This cartoon have japanese dubs?

It was mostly animated by Science SARU, a japanese studio. "Canon" audio is the english dub but the japanese dub was reportedly recorded in parallel.
20/11/2023 19:25 — Anonymous
Q 20/11/2023 19:38 — Steve
Everyone knows, just open the title. Are you too serious or were you raised by crazy, easily-tempered parents? Today 18:47 — Anonymous's explanation is much better than Your mental disability.
20/11/2023 20:19 — Anonymous
bro wtf
Q 20/11/2023 20:04 — Anonymous
There is already a flame war about Scott P. being or not being anime. Deja vu, higher in the SHELTER...
Q 21/11/2023 18:18 — Anonymous
> This file has been deleted.

Sounds like Animetosho server fell into a 2001 Space Odyssey like unsolvable computer logic dilemma, about Scott Pilgrim being or not being anime and froze... To bring the server back online, Scott Pilgrim had to be disappearated Suzuhi Harumiya / 1984 style.
22/11/2023 05:41 — Anonymous
Bumping so others can still find the torrent through the site's recent comments. Imagine deleting.
22/11/2023 12:04 — Anonymous
Other can still find it in google or whatever.
Bots still hit things on my site that were deleted years ago, linked nowhere on the site and clearly show 404 not found.
This still shows normally and reachable via pages of old comments.
You can find even more deeply buried stuff, if you really try and it ever existed.
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