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Date Submitted21/08/2018 21:09
Series (!)Captain Tsubasa
Comment![alt text](https://www.saizenfansubs.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/CT128Raw_001_25353.png "Captain Tsubasa – 128")It looks like our favourite pairing Tsubasa-Hyuga is history now. As you can see, a new bromance has been developing through the last 128 episodes which went pretty much unnoticed.In order to find out all about it, watch this episode!So we finally reached the last episode of this classic football anime! It still feels unbelievable that our years of hard work are at an end. I would like to thank every member of our awesome team who worked on Captain Tsubasa. Special thanks to sangofe who got me on this project and to kokujin-kun, who helped keep me sane when everything seemed dark and hopeless, and when I was feeling like poor Ichizaki here.You guys are the best team ever!Here comes the long list of people who have helped with the series. Italicized names are the staffers who did the most on this, and our special thanks go to them!Translators: Japanese – EnglishDarth, ninja009, Onibaba, MohoKareshiTranslators: French – Englishsangofe, dumuzi, blackquill Translators: Spanish – EnglishLuurah, Eternal_BlizzardTranslation Checkers:Ladholyman, Tvo, kokujin-kun, onibaba, blakbunnie27, tenkenX6, convexityTimers:ninjacloud, isakasan, KmE, Sangofe, Eternal_Blizzard, sebooKaraoke:kokujin-kun, JuggenEditors:Treize, FD, konnakudeTypesetters:MadMaxBoy, KmE, zegond, kokujin-kunRaw Providers:Puto, Nani?!Encoders:Puto, Nani?!R2IT Audio Ripping:PutoAudio Remastering:GonbeFAN, Puto, AnonymousSoundSyncerAndScreenshotSenderDistro:[M]-V | AruthaQuality Checkers:SaberWorld, Treize, Tvo, Puto, Kaiser, Ephemere, Blackshads, Sucionny, DaVince, sangofe, Will_Smith, kokujin-kun, osage, Eternal_Blizzard, Sludge, Faku1810, Luurah, Pheon18, Nanami, Ironman, MizunoKamo, Ayanami-, FDVisit us at #saizen@irc.rizon.net for XDCC bot
Article (!)Captain Tsubasa – 128
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7 comment(s):
Q 21/08/2018 22:38 — Anonymous
why would you skip the only complete subbed release?
21/08/2018 23:51 — Anonymous
If you read the FAQ then you would understand.

What files does AnimeTosho skip?
Due to bandwidth limitations of the server, AnimeTosho skips the following:
Most torrents over 16GB in size, some exceptions are made for torrents up to 32GB in size
Some very specific exceptions
22/08/2018 04:59 — Anonymous
Legit torrents gets skipped while duplicates and troll subs gets fetched multiple times. Just sad.
22/08/2018 05:10 — Anonymous
The limitation of automation
22/08/2018 12:58 — admin
The skipping decision is actually based of resource usage as opposed to common sense. It may seem silly, but the duplicates don't actually consume a lot of resources.
If you think a torrent shouldn't be skipped, you're welcome to comment and it may get pushed through, depending on whether there's spare capacity or not. I've pushed this one through as it appears to be a complete batch.
22/08/2018 13:13 — Anonymous
22/08/2018 13:21 — DoE
That would mean they'd actually have to learn something and learn'n B hard!
They just want to be spoon-fed because it's the EZ way.
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