One Pace Unofficial Complete Batch as of May 24th 2020

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Date Submitted24/05/2020 18:43
Comment**NOTE:** I am not affiliated with the One Pace project.From the One Pace discord:>Q: What is One Pace?>A: One Pace is a One Piece project that condenses the anime into more accurate adaptations of the manga. We cut out filler scenes, shorten padded scenes, and merge episodes together to create a more manga-like experience.---This is a **updated** unofficial batch torrent with every One Pace episode currently released, as of ~~May 8th, 2019~~ May 24th, 2020. All episodes should be the latest version, where appropriate. For those who downloaded my [previous batch](, the files are *mostly* the same. There are new additions, as well as, re-encoded versions. I, unfortunately, don't have a full list of changes, so you'll have to figure this part out. ---I took the liberty of renaming the folders and files so please note that they differ from the official releases. The CRC32 checksums remain untouched and unaffected by filename changes. (except Punk Hazard 13)Differences:* Removed resolution tags from the folders - looks cleaner that way, imo.* Renamed all folders and files to have chapter format like so: XXXX-YYYY ```ex. [One Pace] [0572-0573] Marineford 13 [720p] [BF75A500]```* For the sake of consistency, single chapter episodes are formatted: XXXX-XXXX ex. ```[One Pace] [0574-0574] Marineford 14 [720p] [59775CFE]```* The official Dressrosa batch torrent still follows the old naming format of ```[One Pace] Chapters XXX-YYY [Res][CRC32]``` - renamed it to be consistent with the rest* Added spaces between tags. ```ex. [One Pace] [0001-0001] instead of [One Pace][0001-0001]``` - Since the original filenames weren't completely space-less to begin with, this shouldn't be an issue and it looks cleaner, imo. * The checksum for Punk Hazard 13 was wrong so I corrected it in the filename. Below is a list of arcs with, currently, no releases; following the folder naming scheme of the release. * ```[One Pace] [0042-0068] Baratie```* ```[One Pace] [0115-0129] Little Garden```* ```[One Pace] [0130-0154] Drum Island```* ```[One Pace] [0155-0217] Alabasta```* ```[One Pace] [0218-0236] Jaya```* ```[One Pace] [0322-0374] Water 7```[Link to full overview page on their website]( seed if you can!
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3 comment(s):
25/05/2020 04:45 — Anonymous
Let this through please.
25/05/2020 05:34 — Anonymous
An unofficial batch of files that have already come through here.  Not likely.
25/05/2020 07:34 — Anonymous
+1 Let this in please!
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