Neon Genesis Evangelion Alternate Dub - 2 Toonami Aired Episodes [VHSrip]

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Date Submitted21/01/2022 04:25
Series (!)Shinseiki Evangelion - Episode 2 (of 26): The Beast
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17 comment(s):
24/01/2022 08:30 — Anonymous
This is the original Eng Dub for Eva. Get it if all you have is the newest dub for Evangolian by fucimacination. The new dub is garbage covered shit.
24/01/2022 12:01 — Anonymous
all dubs are garbage - especially english, which is a garbage language
24/01/2022 12:07 — Anonymous
applause, pure weeb...
24/01/2022 15:52 — Anonymous
weeb? nice engrish for the lovely immigrants
24/01/2022 16:02 — MojoRisin
24/01/2022 18:42 — Anonymous
...that only 0.01% of people have ever heard. Very 'common'.
24/01/2022 18:49 *MojoRisin
Practically 100% of the anime community knows it, and that's what counts.
Your so called 0.01% never heard the term weeaboo either.
24/01/2022 18:59 — Anonymous
I've been watching anime for 30 years and I've never heard it. I've just asked the other four people in this house, three of which watch anime, and they've never heard it either. But the argument is moot, because it's not English, any more than "google", "leet" speak, or any other rubbish for children.
24/01/2022 19:24 — MojoRisin
Right, you hang out here but never heard of it, kek!
BTW, I've been watching anime for about 40 years.
24/01/2022 19:28 — Anonymous
Oh, you win then. I'd hate for you to lose. "Kek"? There you go again. Which gutter do you live in exactly?
24/01/2022 20:53 — Anonymous: "Anon"
I know what Kek means. I don't know what MojoRisin's gutter is like but mine is 40 acres with a 3,400 square foot house.
25/01/2022 12:33 — Anonymous
24/01/2022 20:50 — Anonymous: "Anon"
My grandchildren taught me what a weeb/weeaboo is long ago. You and the members of your house must lead a sheltered life.
24/01/2022 16:11 — Anonymous
24/01/2022 16:16 *MojoRisin
In 2021, there were around 1.35 billion people worldwide who spoke English either natively or as a second language, slightly more than the 1.12 billion Mandarin Chinese speakers at the time of survey. Hindi and Spanish accounted for the third and fourth most widespread languages that year.

Yup, it's so much garbage that more people speak it than any other language..... /sarc
BTW, Japanese is 13th on the list.
24/01/2022 18:55 — Anonymous
Ah, quantity over qualiity, that great harbor of the masses. Not to mention the people who see someone say something and just have to go and find some completely unrelated 'fact' to 'disprove' what they said. 'Fact checkers' of the world unite. By your definition, 'football' is a good game, lager is a drink to savor, and every ugly girl in the world is to die for. English is garbage because it's spoken by the English, who are garbage. For example, Japanese has numerous ways to greet and honor others, whereas English has "whatcha mate". All you have to see is the wonderful Japanese language turned into endles "yeah" and "later dude" in any anime, not to mention the laughable "sister" and "brother" all over the place, to see how truly wonderful English is. Well, in the end, you'll all be speaking Indian or Chinese anyway, as between them they make up half your species. The English language, like the English, is a doomed relic of history. And a good riddance.
02/07/2022 12:20 — Anonymous
This Anime has one of the best voice-performances ever, which is integral to the story-telling and character-arcs.
Unbelievable how dumb dubs are. Not to say disrespectful and cringey as hell.
People that don't watch in the original language need some TEGRIDY!
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