[MKV] Inspector Gadget - Episode 01 [Gary Owens Pilot Dub] [DVD-REMUX]

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Date Submitted12/01/2021 01:58
CommentWell, I don't know if this will stay up or not, though it was animated in Japan.
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File Name (Size)Inspector Gadget - Episode 01 [Gary Owens Pilot Dub] [DVD-REMUX].mkv (837.9 MB)
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17 comment(s):
12/01/2021 06:42 — Anonymous
Not listed at nyaa.
12/01/2021 09:26 — Stultus
It's not obligatory.
12/01/2021 11:33 — Anonymous
At Cartoontosho.
Q 12/01/2021 12:39 — Anonymous
> Well, I don't know if this will stay up or not, though it was animated in Japan.

Robinson and Madeon's SHELTER was also animated in Japan and it was eventully admitted as anime, but only after half of Reddit's population having slaughtered each other in a virtual civil war over its classification...
12/01/2021 13:31 — sameer
( -‿-)-🍥🍣
personally i will stick with the meaning of the word "anime" as the japanese understand it. it's lot more simple and don't have to deal with edge cases.
12/01/2021 14:21 — Anonymous
"In Japanese, anime, a term derived from the English word animation, describes all animated works, regardless of style or origin."

That means Bugs Bunny etc are considered anime by the Japanese.
I't mainly people from the west that consider anime to be from Japan.
12/01/2021 15:32 — sameer
( -‿-)-🍥🍣
not just the west, many outside japan believe that.
12/01/2021 15:52 — Anonymous
English words in Japanese conversions often do no mean what they would in English conversations.  Japanese words in an English conversation often does not mean what it would in a Japanese conversation.  You check for English usage in an English dictionary.

Call it what you want, what Nyaa defines in what Nyaa allows.
12/01/2021 16:03 — Anonymous
I'm not saying that Nyaa should allow western cartoons, I was just pointing out that the Japanese consider anime to be all animation and not just that made in Japan. If that was the case then Korean etc cartoons should not be called anime.
It is mainly the non-Japanese that consider anime to be from certain regions.
12/01/2021 16:24 — Anonymous
In English the current meaning of words often has nothing to do with their origin.  If you told someone in NY that Bugs was anime, they might bust a cap in your ass.  It wouldn't mean breaking a hat on your mule.
12/01/2021 21:24 — Anon
Lulz, I supposed that means if you called "Bleach" a cartoon "they might bust a cap in your ass"? Get real.....
13/01/2021 02:19 — Anonymous
In NY they would only throw bleach in your face.  It's a tough town.

You mean in Japan if you called Bleach a cartoon.  I don't know, it's a much nicer place.
12/01/2021 19:59 — Anonymous
True, there's a reason for that.  In many places animation is considered mainstream entertainment and Japanese animation does not qualify due to elements is has often contained.  Instead, it is a sub-class where shows have to evaluated individually.

Japanese animation is changing to meet worldwide mainstream standards, since jobs are what feed families.
13/01/2021 01:14 — Anonymous
What I know, Japanese people have trouble pronouncing "cartoon". So whatever animation they call: anime.
13/01/2021 20:03 — Anon
You're simply wrong. They call it 'animeshon' and not 'anime', also they have no problempronouncing "cartoon" and people here aren't from Japan. Outside of Japan, anime is (strictly) referred to animated shows from Japan with Japanese voice acting. They can be dubbed, however their original language is Japanese.
13/01/2021 20:25 — Anonymous
Funny then how shows from Korea, China and Asian areas are called anime, not just from Japan. What is called anime is defined by people who live outside of Japan.
14/01/2021 09:51 — Anonymous

whether anime is strictly defined as purely Japanese in origin or not, I'm getting a kick out of Gadget's mustache in this episode... used to seeing him clean shaved. Maybe it's retractable, for disguise purposes? - go-go-gadget-'stache

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