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Date Submitted16/04/2019 15:38
Series (!)Aikatsu Friends!
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29 comment(s):
16/04/2019 16:31 — Anonymous
All credit to Mezashite, none to the Klingons.
16/04/2019 16:33 — Anonymous
...that circle Uranus.
16/04/2019 16:35 — Anonymous
Q: How is the USS Enterprise like a roll of toilet paper?
16/04/2019 19:37 — Anonymous
Circles around your Icehole in search of Blutarski's Klingons?
16/04/2019 19:42 — Anonymous
WTF does Animal House have to do with Star Trek? WTF do klingons have to do with Aikatsu?
You must be a giant Uranus.
16/04/2019 19:07 — Anonymous
Another great episode thanks to Aikatsu fans. To make more Aikatsu friends google Aikatsu. Some well known fan sites are Mezashite, Ice Crown, and Bluestone Aikatsu. Google has translate available for the Japanese sites.

You will not find any info on Aikatsu by searching Klingon or any other Star Trek related terms. So just enjoy the show, have fun communicating with other Aikatsu fans, and ignore the obvious klingon troll.
16/04/2019 19:39 — Anonymous
The Icehole - Blutarski fag is back!
16/04/2019 19:50 — Anonymous
Go back to 4chan and take your all Aikatsu fans are fags b.s. with you.
16/04/2019 20:29 — Anonymous
whats the problem, is he interrupting your circle jerk?
16/04/2019 20:41 — Anonymous
It's well known that those who hate gay people are often scared of their own attraction to their own sex. This fear feeds their homophobia. It is evidenced by the often expression of gay slurs being seen by them to be the ultimate insult. "Circle jerk" is just another sign of severe homophobia combined with immaturity and a lack of functioning brain cells.
16/04/2019 20:57 — Anonymous
Ugh, I always disliked the term homophobia. It's not like people are afraid of the gays, more like disgusted by them. Homofastidiosia is a more appropriate term, or homoodiousia. Besides, a circle jerk is not gay if you say 'No homo' beforehand.
16/04/2019 21:01 — Anonymous
No reason to get defensive or make excuses. Welcome to the LGBTQ community.
16/04/2019 21:43 — Anonymous
No thanks, the only shit I like to stir is the comment section.
16/04/2019 21:56 — Anonymous
From gay slurs to excrement insults. Thanks for showing us your mature side.
16/04/2019 22:18 — Anonymous
Lmao, my work here is done. Whoever you are, chill, no one is actually out to get you it's just that easy target is easy. FIY I only made the two comments above for my amusement and don't have anything else in this thread. Enjoy your pirated japanese cartoons and stop caring about what random people think. Or don't, I'm a commenter not a cop.
16/04/2019 22:26 — Anonymous
We don't care if you are gay.
17/04/2019 14:53 — Anonymous
That's right.
16/04/2019 21:45 — Anonymous
Once again I see the over played and misused SJW term.
As I said before I doubt they are afraid of homosexuals and you calling them homophobic just makes you look ridiculous.
It also shows your immaturity and lack of functioning brain cells.
16/04/2019 21:54 — Anonymous
Welcome to the LGBTQ community. Welcome to the SJW community. Your denials are futile.
16/04/2019 22:25 — Anonymous
If you say so, but it doesn't make you right.
You won't see me at any of the meetings or parades because I couldn't care less.
I doubt the others here believe you either.
16/04/2019 22:29 — Anonymous
You should not be ashamed of being gay.
16/04/2019 22:33 — Anonymous
And you shouldn't be ashamed of being a goat lover.
16/04/2019 22:46 — Anonymous
The Pontiac GTO a.k.a. 'goat' is a classic loved by most fans of American muscle cars.
16/04/2019 22:22 — Anonymous
SJW is all about morality. SJW can never be overplayed. Superior moral virtue of the true SJW can not be understood by science deniers. All non-believers will be crushed.
17/04/2019 14:59 — Anonymous
<It's well known that those who hate gay people are often scared of their own attraction to their own sex.>
This BS is well known only to you. As a handsome guy who is disgusted by gays, I like pretty girls. Why? because I'm a man and they're girls.
17/04/2019 18:37 — Anonymous
Nice closet.
16/04/2019 19:44 — Anonymous
Thanks for the google translate clue. I enjoyed the Japanese site for Aikatsu friends.
19/04/2019 00:25 — Anonymous
19/04/2019 19:15 — Anonymous
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