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Date Submitted08/04/2019 00:33
Series (!)Aikatsu Friends!
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23 comment(s):
08/04/2019 00:46 — Anonymous
The new season begins. Happy times are here. For more info you can google many fan sites including Mezashite, Bluestone Aikatsu, and Ice Crown. Keep making more Aikatsu Friends.
08/04/2019 00:49 — Anonymous
I figured it wouldn't take long for the Blutarski - Icehole fags to show up
08/04/2019 00:56 — Anonymous
The master of baiting is back again trolling an anime he hates. Still not sure what he has against John Belushi and Animal House. Never heard of the homophobic slur Icehole fag before. Haters gonna Hate.
08/04/2019 01:16 — Anonymous
Actually the master of baiting are the ones who come in here to spam their crummy fan sites. And in doing so they are the ones trolling. And if you are stupid enough to not recognize the insult of the fan site names when everyone else can see it then that's your problem, not mine.
08/04/2019 01:35 — Anonymous
When you attack Aikatsu you are not trolling?
It's the fans who love this anime and wish for people to google and join the fan community who are the trolls?
08/04/2019 01:46 — Anonymous
I'm not attacking the show, just the one's spamming their fan site. And they are the ones trolling because they know that people like me are going to react to their post. If they/you hadn't made the OP I wouldn't be here right now.
08/04/2019 01:50 — Anonymous
Homophobic? That's a laugh and an over played, misused term.
Homophobia would be an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of homosexuals.
I seriously doubt that anon is afraid of homosexuals.
Homophobe is what SJW's like to call people they are trying to silence even though they are not afraid.
08/04/2019 02:23 — Anonymous
Clearly calling fans of this show fags and explaining that the term is meant as an insult, indicates this person hates gay people based on an illogical fear. Yep, I call the use of hate based gay slurs homophobic.
08/04/2019 02:55 — Anonymous
You are wrong once again, I don't like liver and say nasty things about it but that doesn't make me a liverphobic.
It also doesn't mean I hate it, I just don't like it so I don't eat it.
When I say bad things about liver it isn't hate speech and I doubt that anon's use of fag is hate speech.
I can think of plenty of other words they could have used that would make it hate speech if they tried.
08/04/2019 04:02 — Anonymous
You keep trying to defend racists and bigots. Try using a bit more logic and less emotion.
08/04/2019 04:38 — Anonymous
It looks like you are the one posting with emotion and it clouds your judgement.
I haven't seen any racists here but in your overly emotional state you keep using SJW terms that have been over played and misused.
It seems like you are overly emotional that some anons call you out for spamming every time a new ep comes out.
Just because you call something hate speech doesn't mean it is, you call it that because you didn't like what was said.
You called that one anon homophobic just because you didn't like a word they used, not an act of a logical person who is using less emotion.
08/04/2019 14:58 — Anonymous
You need to read better. I didn't call all fans of the show fags, just the ones who are members of the Blutarski and Icehole fan sites. And as the one person said I am not homophobic, I do not fear homosexuals at all. Am I a so called hater? Yes, I hate spammers and insult them every chance I get.
08/04/2019 16:28 — Anonymous
Nice try troll or racist or bigot. It's hard to tell with your rage against this one anime and the twisted logic you use to rant against it. It is clear from your actions here, going on 3 months now, why you were banned from these fan sites.
08/04/2019 17:41 — Anonymous
You really are a slow learner, aren't you? I was never a member of those sites to begin with so I couldn't have been kicked out. Your saying I was doesn't make it the truth. My so called rage has nothing to do with this show, if you were spamming a different show I'd be there also.
08/04/2019 17:41 — Anonymous
How you define spam does not agree with the way what you call spam is treated here. Real spam posts are removed from here all the time. The posts you are screaming about are still here. Reality is a bitch.
08/04/2019 01:56 — Anonymous
I love this show. Tnank you to all the fans that make these subs possible.
08/04/2019 15:59 — Anonymous
Ignore all the hate toward Aikatsu fans demonstrated here, for several months now, and enjoy the show. Google is a great place to find Aikatsu fan sites, so just ignore the troll and join any or all of them.
08/04/2019 17:47 — Anonymous
Showing how slow you are once again. What you are calling hate is my contempt/hate for the SPAMMERS that come here pushing their sites, not the fans that come here just to get the show without promoting their fan sites.
08/04/2019 18:02 — Anonymous
Keep ignoring the obvious. Googling for fan sites is not spam. Everything you claim is spam posted in Aikatsu threads is still here. Keep smashing your head against this obvious 10 foot thick concrete wall. Believing the wall will break before your head does, is fun for you but has no relation to reality.
08/04/2019 18:16 — Anonymous
And you are ignoring the obvious, when you name specific fan sites by name other than the uploader's site it is spam. And just because it is still here doesn't mean it's not spam. Keep smashing your head against that 10 foot concrete wall every time you spam your fan sites and I reply. You must be really desperate to have to come here to spam your fan sites, if those sites were truly legends in the Aikatsu world you wouldn't need to spam here.
08/04/2019 18:22 — Anonymous
If all you label spam is in fact spam it would have been removed.
Screaming spam over and over does not make something spam.
Truth, Facts, Logic, Reason, and Common Sense still apply here even if you have no comprehension of what these words mean.
08/04/2019 18:32 — Anonymous
Thanks to all the Aikatsu fans who make these subs possible. Thanks to all the Aikatsu fans who support this show. If they belong to or view any Aikatsu fan site or not, is not something a true fan cares about. Supporting fan sites has created many fan sub groups and continued support of fan sub groups is needed to keep them alive. Please remember that what many view as free goes away if no one helps pay the price. Aikatsu, feel the love and pass it on.
08/04/2019 18:49 — Anonymous
How many loli-lovers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
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