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Date Submitted30/03/2019 18:58
SeriesAikatsu Friends! - Episode 50 (of 50): The Future Only Found There
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21 comment(s):
30/03/2019 19:09 — Anonymous
Warning! Aikatsu Friends! contains a subliminal track that makes people pissy!!
30/03/2019 19:24 — Anonymous
It also contains a virus that brings out the Blutarski - Icehole fags.
30/03/2019 20:01 — Anonymous
No indication of a virus at Nyaa or Mezashite. I scanned this episode with Malwarebytes, Panda, & Cloud Cleaner. No virus indicated. It plays fine.
If you have a virus, it is unlikely you got it from this file.
30/03/2019 20:34 — Anonymous
I think the anon was referring to the poster that showed up at 19:55. He/she definitely called it right seeing as they came out.
30/03/2019 20:46 — Anonymous
No virus found. I think your PC is infected.
30/03/2019 20:58 — Anonymous
The virus brought out the Blutarski - Icehole fags that have infected the thread.
30/03/2019 21:16 — Anonymous
Looks like the virus is affecting his brain and not his computer. Not sure what his brain thinks he is spelling. Google has no clue either.
30/03/2019 22:52 — Anonymous
I'd say you don't know an insult when you see one, you must be mentally challenged.
30/03/2019 23:05 — Anonymous
John Belushi was great playing that character in Animal House. Never heard of a PC virus with those names. Is it something new?
30/03/2019 20:38 — Anonymous
100% correct. Anon at 19:24 pissing all over Aikatsu fans for 2 months now.
30/03/2019 21:00 — Anonymous
Only the Blutarski - Icehole fags, get your facts straight.
30/03/2019 21:32 — Anonymous
Are you talking about Animal House or Ice Fishing or some combination of the two?
30/03/2019 22:57 — Anonymous
I think he is attacking John Belushi's character in Animal House. SJW rage against something that is not PC? Or something like that? Seems a bit silly and not related to Aikatsu.
31/03/2019 03:20 — Anonymous
That guy that got banned from many Aikatsu fan sites has directed the rage, that they blocked, toward fans who download from links fetched here.
It's been 2 months and with season 2 starting we have 50 episodes of major hate drama rage to look forward to ignoring. On the other hand, it's so easy to spin this tard up, it will provide endless hours of amusement for some lucky fans.
31/03/2019 03:23 — Anonymous
What were his names on those websites?  You don't want to make mistaken accusations.
31/03/2019 12:32 — Anonymous
The person above you is talking out of their icehole, I never joined any fan site for the show. They already made the false accusation. Just shows how intelligent they are, like Blutarski with a 0.0 grade point average.
30/03/2019 19:55 — Anonymous
This was a great show. Happy to know that season 2 is on the way. Big thank you to all the fans that make these subs possible. Love to all Aikatsu fan sites including, but not limited to, Mezashite, Ice Crown, & Bluestone Aikatsu.. Thanks again for season 1.
30/03/2019 20:44 — Anonymous
Season One way lots of fun. Looking forward to episode 51 a.k.a. season 2 episode 1.
30/03/2019 21:28 — Anonymous
Not my favorite Aikatsu series, but worth watching a second time. Make more Aikatsu friends for the win.
30/03/2019 21:22 — Anonymous
Newcomer: It's kind of reassuring how feeble these insults and replies are.  It's more like kids fighting in a sandbox.

Carry on.  No biting.
31/03/2019 01:01 — Anonymous
You all like the same show, you're all actually friends.

Your murderous impulses towards each other are just a phase you're going through.
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