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Date Submitted05/04/2019 13:50
Series (!)Aikatsu Friends!
CommentThe full episode is out, so I figured I may as well start what I finished. Also, I may have forgotten all the fonts with the Part A release. Am I DmonHiro or something?Last time I forgot I created an account on Nyaa; this time I just can't remember what email I used. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Enjoy the episode!\- AikatsuKing
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52 comment(s):
05/04/2019 17:49 — Anonymous
Wait for the real subs. These fake subs with naughty language might be fun for some, but real fans would be better of waiting for legit Mezashite subs..
05/04/2019 18:03 — Anonymous
But it's the only way this show would be worth watching.
05/04/2019 18:10 — Anonymous
Sad, however due to the lack of blood, guts, fights, monsters, and nudes the adolescent hormone infused male teen audience in the west misses out on many fine and highly popular (in Japan) anime series.
05/04/2019 18:42 — Anonymous
I'm from India and this show is for little kids and pedos. So which one are you? Most be a lot of both in Japan if its really that popular there.
05/04/2019 19:04 — Anonymous
There aren't many pedos (if any) in Japan but unfortunately and sadly there are many rapists and gang rapes in Hindustan ( -_- )
05/04/2019 19:36 — Anonymous
Anime is for children. Most of the world, including most of Japan clearly understands this. Calling people who enjoy anime/cartoons "pedos" or "kids" is the majority world view. If you are here commenting on this site you fall into that group.
You like toons, admit it and accept that you are not seen as normal if you are over 12.
I can live with it. Can you?
05/04/2019 20:25 — Anonymous
I'm not the anon you are replying to but I'll disagree with part of that.
There are plenty of anime and cartoon shows that are aimed for adults, not children.
Take earlier toons like Bugs Bunny, most children wouldn't understand a lot of the wordage used but adults would get it.
I would say that shows like Hellsing and others are not really made for children but for adults.
Then there's Hentai, that's anime but not for children.
05/04/2019 20:31 — Anonymous
What crap is that? The fact is a minority number of anime and animation is produced for children below 13 nowadays.
A majority of anime and animation is produced for people aged 16 and above. I, like many others, enjoy various genres of anime while we are obviously not pedo. I prefer spending my free time watching nice anime and at the same time learning another language and culture instead of watching absurd and empty UFC fights. So keep you crappy view to yourself and don't pollute here with your BS.
05/04/2019 20:54 — Anonymous
Porn cartoons are not created for children. Age restrictions on non porn anime is a western thing not followed in Japan.
Keep telling yourself anime is not created for children. Say it while tapping your ruby slippers together. It will make you better.
05/04/2019 21:06 — Anonymous
That's it, just keep telling yourself that.......
Like the anon above you said, most anime made these days are aimed at the 16 and up crowd, hardly children.
05/04/2019 21:22 — Anonymous
Nice thing to believe. Please explain to the Japanese that they must label all their anime based on western age rating guidelines.
Japan does not rate their broadcast anime based on age.
Simply believing that the japanese agree with western age ratings placed on anime sold or broadcast in western countries is a bit silly.
05/04/2019 21:38 — Anonymous
It has nothing to do with rating guidelines, it has to do with profit.
Most anime these days are made for people with the spending money and children's parents are less likely to buy an expensive JP disc while upper teens and adults have the disposable cash to buy them if they actually like the show.
Look at yuri and yaoi, heck Boku no Pico. Even shows like HS Dxd and the genre are not made for little kids, they are made for the upper teen/adult crowd.
This show is more like My Little Pony of the toon world.
05/04/2019 21:52 — Anonymous
Japanese anime is based on the Japanese market. If they were making serious money here sites like this would be crushed and they would not be giving away rights for fractions of a cent to places like crunchy.
You are lost in the weeds of your tiny world view.
05/04/2019 22:15 — Anonymous
You still don't get it, even in Japan the little kids don't have the money.
The producers of the shows have to make money and if they made purely children aimed shows they would go out of business pretty quick.
This has nothing to do with the western market even though they depend on the licensing fees to help the bottom line.

Anyway, some day when you get to wear the big boy pants you'll be able to figure it out.
05/04/2019 22:34 — Anonymous
I understand your logic. No adults buy Sesame Street items for their children. Children have no money. That is why the show is a huge failure and was cancelled after the first season.
05/04/2019 23:18 — Anonymous
Many of anime and shows aimed for children are shown in TV and it's the same for all countries and absolute majority of children watch their anime and animation via TV networks like TBS or Nickelodeon and not through BD and DVD.
05/04/2019 21:21 — Anonymous
Your worldview and mentality is too fucked up to try to reason with you and make you see things as they are not the way you simpleton want to see, and also I don't have much time to waste on an idiot like you.
05/04/2019 21:30 — Anonymous
I know, you are a big boy. You do not watch shows for children. You must call people names who accuse you of that. Keep telling all your adult friends about the anime you watched last night and how great it was. They will not think you are strange or immature.
05/04/2019 22:08 — Anonymous
Well, that's your fuckin culture and it sucks to be you -_-
In my country, not even %5 of tens of millions of people who live here, see anime as a bad thing for adults or anime watchers and lovers as pedos. And watching anime is one of the healthiest hobbies and things to do here.
It seems, fortunately, your corrupt Western culture hasn't reached here yet. Thanks god!
06/04/2019 09:58 — Anonymous
Western culture, perhaps better described as 'Abrahamic culture', is fucking toxic, and that is from someone who was born and raised in it.

Finding Japanese culture feels almost like salvation to me, and to be honest, I find it bizarre that there are a lot of squares and normies into anime. A quick browse of MAL forum shows a tone of toxic westerners that only got into anime because of friends or because its now cool or something. They would be just as happy watching repugnant TV or Hollywood. If it wasn't for anime I would be at a loss for entertainments.
06/04/2019 10:06 — Anonymous
Abrahamic culture is a much better description. Western culture sounds like its only whites that are toxic, which is far from the case.
06/04/2019 14:10 — Anonymous
In Japan Lolis are mainly seen as cute and ridiculously funny comical characters, often with rather eccentric personalities. Noone in Japan finds them sexually attractive. That is purely Westerners projecting their own toxicity.
06/04/2019 14:28 — Anonymous
Sure, you speak for every Japanese person, got it.
06/04/2019 15:02 — Anonymous
Not for everyone but for majority of them. Fortunately not everybody sees the world as you do.
06/04/2019 15:17 — Anonymous
And fortunately not everyone sees the world as you do.
06/04/2019 16:29 — Anonymous
Strangely, "loli" comes from "Lolita", a movie based on a book written by a Russian author living in the US or Britain around 1960.  It was somewhat about the tension of a middle-aged teacher feeling inappropriately attracted to a girl much younger than himself, as I recall.  Make of that what you will.
05/04/2019 23:33 — Anonymous
Effective trolling anon. Good job.
06/04/2019 00:42 — Anonymous
Back to the original comment. These are not legit subs. Wait for the good ones and skip this b.s.
06/04/2019 16:55 — Anonymous
All the poor weebs that have bought into the Japan is great, the west sucks line of thought while calling westerners "Toxic".

Japan, a country where its population is in rapid decline.
Japan, a country that makes a lot of homosexual themed anime that basically tells kids to go out and get down with a member of the same sex because it's cute (that really helps population growth).

Japan, a country that rates women as 2nd class, where they are encouraged not to speak out about sexual assault and rape.
When they do make the claim it's usually swepted under the table and if charges actually make it to court the offender is either found not guilty or gets a suspended sentence.
Most major cities have separate carriages/train cars for "women only" because of all the gropers that don't care about a female's age.
Japan, a country that boasts the lowest homicide rates in the world but don't tell you that police won't investigate unless there is a clear suspect. They call unnatural deaths suicide without even performing an autopsy, ever wonder why they have one of the highest suicide rates in the world?

Japan with a very strict immigration policy while western countries are condemned for not having open borders. I can't blame them on that, look at what happened and is happening in Europe and the USA.
The immigration policy is about the only thing that is truly great about Japan other than some anime shows. Other than that it's just another country.
06/04/2019 18:30 — Anonymous
Idiot, it's been many years since the last time Japan was among top 5 countries with highest rate of suicides.
06/04/2019 17:07 — Anonymous
Lovely that you are a Racist who, among other groups, also hates Japan. Odd that you are here at a place that celebrates a product that represents their culture. The fact that you are here indicates that you worship the culture you claim to hate. This is a great place for you to post. Fake subs for a fake human. It's so nice for you to believe that being this full of shit makes you intellectually superior.
06/04/2019 17:39 — Anonymous
Dude, you need to learn to comprehend better. There is nothing at all racist in what that anon said. I even double-checked and Japanese is not a race just like Muslims are not a race. Being here where one can download anime does not mean they worship the culture, that's like saying if you like the movie "The Godfather" that you worship Italy. I also didn't see where he/she said they hated the Japanese. All I see is a rebuttal to the anon that said westerners are toxic and that Japan isn't the Utopia that the weeaboos make it out to be by stating what appear to be facts after I quickly did some web searching.
They must have hit a nerve with you on that, I guess you're a die hard weeaboo.
06/04/2019 18:02 — Anonymous
'I found some stuff on the net that agrees with his hate.' Nice defense of a racist.
p.s. Try telling Japan they are not Japanese. What kind of logic is that?
06/04/2019 18:08 — Anonymous
One last time: Japanese is not a race, of course the Japanese are Japanese just like the Germans are German, The French are French, the British are British etc and none of those are a race it's a nationality. You, by call them a racist doesn't mean they are.
06/04/2019 18:22 — Anonymous
Comparing a race of people to a religion is a bit silly. No brains + no logic + no facts = racist propaganda.
06/04/2019 18:14 — Anonymous
Just because all asians look alike to you does not mean the Japanese, the Chinese, the Koreans ... etc. can not tell the difference. Typical racist superiority complex. All asians, blacks, latinos ... are the same.
We are all human. Culture makes us strong and helps countries survive. Japanese culture survived 2 A-Bombs. I would say it's got something worth celebrating.
06/04/2019 18:16 — Anonymous
Japanese culture and society is much better of Western one in many aspects and overall.
The list of bad things that US (as the leader of Western countries) is in top spot is just too long to mention.
For example US has the highest number of serial killers in the world.
06/04/2019 18:39 — Anonymous
Stalin killed 10 million people  -that counts as 1 serial killer?  Russia must have been great place to live back then, I guess you would say.
06/04/2019 18:49 — Anonymous
Stalin died more than 70 years ago but American serial killers have been active in the past 50 years. Not to remind you that Stalin, Hitler and Russia are all from West!

Also not to mention the number of people killed in mass shootings in US and the number of civilians that have been killed by US military forces all over the world specially in the Middle East.
06/04/2019 19:05 — Anonymous
So you hate America. That's nice. Reeducation camps still exist in China. How do you get there? For not being politically correct. How do they find out? With the help of western big tech companies added to the traditional whispering in the right government ear about anyone you don't like. How do they get out? Death, bribes, or old age.

The state as the serial killer means there are no serial killers.
06/04/2019 19:14 — Anonymous
By making the discussion political, you're escaping the reality. I'm not talking about political systems that are quite different from culture and society of a country.
I'm not talking about capitalism or communism and which is better. I'm talking about cultures and people of different countries. There are a very little number of serial killers (if any) in Japan, SK, China and many other parts of the world while there are a considerable number (highest in the world) in US.
06/04/2019 19:37 — Anonymous
If you tell the government a neighbor, coworker, or stranger is not politically correct knowing he will be killed, and do it repeatedly, you are a serial killer.

Clinging to a simplistic definition of a serial killer, does not brig back the millions killed or bring any comfort to their relatives.
06/04/2019 18:46 — Anonymous
Just like Russia and Germany, China killed millions for not being politically correct. Now they are the major producer of pollution on the planet. Wonderful government to help support by worshiping the i-phone.

In these countries simply whispering in the right ear killed millions. How easy it is to be a serial killer in a politically correct socialist society.
06/04/2019 19:04 — Anonymous
Western countries (specially Britain, France, Spain and Portugal and even Belgium) exploited and plundered Africa, North America, South America, Asia and Australia for 100s of years. They slaved millions of Africans. They've stolen 100s of billions of dollars worth of resources from all around the world. 90% of people were dead after just one year since Europeans (specially Spanish) put their foot on the continent and ...
06/04/2019 19:06 — Anonymous
90% of South American people were dead after just one year since Europeans (specially Spanish) put their foot on the continent and ...
06/04/2019 19:30 — Anonymous
The forces of providing the modern world of agriculture, technology and medicine to the world are all horrible people? Just like the Egyptians, Mayans, Greeks, and Romans? Millions of people in those countries lived longer healthier lives with fewer of their fellow countrymen dying due to what was brought by these invaders.
Slavery is bad.
Slavery existed in Africa long before people from other continents visited there and exists there today. Raiding, capturing, and selling their fellow Africans for beads and knives was just a way to make more profit from something they had been doing for centuries.

Judging history while sitting in a nice climate controlled room, surrounded by an abundance of wealth that even kings a hundred years ago could not possess, while having huge amounts of time to simply play games and spout off on the net is a product of all the things you hate.
06/04/2019 18:30 — Anonymous
Back on topic: These are fake/joke subs. I recommend you wait for legit subs.
06/04/2019 21:10 — Anonymous
Gotta love the logic of the mental giant that said that being here on an anime site means that you must love the Japanese culture.
I visit sites that offer Hollywood movies also, does that mean I have to love the American culture too? If so that must chaff the ass of the one who said that westerners are toxic.
Anime, cartoons and live action shows/movies are just a form of entertainment and doesn't mean you love the culture of where they are from.
06/04/2019 21:31 — Anonymous
Stupid is as stupid does Forrest.
'No one here comes to view JAPANESE anime, heavily based on JAPANESE culture, with all the spoken language and songs being JAPANESE.' Keep saying it to yourself over and over and it may become true. NOT.
Trolls are expected, Retarded and Troll are synonyms. Thanks for reminding everyone how intellectually superior you are for coming to this site, watching anime, and hating Japan and it's culture.
06/04/2019 22:06 — Anonymous
Yeah it's a bit of a reach to conclude that anime fans hate Japan and everything Japanese. If you did, it would be difficult to watch, much less enjoy, having so much of Japan shoved down your throat for the entire show. He could be a pervert drooling and grabbing his junk over little girls singing and dancing in this show and still hate Japan. He could be a BDSM freak that only watches things that cause him pain and still hate Japan.

Creepy Joe syndrome vibes coming from this guy?
06/04/2019 21:50 — Anonymous
I'll agree with that, does playing video games mean that you must love Japan, France, Canada or the USA and thier way of life or maybe, just maybe the entertainment they offer? That is if you actually dwell on what country they are from, as you said: it's just entertainment for the masses.
There are plenty of people who detest the USA yet they still watch shows, movies and play video games from there.

To the anon above me, I watch anime but it doesn't mean I hate or love Japan and its culture. You are just claiming that anyone who doesn't bow to the weeb way of thinking is a hater. Hater is an overplayed and often misused word to try to silence people who don't think your way.
06/04/2019 21:33 — Anonymous
Back on topic once again: This is a fake/troll sub. Waiting for a legit version is recommended.
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