[MC] Tokyo Ghoul [BD-1080P] [10BIT] [X265] [AAC] [DUAL-AUDIO]

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Date Submitted19/09/2017 10:35
Series (!)Tokyo Ghoul
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11 comment(s):
L 16/02/2018 16:39 — MeH
Possibilities are endless ...
Tokyo Ghoul (2014) [1080P, BD, 10-bit, X265, AAC, DUAL-AUDIO]:
K = !L6s6r-8lv4MJqO0MEGABbzpjFQ    
31/03/2018 05:28 — Anonymous
so i open the link and paste K = !L6s6r-8lv4MJqO0MEGABbzpjFQ in the password box and enter decrypt. then it says invalid key. am i doing something wrong or the key is really invalid
31/03/2018 05:45 — Anonymous
You have to remove MEGA from the key
31/03/2018 07:25 — Anonymous
thanks for the help.
03/01/2021 16:59 — Anonymous
Invalid key problem i remove mega from the key but still show invalid key problem
03/01/2021 17:26 — Anonymous
Works for me.
03/01/2021 17:27 — Anonymous
Just used it, it was fine.  So what are you doing wrong?

Using only simple text editor to remove mega so no gunk added?

First letter of key is !
Last letter of key is Q

Probably can't interchange upper and lower case letters

No added spaces

Hopefully one of above.
Q 12/10/2018 14:46 — Anonymous
is this the uncensored Blu-ray version and also what type of compression is it loseless or repacked and missing somedata
12/10/2018 16:35 — Anonymous
A censored BD?
12/10/2018 20:58 — Anonymous
no way man is it true so this is just the TV version which doesn't show the blood and gore scenes you saved my life thank you I was going to waste data for nothing
12/10/2018 21:12 — Anonymous
You need to understand well Blu-ray are the uncut version of the anime Wich include every scenes uncensored like blood and gore scenes hentai esc,,, TV and sometimes DVD realizes are cuted and censored Wich is bad because you won't be able to experience the full experience of the anime because everything is censored
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