[LostYears] Fire Force (Enen no Shouboutai) - S01E12 (WEB 1080p Hi10P AAC) [Dual Audio]

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Date Submitted18/10/2019 22:20
SeriesEn'en no Shouboutai - Episode 12 (of 24): Eve of Hostilities in Asakusa
Comment![Fire Force Logo](https://i.imgur.com/d9tlbQY.png "Fire Force Logo")Encode: ScyrousDialogue TL: FunimationDialogue Timing: kBarakaDialogue Editing: CaptainJet, The0x539Lyrics TL: SeiLyrics Editing: The0x539KFX: SolaufeinTS: freeka, Solaufein, The0x539QC: basheer_naimiWe're back! Sadly, it seems the hats are still on hiatus. Maybe next week...
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File Name (Size)[LostYears] Fire Force - S01E12 (WEB 1080p Hi10P AAC) [969B932F].mkv (903.2 MB)
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SubtitlesAll Attachments | Signs/Songs [LostYears] [eng, ASS], Subtitles [LostYears] [jpn, ASS]

13 comment(s):
Q 19/10/2019 17:14 — Anon
Can somebody please provide the ''All Attachments'' file?
19/10/2019 17:30 — Anonymous

Do you really think someone would waste the time and effort when it's so easy.
19/10/2019 21:16 — Anon
I didn't mean it like that, It's just that I already have SCY's encode and only need the attachment files.
And my downloading speed is quite slow, so I thought maybe there is someone who has the file and would be kind enough to upload it somewhere because when I try to download it, it gives me an error message saying ''Query failure''
20/10/2019 06:11 — Anonymous
Why download SCY instead of just waiting for the inevitable LostYears version?
19/10/2019 21:18 — Anonymous
Well, not only you're lazy, you're slow too!
The anon means "All Attachments" file can't be downloaded (surprisingly) due to 'Query failure'.
It doesn't have anything to do with MKVToolNix and time and effort!

Please fix the "All Attachments", admin.
19/10/2019 21:24 — Anon
I second this request, I checked about a minute ago for other files just randomly to see if the problem was only present for this particular file and it seems that whenever I try downloading an Attachment file it gives the same error.
Also, ''Well, not only you're lazy, you're slow too!'' who are you directing this at?
19/10/2019 21:36 — Anonymous
It was a reply to the one who replied to you! The one who posted "https://www.bunkus.org/videotools/mkvtoolnix/".
It's surprising that we replied to the same anon simultaneously. When I was writing my comment, your comment at 21:16 wasn't there!

And it seems the error with "All Attachments" is system-wide and admin should fix this problem.
Please fix the problem with downloading "All Attachments", admin.
19/10/2019 21:43 — Anonymous
Anyway, Thank you.
I thought that there was something on my end.
And I'm sorry for misunderstanding some-part of your comment
20/10/2019 01:48 — admin
Link above should be fixed now.
20/10/2019 08:37 — Anon
Thank you for all your GREAT work.
And Thank you for making all of this possible, and I mean every staff member and every part of this project.
21/10/2019 07:41 — admin
20/10/2019 11:20 — Anon
Sorry to be such a pain, but I think that the problem is not entirely fixed.
Whenever I try to download the Attachment file, I get a Network error
20/10/2019 20:30 — Anon
Just an update.
It's working now, Thanks admin.
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