[LiSA] Sirius the Jaeger - 09 [1080p][8D32EC0A][Soft Subbed].mkv

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Date Submitted08/09/2018 17:03
Series (!)Sirius the Jaeger - Episode 9 (of 12): Father's Shadow
udp://tracker.leechers-paradise.org:6969S: 0L: 0C: 0U: 27d, 12hr, 51min ago
http://anidex.moe:6969/announceS: 0L: 0C: 0U: 33d, 13hr, 36min ago
udp://tracker.coppersurfer.tk:6969Scrape failedU: 26d, 15hr, 20min ago
udp://tracker.opentrackr.org:1337S: 0L: 0C: 0U: 5d, 1hr, 48min ago
http://tracker.anirena.com:80/announceS: 0L: 0C: 64U: 21d, 7hr, 51min ago
udp://public.popcorn-tracker.org:6969/announceScrape failedU: 27d, 12hr, 30min ago
http://nyaa.tracker.wf:7777/announceScrape failedU: 78d, 20hr, 18min ago
File Name (Size)[LiSA] Sirius the Jaeger - 09 [1080p][8D32EC0A][Soft Subbed].mkv (742.4 MB)
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9 comment(s):
08/09/2018 17:06 — Subs for Retards
08/09/2018 20:07 — Anonymous
7Deadlysiner at [SA18HD] up to his old tricks with [LiSA] the 4th new tag used to hide his troll sub version of episode 9.
He hates the anime community and is destroying the enjoyment of this series by overwhelming the staffs of anime streaming sites with his tricks. Dealing with complaints, removals, bans, and replacement for 6 or more troll versions for each episode is difficult for the small staffs at those sites who want to share with you.
If he honestly posted his subs under his [SA18HD] tag, the community could chose to view them or not. At first he attempted that but failing to be told how great he was, soon drifted into increasingly vicious and hateful troll behavior.
09/09/2018 03:28 — Anonymous
damn troll stole the original lisa tag now. f*ck this a**hole
09/09/2018 07:35 — Anonymous
Stealing another legit sub groups tag [LiSA] is obvious troll behavior and typical behavior by [SA18HD].
09/09/2018 07:55 — Anonymous
They faked an account using Astral's name and symbol from Nyaa.
20/09/2018 16:07 — Astral
That's pretty pathetic, was the name similar to mine somehow?
20/09/2018 16:32 — Anonymous
They used your symbol with the circle triangle combo on a purple background and the Astral name by it. Nyaa killed the torrent post, as it does for all his alternate tagged posts with other than the [SA18HD] tag.  Currently only Sirius the Jaeger ep 1 exists here under the [SA18HD] at Nyaa.
You can click on AniDex above then click 7Deadlysiner for a small example of the numerous tags he uses.
21/09/2018 06:28 — Astral
Wow, I'm impressed by his dedication to consistently prove to the world how low somebody can get in life. That being said, I did some googling and found a torrent he posted which was '[ASTRAL] Sirius the Jaeger - 10 (1080p) .mkv'. I wish I could've seen the account he made though. Oh well, I registered an account here just in case he tries to do the same on the site. I can't wait to see the next 'quality release' he inevitably posts in the coming days.
21/09/2018 16:13 — Anonymous
He really went crazy over episode 10. The next 2 are likely to be much worse.
Lucky we have motbob at [MTBB] and [DeadFish] re-releases.
No reason to rush them, quality takes time and most who fansub do it due to altruistic motivations.
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