Hurricane Polymar [English Subs]

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Date Submitted25/05/2020 01:27
Series (!)Hurricane Polymer
Commentok so i saw there was no release of hurricane polymar on nyaa, well any release with seeds that wasnt italian.the problem is that i had to Frankenstein two releases because the rips from the now defunct AnimeSols are not only hardsubed but in dogshit quality quite frankly. the other release by UQ were in somewhat watchable ~360p but the rips from animesols are like ~144-240p. i do not know the statistics of either release but i would normally put them here, and i am solely uploading this torrent so that there is a version of hurricane polymar on nyaa. i really hate taking credit for other peoples work so i will be anonymous on this one. bare in mind i am again only uploading this for the sole reason that an english release needs to be put on nyaa, if someone decides to painstakingly resub polymar in english on higher quality raws, i will happily remove this torrent.also it is not like i can make a better rip from animesols either since they are long defunct
udp:// 1L: 1C: 92U: 12d, 5hr, 21min ago
udp:// failedU: 12d, 19hr, 57min ago
udp:// 2L: 0C: 110U: 12d, 19hr, 21min ago
udp:// 1L: 0C: 84U: 13d, 11hr, 12min ago
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4 comment(s):
31/05/2020 19:10 — Anonymous
There is a BluRay release, For those who are interested.
31/05/2020 20:18 — Anonymous
Most who come here are after DDL, so posting a link to Nyaa is pointless.
31/05/2020 20:33 — Anonymous
Try the link
31/05/2020 21:29 — Anonymous
everything comes from nyaa   Tosho is just a mirror site that nothing can be uploaded to
why do you think there is a nyaa tracker in the first place
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