Hunter.x.Hunter.2011.Volume.4.1080p-Hi10p.BluRay.FLAC2.0.x264-CTR (English Dubbed Dual Audio)

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Date Submitted06/07/2018 05:52
Series (!)Hunter x Hunter (1999)
udp:// 9L: 4C: 31U: 195d, 1hr, 35min ago
udp:// failedU: 457d, 20hr, 36min ago failedU: 280d, 22hr, 35min ago
udp:// 4L: 2C: 9U: 358d, 2hr, 30min ago
udp:// failedU: 24d, 20hr, 59min ago failedU: 8d, 2hr, 7min ago failedU: 1d, 2hr, 2min ago 6L: 1C: 1146U: 326d, 11hr, 40min ago
udp:// 4L: 2C: 156U: 223d, 6hr, 33min ago

19 comment(s):
20/05/2019 07:46 — Anonymous
Can this 1 be fetched please?
21/05/2019 00:29 — Anonymous
no. just wait for complete batch.
21/05/2019 00:35 — Anonymous
21/05/2019 01:58 — Anonymous
lol, complete batch will be like 200GB.

Better to go ahead and do the parts as they come in...
21/05/2019 02:30 — Anonymous
So how are others supposed to get vol1 and 2 from 2016?

I think 1080 is probably beyond the scope of a place like AT for something like this.

21/05/2019 02:47 — Anonymous
CTR has a mega folder for some and a GDrive for others. Look at a latest release for CTR on nyaa for a new website where she posts ddl
21/05/2019 02:50 — Anonymous
Anybody with half a brain and some common sense can easily track those down, they are around in DDL.
But you are right about using a seedbox, I use one all the time.
L 21/05/2019 03:09 — Anonymous
21/05/2019 03:11 — Anonymous
AT would still have to waste same amount of resources either way. And old entires are NEVER processed anymore. So moot point.
L 21/05/2019 13:02 — Anonymous
21/05/2019 15:51 — Anonymous
garbage handbrake mini-encode with pgs subs and missing a signs-only sub-track.
21/05/2019 03:14 — Anonymous
A 3 year project is a joke.  A six year project is a 2X joke.  No one's getting to the end of this railroad.

Torrent author will have kids, pick up Hunter after the kids leave for college, drop it again until the grandkids go to college.

-If torrent author is smart.

Glad if there are ddl for those who want them.
21/05/2019 03:19 — Anonymous
The project is taking this long because only some volumes of the US BD's have been released.
Just take a look at how many years it will be before all the Bleach BD's are released.
21/05/2019 04:06 — Anonymous
In 2022, will we be starting everything all over again in VVC?  Will VLC be the only player left that offers x264?

If we know AT's monthly page hits we should be able to estimate how many of us will be dead or in jail.

What horrible fate befell Aikatsu credit hogs?  Did it involve painful skin boils?

(-Seriously, applaud torrent author, but unworkable situation for a place like AT I think.)
21/05/2019 12:55 — Anonymous
die spam!
21/05/2019 14:41 — Anonymous
What's VVC
21/05/2019 19:45 — Anonymous
VVC - next generation encode, 40% more efficient than HEVC, supposedly.
21/05/2019 20:45 — Anonymous
better than HEVC 12-bit crap.
21/05/2019 12:54 *Anonymous
die spam!
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