Hunter x Hunter 1999 Opening [HDTV][1080P][ArabicDub][English Softsub].mkv

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Date Submitted17/12/2016 09:43
Series (!)Hunter x Hunter (1999)
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File Name (Size)Hunter x Hunter 1999 Opening [HDTV][1080P][ArabicDub][English Softsub].mkv (18.17 MB)
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16 comment(s):
17/12/2016 11:52 — Anonymous
lol imagine, arabicdub kek, it would be like -aloha snackbar! and then boom! boom! lol
17/12/2016 12:58 — Anonymous
17/12/2016 14:40 — Anonymous
you should blame the US, who Created the ISIS & Terrorist Organizations Around The World
by the name of  islam only to find a pretext to occupy arabian countries. Everyone knows that.
17/12/2016 17:03 — Anonymous
Aloha snackbar, my ass. Learn how to respect others religion, you dumb cunt.
17/12/2016 14:49 — Anonymous
How the US Created the Islamic State?
See this
17/12/2016 15:03 — Anonymous
Why should you guys waste your times on morons who repeat what they're fed? Like a monkey, just learning what they are taught. Let them die in their stupidity if they are not willing to take steps to learn the truth.

And here I thought this community was an immune community since we come here to DL anime, and why do we watch anime?

Figure out the rest yourselves.
17/12/2016 15:25 — Anonymous
You're right... Why wouldn't you see any kind of so called "Islamic Movements" before 90s? Goddamn that son of bitch Bush and all the corrupt politicians who only wreck the world and not caring even a little about humanity. Well, they Will all burn in hell eventually, the final win is ours, but still, this situation can't go on forever.

It's people like the first anon, choosing the worst candidates for anything with their stupidity and close-minded behavior that brought us to the current situation. And they filled the Earth.

Hope earth opens up and swallow bad all... Old Testament ventures... Not happening cause we gotta make good happen with our human knowledge now.

Ahhhhh. Now that shit off my chest, let's watch some shit!
17/12/2016 15:35 — Anonymous
America holds New World Order=Modern Invisible Slavery.

Most of the dumb Americans, are slaves and they don't know it. Not only Americans, but many of the people in the world who don't see it and follow suit... Some who learn the ugly truth and are in no position to help the situation, come here to escape that disgusting reality for a moment... Is that want you meant?
17/12/2016 15:52 — Anonymous
Wow... More or less. Didn't think anyone come up with what I had in mind
17/12/2016 15:17 — Anonymous
“The lies are so much bigger than what you know and it’s so much deeper and it’s so much more tragic once you have the truth,” Susan Lindauer Ex-CIA agent
Osama Bin Laden's Death Won't End War On Terror Until Americans Understand The Threat Was Always Americans Themselves
17/12/2016 15:27 — Anonymous
Big words. But true.
17/12/2016 15:29 — Anonymous
Here is the truth from inside of CIA
Arabic kind people, I apologize to you for what happened  :'(
17/12/2016 16:45 *Anonymous

longest samefag in quite a while.  how idiotic.

17/12/2016 20:49 — Anonymous
lol whats up with these alohas snackbar and anime? i guess you could all go back to the shining beacons of civilization that are places run by islam worldwide and you wouldnt be missed, problem solved, righ? :P
17/12/2016 23:54 — John
I don't understand the need to suddenly carry some sort of knee deep controversy that isn't related to anything in this site in the first place.
18/12/2016 06:01 — alpeia2
Well put John, and I totally agree. I blame boredom, loneliness and maybe even drugs for this. And when you look at it that way it begins to make sense. Not about the context that's being said, but why it is.  Because none of it has anything to do with anime. And the fact that this is an Arabic dub shows that all kinds of people from around the world love anime. And I don't see anything wrong with that.
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