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Date Submitted14/04/2019 19:19
SeriesShoumetsu Toshi - Episode 2 (of 12): Sacrifice
Comment#horriblesubs@irc.rizon.net Proudly translated and presented by the HorribleSubs Fansubbing Team. Visit our website for DDL links, schedules, and latest news.
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File Name (Size)[HorribleSubs] Shoumetsu Toshi - 02 [720p].mkv (607.1 MB)
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40 comment(s):
14/04/2019 21:46 — Anonymous
ClickNUpload and OpenLoad are both full of viruses and pop-ups...
14/04/2019 22:22 — MeH
Two of the best file hosting sites out there 👍

So you still haven't heard of uBlock Origin?! 🤔
14/04/2019 22:50 — Anonymous
So you still haven't heard of common sense?! Any site that has six pop-ups and three virus notifications jut from opening the page isn't what I'd call a good site... Free has no pop-ups EVER, and FilesCDN rarely has anything. I don't really use other sites since those two work well for me.
14/04/2019 22:57 — MeH
Besides uBlock Origin, It seems you still haven't heard of common sense 🤨
Common sense says use an ad-blocker (which the best one of them is uBlock Origin) 😀
14/04/2019 23:56 — Anonymous
Common sense is that ad blockers can't block everything, there's new crap popping up all the time. So why use a site that requires them just to get the page open. I've never said that I've never heard of it or that I'm not using uBlock (I AM), just that I have other preferred websites to download from. I still got a whole bunch of shit popping up on those sites. Don't assume shit just because you want to feel superior at something in your otherwise meaningless life.
15/04/2019 00:06 — Anonymous
Try the DDL from Horrible's website or God forbid use torrents like I do.
15/04/2019 09:50 — Anonymous
Cut the crap and just install uBlock Origin (not uBlock) instead of filling comment space here with your nonsense.
15/04/2019 15:53 — Anonymous
stop crying and use a download manager.
14/04/2019 22:29 — Anonymous
I use OpenLoad for about 1/3 of my downloads from here. I have good anti-crapware and rarely see anything odd unless some of it needs updating. Rarely use ClickNUpload, but have never noticed a problem there. You will have better luck with more blocking software and avoiding sites that demand you turn it off than the standard security software supplied with your OS and browser. Generally the less security you utilize the more spyware, crapware, and harmful viruses will end up on your PC.
I have noticed that many sites I have no problem with, are a completely different experience when viewed thru others normally protected PCs.
15/04/2019 00:46 — Anonymous
For those of you having problems with pop-ups and such, the solution is to use a download manager.  Your browser never opens the page, hence nothing unwanted is sent at you.  I right-click the file I want, the download manager gets the file.  Done.  No pop-ups or viruses, no crucial security updates.
15/04/2019 01:06 — Anonymous
And it takes 3 mouse clicks to download a whole folder of files.
27/04/2019 00:52 — Anonymous
...the solution is to use a download manager.  Your browser never opens the page...

Please teach me your ways. (Seriously).

I'm using Internet Download Manager for years, but it can NEVER just grab the files from links like the ones from Openload or ClickNUpload above without going to those pages.

Even right-clicking (with the integrated IDM option) only gets the webpage from the download site. Which forces me to go on those pages so IDM can detect a download. :\

What am I doing wrong? Can IDM just not do what you're describing?
27/04/2019 01:02 — Anonymous
What you're looking for is JDownloader2.  Copy single links or a page from AT, paste into JD2.  Select ddl-service(s) you want to use, press Start.  

Free, btw.

27/04/2019 01:13 — Anonymous
As to what you can do with IDM...I just can't remember it's been so long.  But I don't believe it can do what I just described.

The maybe downside of JD2 is it requires Java.  Some people used to worry about Java as a security risk.  I don't think people worry about it much anymore but be sure you have Java set up for auto-updates to keep it current.
28/04/2019 00:37 — Anonymous
Thanks for the head's up about Java. But right now after looking at Jdownloader's privacy page, it's not JD itself I'm wary of but the detailed info collected by JD's installer - (especially IronSource, based in Israel):

"We identify your device based on a unique user ID we generate, and your device’s GUID...
General technical information about your device: hard drive space, size of system memory, CPU, video hardware, registry keys, list of running processes, browser types, browser extensions, installation date, changes made in your system, time zone, operating system... default search providers, browser language, operating system language..."

First, sending a list of running processes alone IS identifiable when someone uses [their name/partial name] as their Windows user profile. Second, the rest of the info gathered by the installer is big-time overkill. :\
28/04/2019 04:13 — Anonymous
Sorry, I had completely forgotten about that issue.  Here's what I remember of its history: When I got my JD there were two installers available but you had to find the right one to avoid ads and the privacy issues you mention.  There were hints in the JD forums about the two installers and what to do to find the good one, but I don't recall specifics.  I think the intrusive installer was created in an attempt to pay to keep the program/site up to date in the future.  This prog needs to be updated when ddl-services change their procedures.  In the end, JD settled on a single installer with some personal info and minimal ads for ddl-services.  That's how I recall the story.  Since I installed, I've gotten only auto-updates from JD2 with no new EULAs.  So maybe I'm not being monitored, or maybe EULAs don't mean much.  If someone had bad intentions I don't know why they would give out honest EULAs anyways, instead of disappearing when caught.  But it's not an issue I've been watching.

The EULA I dislike the most so far is my new Hewlett-Packard printer - 'Let us track your browsing and social media or you can't use our print drivers'  Is that how things are now...
28/04/2019 04:39 — Anonymous
On the other hand, if someone is using a free 'cracked' IDM there's no CRC authentication possible and you don't know for sure what all you're running, as you know.

28/04/2019 18:04 — Anonymous
"if someone is using a free 'cracked' IDM..."
Yeah, but paid-for IDM is no better. :\ I know because years ago I bought 2 IDM keys. One was for a buddy overseas.

So when I had a registration issue, guess what IDM support asked? "May I ask why one copy is being used in [X Country] and yours is being used in [Y Country]?"

Even if you pay you can't win. :\
28/04/2019 20:20 — Anonymous
Stupid reason to rate IDM low
28/04/2019 21:36 — Anonymous
"Stupid"? What's "stupid" is being salty about the truth, and referring to honest discussions about software as a "rate".

I didn't rate IDM. I stated as a paying customer that Tonec (the company that owns IDM) absolutely tracks you even if you pay.

Yeah, I get the whole "you're the product if it's free" business model, but why should our info STILL be sold even if we paid? Tonec, IDM's company, doesn't even tell you anywhere on their site or privacy policies that they track paying customers' installations et cetera.

Anyway, shills gonna shill.
29/04/2019 00:36 — Anonymous
lol, you don't know how product activations work. One of the key is authenticating with IDM server from your location and other key is authenticating from another geographic location. Maybe keys were meant for only one geographic location. Maybe they are trying to confirm that you are fully aware that your other key is not stolen/hacked. It's not tracking, they know about these two locations because the software is connecting to their server from those different ip's. There can be any of the various reasons. Telling them the truth wouldn't have harmed you in any way, it would have helped them better understand your situation and help accordingly.
29/04/2019 20:06 — Anonymous
"Telling them the truth wouldn't have harmed you in any way"

Never said I didn't tell them truth. Of course I explained (after being asked) why I BOUGHT two separate keys. There was no reason not to.

Btw, I'm aware of how activations work. I'm sure you also know it's possible to create software that needs a key but doesn't need online activation. The point I made about IDM tracking users still stands.

Still, I have to admit you have a good point I never thought of before (keys meant for different geographic locations / possible hacks). So thanks for sharing that, and giving me a different perspective. :)
30/04/2019 13:28 — admin
Actually, that doesn't sound too unreasonable. If you have to support customers, you'll find that this sort of logging is invaluable for diagnosing issues.
What does sound unusual is their suspicion of your using 2 different keys in different countries. I wouldn't expect them to engage in regional pricing, so where you use them shouldn't be much of their concern. On the other hand, if you shared the same key (accidentally or otherwise), I can see why it may raise suspicion.

I do get the concern over what information they may be collecting about you though, just pointing out that logging activation attempts seems normal and, by itself, shouldn't be considered suspicious.
One benefit of cracked software is that you don't have to deal with any of this or any DRM procedure. The flip side is that you don't necessarily know what the cracker may have added.
30/04/2019 22:36 — Anonymous
"...this sort of logging is invaluable for diagnosing issues."
I can understand this angle of consideration... but they already get your full name, address & billing info when you buy it. All that info is attached to the key they email you. Then when you email support you have to put in your order ID# which is also tied to all your info.

"...if you shared the same key (accidentally or otherwise)..."
It's funny because my AV turned out to be the issue. But the fact they knew I'd bought 2 keys should've been enough. FTR I used my key on my one and only machine, and never shared it.

"...logging activation attempts seems normal..."
Yeah, I'm finally resigned to that because it's a ubiquitous practice now. It's almost impossible to avoid.

"One benefit of cracked software [... ] The flip side is that you don't necessarily know..."
Well, I wish I could use the cracks to keep IDM from nagging me to update, haha! I've done the registry-editing tips, hosts file blocking etc and IDM still nags me.
01/05/2019 17:50 — Anonymous
I'm not sure you've done reg editing and host blocking correctly, because I've done that and there is no update notification.
01/05/2019 19:58 — Anonymous
To 17:50 - Just curious, did you buy it as well? I'm thinking maybe the reg/hosts file tips don't work for me because my idman exe setup is from the company(?)

(All the video tutorials are missing a certain registry string that's present in mine, and none of the screenshots in written guides have it either. That's why I'm wondering if the tips only work for cracked versions).
01/05/2019 21:39 — Anonymous
Have you changed LstCheck key's value?
01/05/2019 23:22 — Anonymous
To 21:39 - Yeah, that was the very next thing I did after noticing it was missing in the tutorials I saw.

Btw I'm adding timestamps bc my replies can only be written to the comment above this chain. There's probably a limit to the depth of replies or summat.
01/05/2019 23:55 — Anonymous
Depth check.
28/04/2019 18:02 — Anonymous
Thanks a lot for that detailed background about JD. Honestly I never cared about *seeing* ads; I just dislike the behavior-tracking/data mining that ads have become. It used to be some random banner for stuff you never used or searched for. :p

"Hewlett-Packard printer..."
Wait, so you actually can't print without letting them track you now? wtf is that.
28/04/2019 00:35 — Anonymous
Really appreciate you taking the time to respond. Thank you. :)
15/04/2019 00:47 — zmil
noob kid, dont know how to use adblock huh, just install adblock, uBlock Origin, uBlock Adblocker Plus, & Nano Defender. Should be able to download no problem after that without pop ups and virus.
15/04/2019 01:01 — Anonymous
Oh, I have adblock, but I view it as intended just to block ads as a convenience rather than as a solid defense against malicious attacks.  For malicious I use Norton and love it.
15/04/2019 09:55 — Anonymous
AdBlock and ABP aren't as effective as uBlock Origin. And unlike uBlock Origin, they use a lot of RAM.
15/04/2019 14:08 — Anonymous
I've been using OpenLoad for more than 3 years without a single problem. %70 of my downloads are from OL and nothing. No virus, no spyware.
God bless OL.
15/04/2019 15:53 — Anonymous
stop crying and use a download manager
15/04/2019 16:13 — Anonymous
Unless your defensive software has actually prevented you from landing on some websites you have probably been subject to malicious toolkit attacks.  They require no actions on your part except to visit the site.  They then exploit any vulnerabilities in your system, like thru Java, Flash, browser, etc.  I don't have confidence an ad blocker would do anything about these attacks, and I don't have confidence an anti-virus program would be able to find them or undo the damage.

This warning is for new users, not these weirdly hostile ones.
15/04/2019 21:28 — MeH
"I don't have confidence an ad blocker would do anything about these attacks"

That's because you just don't have the related knowledge. And that's not a problem. You can learn about cybersecurity like other subjects you've learned about.
If you read about malvertising and the way uBlock Origin works, you will know how great and effective this small plugin is 👍
uBO is not an ad blocker; it's a general-purpose blocker. It doesn't filter only ads, it blocks much more than that. See this photo to gain a better idea of what uBO is capable of. It's quite similar to what an OS Hosts file or a firewall does.
28/04/2019 21:52 — Anonymous
It seems many of you miss the point concerning security. It's not the stuff that pops up and can be blocked, it's about the stealth crap collected and sold with the permission you had no idea you have given. Like apps, browsers, OS, places you do business with on line, every site you join, and most you visit.
It's so prevalent that setting most browsers, OS, and security software to max security makes the net un-useable without white listing everywhere you visit and this still supplies a larger amount of info on you than most would be comfortable with.
28/04/2019 23:33 — Anonymous
Yes, 1000x's. Thanks for this.
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