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Date Submitted10/01/2017 18:05
SeriesHand Shakers - Episode 1 (of 12): Conductor to Contact
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16 comment(s):
10/01/2017 22:18 — Anonymous
This anime is pretty damn cool, with its constantly moving animation, and everything seemed really vibrant. Disregarding the fact that it is stupid to fully thinking that the overall plot would be fleshed out in just one episode, the boob bouncing is really mild and only happened on one character, though it's definitely to kept the studio's tradition for making fanservice for both man and female. It's pretty annoying to see the overall negative reception to this anime so far. It couldn't possibly be the worst animated and worse first episode of this season, not at fucking all.
10/01/2017 22:40 — Anonymous
Oh but it is, it definitely is. My eyes are still screaming from the pain and my ears keep echoing those repetitive and mind-numbingly boring lines over and over again.

Probably the worst first episode of any anime I've seen and I can go back over 20 years.

10/01/2017 23:03 — Anonymous
You can keep that bullshit on Reddit.
11/01/2017 01:05 — Anonymous
So, you've claim to watch anime for 20 years and still acted like a bratty kid? "Yeah, this anime is shit, everyone should think that too, woohooo woohoo"..Most anime fans of today is so spoiled rotten that everything should be spick and span on the first episode. That's the reason why Occultic Nine never have the chance to make a name despite the overall clarity of later episodes.
11/01/2017 09:12 — alpeia2
"Most anime fans of today is so spoiled rotten that everything should be spick and span on the first episode."

Yes for good reason, that is what the industry is doing. Every Producer & Director knows that they have to do a great job on the first episode to hook in their audience (not that it's always done right due to different reasons). Everyone is used to that now so it is expected.

The following is just my opinion and nothing more.

This show seems to be trying visually to set the bar higher and be cutting edge, however for me it's not working as it should since the animated characters are not matching with the real world images  (lighting, shadows, etc.) Even though it might look nice your brain will feel there is something wrong with it. Also for me there is to many mismatching shots in a sequence with lighting and shadows. They did a poor job with the 3D chains and the collisions with the real world BG. With all the camera moves to me it seems they're just trying to show off what they can do even though in reality they're most likely using it as a hook. As far as the story and the characters it's to early to tell. I like to give everything a chance before making a final decision.
11/01/2017 10:02 — Anonymous
They tried really hard to be Shaft, but they fucked up real hard
11/01/2017 11:06 — Anonymous
Funny someone should mention Shaft, I was imagining what Madoka would have looked like if they'd used the quality  and style (sic) of animation used in Hand Shakers.

Now there's a thought!
11/01/2017 07:35 — Anonymous
"That's the reason why Occultic Nine never have the chance to make a name despite the overall clarity of later episodes."

Occultic Nine was definitely amongst my favourites from last year, the sheer verbosity of the central character was slightly off-putting during the first episodes but was important, pretty unique actually. The plot was convoluted and cleverly constructed. The character designs were very well crafted and overall, the art and camera work was of a high standard.

Yes I thoroughly enjoyed Occultic Nine.

You cannot compare the two in any way, Occultic Nine was leagues above anything Hand Shakers had to offer. Plot, characters, visual style, anything you care to mention. I was looking forward to it and if I'm brave enough I may try the second episode but not with any expectations.
11/01/2017 14:09 — Anonymous
Yeah, of course you can't compare the two, when Hand Shakers just aired yesterday, on its first episode. Guess you're probably remembered the constant trashing that Occultic Nine received, just like this one. Ironically, there's insane bouncy boobs there too, in here too. Well, that moan was out of line but let's see how this new anime flesh out in the long run.
22/01/2017 06:37 — Anonymous
Is anyone else getting a non synched audio problem? some scenes, it's early; others, it's late.
22/01/2017 15:07 — BetaMAX
#Even a Pawn can take down a King#
I didn't actually play the file, but it's very likely, that the video frame rate, reported by container (29.970), does not fit the original frame rate of the video stream (typically 23.976). If so, this error would definitely cause sync problems.
22/01/2017 17:42 — alpeia2
If what you state is correct then wouldn't the audio drift be in one direction and not two?
22/01/2017 18:52 — BetaMAX
#Even a Pawn can take down a King#
Because of your question I checked the file. The video stream has 42559 frames and lasts 1420 seconds. So we have 29,97 fps and nothing seems wrong (ever if fps is uncommon). Container info fits the stream.
If wrong in the mentioned way, the audio would stay behind. But there are time stamps and other hints, which help the player to detect missing sync. Re-sync is typically enabled by default and the result depends on the implementation. So the results may differ.
(For example --video-sync option in mpv has eight modes to choose from.)
22/01/2017 20:58 — alpeia2
Thanks, that makes more sense to me now. 29.97 fps was the broadcast standard for NTSC video and 480i, 720i & 1080i. Everything seems to be progressive now so interlaced is not used much anymore making 29.97 less common.
22/01/2017 17:29 — alpeia2
I've watched this release and have no audio drifting problems. Sometimes the lipsyncing isn't perfect, but that has nothing to do with the file.
L 29/08/2017 10:20 *MeH
Possibilities are endless ...
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