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Date Submitted26/05/2019 16:48
SeriesFairy Gone - Episode 8 (of 12): Pipe Blowing in Stage Wing
Comment#horriblesubs@irc.rizon.net Proudly translated and presented by the HorribleSubs Fansubbing Team. Visit our website for DDL links, schedules, and latest news.
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File Name (Size)[HorribleSubs] Fairy Gone - 08 [720p].mkv (601.7 MB)
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26 comment(s):
26/05/2019 21:19 — Anonymous
Just caught up by watching 1-7 last night. Can't believe I miscued this show into the watch later category. Marlya is someone who seems to be leading us to a surprise.
26/05/2019 21:26 — Gurphy_TC
Moderator    Invisible Avatar - Patent Pending
One of the problems of blogging here is that some may not want any information about where things might be heading.  Many here do the 'watch later' thing as you do.
26/05/2019 23:18 — Anonymous
some may not want any information -
This. Spoilers aren't only overt, they can even be references about what to expect. Let us be surprised for ourselves.
26/05/2019 23:31 — Gurphy_TC
Moderator    Invisible Avatar - Patent Pending
The point was made.  No harm meant, friends again.

It reminded me of another reason AT can't be an anime blog, and I appreciated the reminder.
27/05/2019 19:48 — Anonymous
Yes, I know the point was made. I made my point, too! :)
My point was to support yours, and was also indirect feedback to an earlier comment about the 1st one being 'generic'.

*Friends again!* :D
26/05/2019 21:30 — Anonymous
Not a spoiler and not meant as one. Just a generic comment.
26/05/2019 21:33 — Santa_Claus
I get that, but would you have wanted to read such a comment before you watched 1 - 7?  It points a finger at a character before even starting the series, doesn't it?
26/05/2019 21:45 — Anonymous
I watched the trailer, read AniDB, and of course there is the opening theme. That characters in a magic fantasy themed show might surprise viewers does not seem to be a spoiler. I often skip open and ending themes for the first couple of shows in a new series just because they often act as spoilers. So I understand your point and purposely avoided giving away the bank.
26/05/2019 21:47 — Anonymous
Who is Marlya?
27/05/2019 00:05 — Anonymous
Just scroll up to Series(!) and click 'Fairy Gone' for helpful links provided by AnimeTosho for an answer to your question.
27/05/2019 01:51 — Anonymous
Spoiler Alert:
You may want to avoid the hot link AnimeTosho provides to Wiki (en)
Fans update, within a few days of each episode release in Japan, with 200 to 250 word descriptions of each episode.
27/05/2019 02:29 — Anonymous
that is useful info, thx.
27/05/2019 06:14 — Anonymous
Does wiki do that for all currently airing anime? Or does it vary based on fan contributions. As in only for popular anime?
29/05/2019 11:40 — admin
Wikipedia's goal is to provide knowledge. Plot points and such are key bits of information about a story. Censoring them out, in the aim of avoiding spoilers, would actually be against its aim.
27/05/2019 01:48 — alpeia2

She is one of the main characters in the story (you find that out in episode 1). So of course by default she is going to lead us somewhere, else what kind of story would it be?

Keep watching anime & share the love!
27/05/2019 02:30 — Anonymous
no thanks, jerk. stay out of comments.
27/05/2019 05:38 *alpeia2

27/05/2019 02:46 — Anonymous
Not gonna ignore the obvious. It's a good anime and I see no spoilers posted in this thread. Unless you view entertainment as something that should only be viewed completely cold with no idea what you are about to see, how can you decide weather to watch something or not?
Still if you view knowing the name of a character in an anime as a spoiler I have no problem with your opinion.
27/05/2019 02:54 — Anonymous
I do view seasons cold from my drive with no research because anime transcends categories therefore I trust no reviews.  And I see no purpose of any kind that is served by someone posting names out of a show, unless they need to show us how much they know or something weird like that.

So thanks.
27/05/2019 03:06 — Anonymous
Must be difficult for you. Most anime sites, including this one provide descriptions of series. I find them useful as I don't have the resources or time to save them all nor the time to watch them if I could. I am forced to be selective. I use anime guides for each new season to choose what to save and usually pare it down to a shorter list after viewing the first few episodes.
I wish I had both your resources and time.

Agreeing with this statement from above: "Keep watching anime & share the love!"
27/05/2019 03:21 — Anonymous
AT, being the best, is sensitive to the needs of its users and provides resources for those who want to click to them, not on the viewing page.  You'll note AT even covers over half of the preview pictures to avoid ruining anything.

I do have the resources to save everything.  I make the time to watch them all, partly by not wasting my time in comments like this.

I'd say the difficulties lie with those who think sharing the love means ignoring the needs of others. Sounds like drug residue thinking to me.


OH, BY THE WAY: Did you know "Marlya" means "Killed" in a certain language?  Now ain't that a funny thing.

Try to not let it spoil the remaining shows for you.
27/05/2019 03:46 *thoughts

27/05/2019 05:24 — alpeia2
Normally I don't reply to these things because it's a waste of time. I just want to make my intentions clear, "Sharing the love" mean to respect one another. I don't understand how you arrive at " ignoring the needs of others."  But to each his own. Oh and I don't do drugs, just coffee if you really want to know. Beside that has nothing to do with this. See wasting time.

Also I put *SPOILER ALERT - Maybe* because of the very first post and the way some people reacted, hence Maybe.

I see no value in furthering this conversation, so I'm not going reply anymore so say as you will.

Keep watching anime & share the love!!!
29/05/2019 19:34 — Anonymous
I respect your calm response after being kicked. Keep watching and share the love is a wonderful thought. Thanks.
27/05/2019 22:00 — Anonymous
27/05/2019 06:50 — Anonymous
Not sure what the fuss is about but it got me interested in the show. Just watched #1 at a streaming site. Happy I did. Looks like its gonna be a great show. Hope to get a batch release here in the future.
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