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Date Submitted14/09/2019 11:32
SeriesMeitantei Conan - Episode 954: The Unsolved Cocktail Case (Part 3)
Comment#horriblesubs@irc.rizon.net Proudly translated and presented by the HorribleSubs Fansubbing Team. Visit our website for DDL links, schedules, and latest news.
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22 comment(s):
15/09/2019 02:10 — Anonymous
okay so what's up with these bloated releases from HS recently? i tried asking on their discord multiple times and no one responded.
15/09/2019 02:17 — Anonymous
Blame crunchyroll. HS simply ripped them.
15/09/2019 08:01 — Anonymous
Not bloated. Crunchyroll just finally figured out they had one of the shittiest quality streams and decided to upgrade.
15/09/2019 09:17 — Anonymous
People who want 480p don't want this.
15/09/2019 09:45 — BetaMAX
#Even a Pawn can take down a King#
The related reddit post was already noted here. This are the details:
Quality isn't CR's only concern. It's also a change to overcome mp4-container's weakness by changing H.264 encoding. I consider this ridiculous.
As said above, there's hardly any other suitable recipient of your complainant than CR itself. Should be possible to contact support with a free CR account. Just in case, this is really an important matter for you.
15/09/2019 17:45 — Anonymous
They finally fixed the issue with their subtitles ALWAYS being incorrectly timed to the video.
15/09/2019 17:45 — Anonymous
It's 2019, no one should realistically need or want 480p unless they're living under a rock watching anime on a potato.
15/09/2019 20:25 — Anonymous
Torrent users are more tech sophisticated than you kids that hang out at ddl sites like AT, and on average there are near 1000 torrent downloads of the 480p file each week from Nyaa.  Ask your mum about it after your nap time when you're less cranky.
15/09/2019 23:13 — Anonymous
Those who download and watch videos at 420p are probably still running windows XP. At least make the effort for 720p and get a little closer to the 21st century.
16/09/2019 11:04 — Anonymous
Why do you care what resolution they download? Maybe they're gonna delete the file later, maybe they have slow internet speed. Either way, I don't see how it's any concern of yours.
16/09/2019 12:28 — Anonymous
i don't mind 480p still been use, at least they never forced you to download it. so ur complain is 100% is rejected. low resolution is for people that dont have high  data quota bandwitdh. also usefull for small device like smartphone and so on.........

PS: please dont discriminated other people just because u have better bandwitdh.
18/09/2019 09:49 — Anonymous (OP ONE)
Yeah so i kinda have limited bandwidth (about 10GB per month) and a 13 year old windows 7 laptop.

for you ignorant people in the comments that want to roast me, keep this in mind. i have the misfortune of living in a 3rd world country, being unemployed in a country with 70% unemployment rate for people in my age group in a country that's currently in junk status. the economy is also going to shit and until last year we were in debt to the tune of about $100 billion.

so the chances of getting a job is trash, leaving the country is next to impossible and if i ever get a job, getting uncapped internet and a new laptop would be the last things on my mind.

so next time before you talk, oh nevermind just shut the fuck up.
18/09/2019 11:49 — Anonymous
cool story bro
18/09/2019 14:45 — Anonymous
You probably know there are anime sites that do their own mini-encodes of current shows.  Here's a ref, if you're interested:


I think they are legit and well-known, but I've never used them.  Look for their FAQ under Help for info.

Best wishes for you and your country.
19/09/2019 05:54 — Anonymous [OP]
Thank you. i did used to use them, but the ease of downloading from a site like AT is what made me switch from mini 720p encodes to regular 480p ones because they were of a similar size anyways. as someone who started watching animw in 240p 3gp quality, i don't care much about it being as high a quality as possible so yeah.
18/09/2019 23:16 — Anon
Then what u need is Animeout.xyz or AnimeKaizoku.com.
And there is no way that someone can have " a 13 year old windows 7 laptop", u little brat ;)
19/09/2019 00:49 — Anonymous
Yeah no one would ever use free upgrade from windows XP or Vista to 7.

Silly Wabbit
15/09/2019 23:26 — Anonymous
> sophisticated
> chooses 480p

Pick one. topkek.
15/09/2019 23:03 — Anonymous
15/09/2019 23:06 — Anonymous
Bunny girls in a kid anime. Seriously...
15/09/2019 23:11 — Anonymous
It's for teenagers and not kids.
17/09/2019 04:57 — Anonymous
hahaha, I dont think there are any kids even understand whats going on inside the story. so yeah this is not for kid anime.
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