[Hadena] Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!_-_06 [1280x720] [x264 AAC][7AEC781F].mkv

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Date Submitted10/11/2012 11:45
SeriesOnii-chan Dakedo Ai sae Areba Kankei Nai yo ne! - Episode 6 (of 12): Mayochiki
File Name (Size)[Hadena] Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!_-_06 [1280x720] [x264 AAC][7AEC781F].mkv (357.7 MB)
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Subtitles#3: Track 1 [ASS]

28 comment(s):
10/11/2012 12:43 — Anonymous
Great another shit crapdena release. Why even bother posting this shit when it shouldn't even be here.
10/11/2012 14:15 — Anonymous
Hadena, Hiryuu, Doki, Coppola, Horrible and AnimeSubs3503:


In this sample of side by side screen shot comparisons of this show, Hadena's translations appear to be similar to the 4 other fansub versions presented and CR.  So are there any specific examples of Hadena errors or failures in this show that you can reference, or are you complaining about Hadena's past?  There was a time that Hadena produced strange, mechanical-like translations.  Their version of C3 is full of amazing examples of this.  But things changed around the time they did HighSchool DxD and Shining Hearts.  Their translations became similar in form and quality to other fansub versions.  For example, since Shining Hearts was a favorite of mine, I watched every episode of their version of it each week, as well as every episode of Hiryuu's version and every episode so far by WhyNot and rori (both still incomplete).  Hadena's version was similar in quality to these other fansubs, and actually the best and most insightful in certain key scenes, such as Rick talking to the foreign princess or the bar-keep's reason for staying, both in ep8.

So things and people change.  If you don't notice the changes, it's your loss.
10/11/2012 14:23 — Anonymous
Hadena are also a lot faster on average to put out their releases, certainly excuses any quality issues (if there were any).
10/11/2012 22:32 — Anonymous
Have you even seen the comparision, they are way off "silver" instead of "gin"? how fucked up is that shit and in later episodes more trolling such as "These are the production of Hadena trolling" yea real quality subs right there.
10/11/2012 14:52 — Anonymous
why even bother posting stupid comments when you shouldnt even be here..... .=)
10/11/2012 17:33 — Anonymous
hahahahaha....what will you expect...
and you too stupid..why are you here too??dropping by all over again just to comment stupid repeating crap crap crap ..
10/11/2012 17:45 — Anonymous
everybody with half a brain who reads your comment will facepalm himself to death :P

10/11/2012 22:28 — Anonymous
Lol another hadena fanboy trying to make hadena look better than the shit they are. troll harder ass troll.
11/11/2012 00:26 — True
Shit is affirming that shit is shit. Cool story, Pedro, go make me some tacos.
11/11/2012 00:35 *Anonymous
Go masturbate or do something more productive for society. Leave your basement instead of giving us information that we already fucking know. Oh, Hadena sucks? That's cool. Vacuum cleaners suck? Awesome. Doki is great? Nice to know. You have sand in your vagina? Good for you. Want a cookie?

Anyone that gives a damn should evaluate where they're going in their lives. If things come down to you bashing some shit fansubber to make you feel better about yourself, don't breed. It's not like you are anyway while you're typing away in your basement. Cancer like you disappear from the planet thankfully due to natural selection.
11/11/2012 02:15 — Anonymous
Have to agree ,it looks like the same troll who tried to imitate someone the other day in the feedback when they used that name [True].Seems like a braininess moron who can not stand anyone having an opinion that differs from his.Racism,stupidity,and generally acting like a complete asshole shows his maturity level and poor upbringing.
11/11/2012 02:40 — zippyshare.com/k6891sirk
Looks like you're no better. Some people hate other peoples' opinions. You're hating that it's pointing out that this bashing is meaningless.
11/11/2012 03:31 — Really ?
How does the blatant racism ,telling  someone to go make taco's [surely a sign he hates Mexicans]or impersonating someone else make me no better ?.Looks like you are not looking at the details ,the bashing he is doing is meaningless and childish.Read it again,or are you the same person  trying to defend himself while not having a clue what they insinuating or talking about and just looking to argue with people ? .Stop being a hypocrite and learn how to read an objective and fair comment .
11/11/2012 04:00 — Jason Nikota
Once again we get the same crap in here. Wtf is admin doing? This is unacceptable.
11/11/2012 11:16 — Anonymous
read the FAQ and get a clue....
11/11/2012 12:47 — mangatron
Thanks for adding the file here. Yeah, that's right, instead of complaining about a free-to-watch anime, I'm appreciating the fact the file was added to this site :P
11/11/2012 13:58 — Anonymous
Your the only one who appreciates a release from a troll subbing group while the rest of us wait for proper fansubs.
11/11/2012 22:36 — Anonymous
learn some proper grammar while waiting for your proper fansubs
12/11/2012 01:37 — mangatron
Oh that made me laugh XD with bad grammar like that I would have figured you wouldn't mind watching a Hadena sub XDD
L 04/12/2012 11:11 — Anonymous
http://rapidshare.com/files/4215892072/_Hadena_ Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!_-_06 _1280x720_ _x264 AAC__7AEC781F_.mkv
22/01/2021 01:48 — Anonymous
Hi admin,

Someone has used my name maliciously on 11/11/2012 00:35, I am kindly requesting you to delete it.
22/01/2021 02:02 — Anonymous
Thanks for pointing it out. I've screenshot it and will troll you with it from now on. You have let sleeping dogs alone.
22/01/2021 02:05 — Gurphy_TC
Moderator    Invisible Avatar - Patent Pending
I changed a name at that timestamp to Anonymous.  I hope that was what you wanted.
22/01/2021 14:34 — Anonymous
A website that want to get visitors from animetosho.
22/01/2021 20:17 — Anonymous
Thanks a lot Gurphy_TC. I really appreciate it.

To the other anon,
I dont mind screenshots , since the legitimacy is questionable. but that is enough for me a file a complaint to the cyber crime department for doxxing my details without my permission.
22/01/2021 20:28 — Anonymous
I'm not that anon but I think the "cyber crime department" would laugh at you for complaining about that ss.
It has no details and isn't doxxing in any form or matter.
22/01/2021 21:33 — Anon
Picture this if you will, a pirate complaining to the authorities drawing attention to themself. Plus wouldn't they have to admit to posting what is written there? I doubt they would investigate simple trolling.
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