[GM-Team][国漫][大理寺日志][White Cat Legend][2020][08][AVC][GB][1080P][No Logo]

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Date Submitted22/05/2020 06:08
Series (!)Da Li Si Ri Zhi
Comment![][0]**Name:** 大理寺日志 / Da Li Si Ri Zhi / White Cat Legend / The Journal of Dali Temple**Genres:** Action, Mystery, Thriller, Comedy**Episodes:** 12 Episodes**Duration:** 17 min. per ep**Aired:** April 10, 2020- - -Email:guomanteam@gmail.com- - -**This is no logo version, if you like,please seeds,thanks.**- - -【Google Drvie of Team application】Because it's been a long time, many torrents don't have seeds, it's very unfriendly for some people.In order to have a better solution, I got a **Google Drive of Team**, but I'm not sure how long it will last,I uploaded some animes, If you want to download, you can join this.I will try to upload my released animation to Google Drive. That's the same thing.I'm not sure how long this will last. If it doesn't, I'm sorry.You just need to **send a Google email** or **fill out this form**([application][1]), When I receive it, I will deal with it as soon as possible, I will invite you to join the team.- - -【谷歌團隊盤申請】因為時間久了,許多種子沒有速度,這對於一些人來說並不是很友好;為了有一個更好的解決方案,我得到了一個谷歌團隊盤,但我不確定它能使用多久,我上傳了一些動漫,如果你想下載,你可以加入這個。我會儘量上傳我發布的動畫到谷歌團隊盤中。還是那句話,我不確定能使用多久。如果無法使用了,那很抱歉。你只需要發一封谷歌郵件或填寫這張表格([申請表][1]),當我收到它時,我會儘快處理它,我會邀請你加入這個團隊。[0]: https://puep.qpic.cn/coral/Q3auHgzwzM4fgQ41VTF2rLpQXLMSrVLXK5mw5iaANvCicLVRPtdgv5Tg/0.jpg[1]: https://forms.gle/kscJMmoXJ8gyc9cy9
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