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Date Submitted25/04/2012 06:31
Series (!)Jormungand - Episode 3 (of 12): Musica Ex Machina (Phase 1)
Comment98% of quality, 1/2 size. Subs unchanged. | DDL: http://ddlani.me/8tku3t572bkv | http://depositfiles.com/files/acyjurg1e
File Name (Size)[gg_remuxed]_Jormungand_-_03.mkv (323.7 MB)
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5 comment(s):
25/04/2012 22:41 — AmilGaoul
hmmm, so it's 720p ?
the same release from gg, but half size...that's the only different ?

cuz 634.3 MB X_x I mean, com'on, it's not even an ova or something
it's just a 24minutes...!!!

26/04/2012 12:25 — admin

You can read the Menu items there if you wish.
26/04/2012 18:10 — AmilGaoul
domo, ^_^
hey, I didn't mean you, you know
I meant GG by my words...  X_X
am grateful to all of you here...Thx again
26/04/2012 15:18 — Anonymous
Thanks for sharing :D
26/04/2012 20:53 — Anonymous
gg wasn't happy about the size either.  They had problems so had to use a pre-made encode from Zero-Raws instead of creating their own.  Last week gg made a 350MB or so version where another group made an 850MB or so version.

As to the file size issue overall, occasionally there's a title or series where default encode settings still leave a pretty big file, usually due to textures or special effects like an old time film-style with scratches.  Coalgirls had a movie recently where the encode produced a bigger file than the raw.  

It great someone fine-tuned this down a bit.
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