[EncoderAnon & xPearse] Hunter x Hunter 1999 Episodes 01-62 [English] [Dual Audio]

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Date Submitted10/08/2017 18:55
Series (!)Hunter x Hunter (1999)
CommentSince AnimeBytes (muh rules and they also said just "no" when I PM'd them about it) won't allow this due to it being a re-encode even though it shaves off 12gb from the original release at minimal quality loss while also adding the dub, it'll only be available on here. In any case, yeah, I re-encoded EA's release, but there was no point in downloading the DVDs and doing my own since the only problem with EA's release was that it was missing the dub and that it was bloated for an old anime that isn't in the best quality to begin with. Anyhow, you should enjoy this, but if there are any problems with this release such as the dub not 100% sync'd right in an episode, then send me a message or comment here and I'll get right on fixing it. Other than that, do enjoy. See ya![![EncoderAnonxPearseHunterxHunter1999-Episode60EnglishDualAudio.mkv_snapshot_19.54_2017.08.10_19.38.20.th.png](https://www.sfeomoe.com/images/2017/08/10/EncoderAnonxPearseHunterxHunter1999-Episode60EnglishDualAudio.mkv_snapshot_19.54_2017.08.10_19.38.20.th.png)](https://www.sfeomoe.com/image/RGk53) [![EncoderAnonxPearseHunterxHunter1999-Episode35EnglishDualAudio.mkv_snapshot_07.17_2017.08.10_19.39.51.th.png](https://www.sfeomoe.com/images/2017/08/10/EncoderAnonxPearseHunterxHunter1999-Episode35EnglishDualAudio.mkv_snapshot_07.17_2017.08.10_19.39.51.th.png)](https://www.sfeomoe.com/image/RG4yK) [![EncoderAnonxPearseHunterxHunter1999-Episode01EnglishDualAudio.mkv_snapshot_12.11_2017.08.10_19.36.44.th.png](https://www.sfeomoe.com/images/2017/08/10/EncoderAnonxPearseHunterxHunter1999-Episode01EnglishDualAudio.mkv_snapshot_12.11_2017.08.10_19.36.44.th.png)](https://www.sfeomoe.com/image/RGxU0) [![EncoderAnonxPearseHunterxHunter1999-Episode23EnglishDualAudio.mkv_snapshot_20.27_2017.08.10_19.37.08.th.png](https://www.sfeomoe.com/images/2017/08/10/EncoderAnonxPearseHunterxHunter1999-Episode23EnglishDualAudio.mkv_snapshot_20.27_2017.08.10_19.37.08.th.png)](https://www.sfeomoe.com/image/RGo8h) [![EncoderAnonxPearseHunterxHunter1999-Episode49EnglishDualAudio.mkv_snapshot_19.10_2017.08.10_19.39.09.th.png](https://www.sfeomoe.com/images/2017/08/10/EncoderAnonxPearseHunterxHunter1999-Episode49EnglishDualAudio.mkv_snapshot_19.10_2017.08.10_19.39.09.th.png)](https://www.sfeomoe.com/image/RGb4B) [![EncoderAnonxPearseHunterxHunter1999-Episode30EnglishDualAudio.mkv_snapshot_04.24_2017.08.10_19.39.26.th.png](https://www.sfeomoe.com/images/2017/08/10/EncoderAnonxPearseHunterxHunter1999-Episode30EnglishDualAudio.mkv_snapshot_04.24_2017.08.10_19.39.26.th.png)](https://www.sfeomoe.com/image/RGGdl)
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4 comment(s):
28/08/2017 10:24 — Rhuoghiln
Humble request for this title to be kindly snatched/uploaded (nzb). The total size is a little shy of the site's skipping policy.
It will be much appreciated.
28/08/2017 10:39 — Hunter
L 05/02/2018 22:55 — MeH
Possibilities are endless ...
K = !dq3K7M9qEt1Fskak_zYNMEGAGA
24/04/2019 20:27 — Anonymous
thank you!!!
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