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Date Submitted13/07/2018 23:56
Series (!)Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan
CommentIn the final years of the Bakumatsu era lived a legendary assassin known as Hitokiri Battousai. Feared as a merciless killer, he was unmatched throughout the country, but mysteriously disappeared at the peak of the Japanese Revolution. It has been ten peaceful years since then, but the very mention of Battousai still strikes terror into the hearts of war veterans.Unbeknownst to them, Battousai has abandoned his bloodstained lifestyle in an effort to repent for his sins, now living as Kenshin Himura, a wandering swordsman with a cheerful attitude and a strong will. Vowing never to kill again, Kenshin dedicates himself to protecting the weak. One day, he stumbles across Kaoru Kamiya at her kendo dojo, which is being threatened by an impostor claiming to be Battousai. After receiving help from Kenshin, Kaoru allows him to stay at the dojo, and so the former assassin temporarily ceases his travels.Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan tells the story of Kenshin as he strives to save those in need of saving. However, as enemies from both past and present begin to emerge, will the reformed killer be able to uphold his new ideals?(Info from MAL) (Ripped using RedFox/AnyDVD)Hope You Enjoy!This is the Animeworks/MediaBlasters Dub
udp:// 1L: 2C: 0U: 7d, 19min ago
udp:// 1L: 2C: 1U: 5d, 21hr, 13min ago
udp:// 0L: 1C: 0U: 3d, 17hr, 30min ago 1L: 2C: 49U: 14d, 23hr, 6min ago
udp:// 1L: 2C: 0U: 7d, 15hr, 6min ago

46 comment(s):
14/07/2018 00:32 — Anonymous
Oh, not again "This torrent has not been fetched due to skipping policy " Please let it pass through just this once, or at least any one tell me where I could download this 1,2,3  volumes of this DVDISO, please?  I would very much appreciate it if any one could help me.
14/07/2018 00:58 — Anonymous
14/07/2018 01:23 — Anonymous
Learn how to be a proper pirate and use other ways of getting files other than DDL links.
14/07/2018 03:18 — Anonymous
Well... I would lie If I said that I didn't expect those responses of yours, gentlemen.  Well, we are living in a world where the word "help" no longer exists or to be precise, looks down on be those who call themselves independents, hard workers, whatever else, the list goes on. You know, there is no harm in helping each other once in a while or if it is within our power. Anyways, thank you for responding to my comment; I truly appreciate it. Oh, almost forgot to reply to this- " to be a proper pirate" Oh, come on, downloading anime online or even watching it\ them online doesn't make one a pirate whatsoever. I have always supported anime creators, mangaka tachi, and  
Last but not least, novelists by buying their stuff legally whether they are available at local stores ,Amazon, eBay, or whatever alternatives are out there. I just wanted to get my point clear, that's all, folks. No Underlying Wickedness. And of course, I absolutely agree with this Proverb, "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" But as I just mentioned above, "there is no harm in helping each other once in a while or if it is within our power." we just need balances between helping others and letting them be independents, but by paving the way to them and of course, without underlying contempt or patronizing.
14/07/2018 03:33 — Anonymous
You said absolutely agree with this Proverb, "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"
It sounds like you are asking for someone to give you a fish. Teaching you to fish this time would involve you learning to use torrents.
14/07/2018 12:30 — Anonymous
go back to /pol/
14/07/2018 03:23 — Anonymous
14/07/2018 04:41 — pok it is me
and again ...there would be no issues if you guys would rely on a better method to transfer files.... amazes me the complete ignorance of wanting a file to exist for like 3 days...why even put in the effort to up a file....ugh some people.
14/07/2018 05:40 — Anonymous
14/07/2018 06:31 — Anonymous
um ah...good point BUT
no longer seeded...
less than 30 days gonna post it here in the next few will exsist for over NINE YEARS....great try
14/07/2018 12:13 — Anonymous
You forget, the vast majority here are pirates and pirates don't PAY for content.
Now if you want to offer everyone here FREE prepaid accounts people might pay more attention to your spam.
14/07/2018 13:37 — Anonymous
You are full of **it, I just checked and connected to several seeders and got good speed. How much commission do you make for shilling a 'Pay to Play' site?
14/07/2018 14:51 — poster
is your name still up...can you actually download the FULL post..just cause there are seeders does not mean its complete or even able to just for a goof i tried said post..NO PEERS AT ALL.again relying on some one else to be online is the lynchpin.just cause nyaa says 5 seeders 2 leechers does not mean its accurate or that you will get the complete post..ive let torrents stay open for 6 months and in point. DENKI GAI  posted on 2015-07-10 tell me oh sage of torrents...WHY is this still not available.WHY can i not attain said post/torrent.because its a flawed system that requires another PERSON TO PERSON ive argued with idiots such as yourself before crying about paywalls and stupid shit...but you know what...those that pay a measly 12 dollars are ablle to attain 9 years worth of stuff from any category...dvd's / movies / rips / games / programs / porn / ebooks / music of various formats / and so much more/ with the added ability of fast speeds and a constant....YES CONSTANT CONNECTION. at anytime night or day.i can dl a dvd5 in 4 minutes....any one of these torrents posted to usenet would be downloaded in about 15 minutes...thats a big differance than waiting half a im still waiting on this post..posted at  2018-07-13 18:56 .that was over a day and still at 26 %.not to mention the ease of posting to usenet and the .NFO INCLUDED so you actually know what your getting.look your gonna cry and go all troll instead of challenge points..i get that..its ok go on and restrict yourself i dont care..its actually more likely that you dont have the smarts to understand alt.hierarchy

"You are full of **it, I just checked and connected to several seeders and got good speed"
LOOKING ON NYAA AS YOUR PROOF PROVES YOU LOST THE ARGUMENT.and if they were seeding many were at 100%....pfft....just got owned and real you will go on about that paywall shit...but i remind you the price is cheap and the amount of stuff to get is vast and fast and updated daily..well i won and im not gonna respond anymore cause whats the point...your gonna troll cry .so um why is the dvd/iso of summer wars not up..its a torrent right..correct....right..hey i just checked on nyaa and it says 3 seeders and 3 leechers its up and ready to dl correct.hey not even a month and i can still get it correct...hey i dl'ed the torrent and placed it in the client and its downloading correct......well actually yes..which amazes me but then again this animefan guy is new....but believe me i could go on and on..point is i won and you restrict yourself...btw wheres your list of things youve posted and are still and currently seeding.
14/07/2018 15:35 — Anonymous
go back to /pol/
14/07/2018 15:37 — Anonymous
Stop posting ISOs and asking AT to fetch it just because you don't wanna seed back. Place you are looking for is AsianDVDClub.
14/07/2018 16:00 — Anonymous
Here's my proof it had seeders with decent speed, I managed to get it. You can just keep on paying to get files I don't care, but quit shilling sites you have to pay for because real pirates and the vast majority that come here don't pay.
14/07/2018 18:00 — Anonymous
Hey buddy, if usenet is so f'n great why the hell are you here?
15/07/2018 00:16 — deanzel
Because AnimeTosho is a usenet uploader...
15/07/2018 01:08 — Anonymous
Go back to /pol/ and stop posting ISOs. Place you are looking for is AsianDVDClub.
31/07/2018 04:19 — pok
just because its seeded does not mean there is a complete i look here on nyaa there are no seedersand 5 leechers...yes i know the op willseed from time to time...BUT we all know this wont last and by the end of the next month this will seed no longer...
31/07/2018 04:43 — Anonymous
Go get it on usenet and quit griping here, the vast majority here don't give a crap about you and your 'Pay to download' site. They also won't pay for 'pirated' files.
31/07/2018 10:34 — Anonymous
Kill yourself.
14/07/2018 21:45 — poster
thanks for playing "troll ownage" as i suspected none of you ever even tried to challenge me on any points....but ill answer all stupid points

...back to pol...well dont knw what stupid shit that is as i dont live on 4chan....insult failed...

stop posting actual dvd's dont seedwell ive been seeding for 9 years straight with more content than you...oh btw what are you seeding.and sorry i like the actual dvd and not some fucking rip.

#3 you dont pay cause usenet is to intellectually challenging for you to are a liberal and have said mindset...btw what have you posted...also you rely on a problematic system that any person knows is flawwed due to needing a p2p connection...A LONG TIME NO NO in any field .yes one of the things you showed still is me a iso available from 1 year back....i can.actually 2 years back...street fighter 2 victory.wait..thats not a torrent.

usenet is that great..almost anything you want..why am i here...cus the dvd anime selection is lacking.most losers seem to think dvd's are not as good as a rip.btw every post ive made is still active and thats been for 9 me any torrent still seeded for 9 years.

go on  try real hard to find the oldest seeded torrent.this is a challenge to all you losers and how i win with retention..complain if you all will but fucking 9 dollars a month should not break the bank..

"You can just keep on paying to get files I don't care, but quit shilling sites you have to pay for because real pirates and the vast majority that come here don't pay."
play your word games...i still have better access than me the torrent for green green vol 1 2 3.
14/07/2018 22:28 — Anonymous
poster, you can harp on usenet all you want. Point is 99.9% of the people that come here are NOT going to PAY for a 'service'.
A lot that come here are kids with lack of funds, no way to pay, have limited bandwidth where max speed dl's mean jack shit to them.
I would think by now that someone who claims we are 'Intellectually Challenged' is too Intellectually Challenged to get these points and quit shilling for usenet. There are several here who push back at your drivel but you keep on about it.

Another thing, I'm not going to tell you the files I have posted because it is NONE of your business.
You keep complaining about you can't get this or that, go to your 'amazingly superior' usenet and get it there!
I also have absolutely no interest WASTING my time to try to find the oldest active torrent, I don't give a shit. I can find torrents that are 10+ years old that still work.
15/07/2018 01:08 — Anonymous
Go back to /pol/ and stop posting ISOs. Place you are looking for is AsianDVDClub.
14/07/2018 21:54 — poster
btw this post is a good example..... this was upped on nyaa at  2018-07-13 18:56 .almost 2 days now and still the only person with it complete is the my world you would have this in 4 to 10 minutes.....NOT 2 DAYS...oh and with a .nfo for all aspects of the post and ....PAR FILES for repair if needed.every one else at has to be that way when seeding cause of connection speeds and such....NOT IN MY WORLD...speeds are unlimited and as fast as my provider...thus the 4 minute dvd5 download.also forgot to mention most rips and the like show up in usenet first and a 300 mb episode would take about 30 seconds to download.....30 SECONDS...oh and you get a .nfo and
14/07/2018 21:56 — poster
challenge me on speed/ retention/ completion/ and variety.actually im done..ive won.verified by 9 years on post by me...stack up your record to mine.....i dare you
15/07/2018 02:47 — kenshin
You can't compare a system which is essentially a business venture to a sharing system which doesn't have any monetary objectives.

Having said that of course you don't have to wait for days/weeks/months because you are paying for this service to not make you do so. You are paying it so that you can use your maximum ISP speed. You are paying for retention.

PAR files aren't perfect.

.nfo lol. Can't read torrent descriptions.
16/07/2018 11:28 — admin
If you would like the uploader to make the content available through different mediums, please leave a comment here instead.
If, instead, you would like to help others out and share it on Usenet, you're welcome to post the NZB here.

AT generally doesn't process raws or disk images due to large size unfortunately.
18/07/2018 14:16 — Anonymous
thanks for responding in kind..and not as a
16/07/2018 14:06 — Anonymous
poster, you said "in my world you would have this in 4 to 10 minutes"
Stay in "your world" and quit pestering us here.
BTW, if the uploader's speed is that slow you'd still be waiting for it in "your world" since it wouldn't have been uploaded yet.
15/07/2018 02:29 — Anonymous
Can someone pass the popcorn.
18/07/2018 14:36 — Anonymous
I'd request additional soda, too XD
19/07/2018 23:41 — pok it is me
stopped seeding..go to usenet ..torrents are unreliable.
19/07/2018 23:46 — pok it is me
btw while your getting soda and popcorn...maybe you seed this indefinitely so it stays active.....dont just be a leech /....CONTRIBUTE...i did my part since beginning of this post..was actively seeding except one day from post.yeah i complain...cause its a crap system...but i did my all that made troll comments i expect to see at least 4 people at 100% seeding...
20/07/2018 01:31 — Anonymous
Place you want is AsianDVDClub, not Nyaa.
20/07/2018 08:21 — Anonymous
You are a dumbass, when I see your posts I have started to quit seeding the files you are after.
BTW, you aren't the one that's really 'contributing', it's the service that you are PAYING for that is.
20/07/2018 14:00 — Anonymous
that is the first sign of someone not contributing...every one will get complaints one time or another and to act a child is shamefull.i am not after any of these files especially the jap audio only...THATS WHY I ASK FOR A .NFO is so i know whats there..instead i have to blindly download stuff until the end and then FIND OUT WHAT IT IS..get me a AsianDVDClub pass and ill leave here.but instead i have to bum it and be here then delete half of what i download...ugh...fine quit seeding and become a useless uploader..someone of no trustworthyness...BUT YOU ARE CORRECT ...others should should not be up to you have done your effort and its time for others to pick up the i said yesterday others should be seeding and as i said torrents are a flawwed system releying on the kindness of others instead of a stable system.and as to about you ..rar/split/par/research/create.nfo/convert to dvd5/add to powerpost/and then post////oh and repeate with 1 terabyte of dvd5 dvd's and add in music/movies/rips/programs/and info relating to some of those post...
20/07/2018 14:32 — kenshin
Why do you ask for ADC pass. According to you torrenting is a flawed system.
22/07/2018 14:53 — Anonymous
to spread to a more reliable method..thanks for a intellectual response...and not adumb troll comment..btw most dont know this but adc regularly post to usenet.
22/07/2018 15:52 — Anonymous
Some members may post content to usenet, but ADC itself does not. There have been plenty of discussions on ADC about people uploading their content there.
In fact ADC frowns upon places (businesses) that try to make money off of pirated content. ADC does not use ads, miners, SUBSCRIPTIONS etc to make money.
22/07/2018 16:46 — Anonymous
just die.
23/07/2018 22:31 — Anonymous
how to die?
24/07/2018 03:35 *Yogicat
Just shine...

like the angels in heaven.

24/07/2018 12:03 — Anonymous
25/07/2018 20:26 — Anonymous
doesnt work..someone already attempted to rob me and they died instead.
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