[DragsterPS] Neon Genesis Evangelion S01 [1080p] [Multi-Audio] [Multi-Subs]

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Date Submitted21/06/2019 10:50
Series (!)Shinseiki Evangelion
CommentVideo resolution: 1440x1080 (WEB-DL, AVC Main@L4)
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22 comment(s):
21/06/2019 17:50 — Anonymous
After so many years without any actual access to Neon Genesis Evangelion Neflix finally bring it out with a new Dub, pls don't skip this release
21/06/2019 17:54 — Anonymous
Netflix US Evangelion has missing music cues and the iconic karaoke style covers of Fly Me To The Moon that used to end every episode, but Netflix Japan has it, probably because of not paying for a music license. Really dismaying streaming can do this.
22/06/2019 02:30 — TheOtherBill
It would be great if someone could take a release that had the JPN BD and the original DUB and then add Netflix DUB to it.
22/06/2019 13:19 — Anonymous
usually done by CTR group, go ask them: https://nyaa.si/user/Catar
23/06/2019 01:29 — Anonymous
CTR aka Catar isn't a group. It's a single girl.
23/06/2019 16:16 — Anonymous
Rule 37: There are no girls on the internet.

If you find one, it's a trap:
25/06/2019 02:58 — Anonymous
This was and still is the dumbest 4chan meme ever.
23/06/2019 03:17 — Anonymous
Actually it's KTR
23/06/2019 07:48 — Anonymous
lol what?
23/06/2019 00:58 — Anonymous
It'd be great if we could let this through, it is Evangelion after all
23/06/2019 05:48 *Yogicat
Nyahaha! #FelineYogi@irc.rizon.net
Get it from their DDL server. Links to that in their website.
23/06/2019 07:48 — Anonymous
How could you honestly expect Erai's Japanese-only audio rip to be a replacement for DragsterPS which includes all audio including the new English Dub which is entirely the only reason to bother with a WEB rip to begin with since vastly superior Blu-ray releases exist for both the old English dub and the Japanese dub?

Basically td:lr Erai's rip is pointless for everyone and the only reason to get DragsterPS is the new dub, else go get a Blu-ray release.
23/06/2019 07:55 — Yogicat
Nyahaha! #FelineYogi@irc.rizon.net
Onii-chan, i-it's too big...
06/07/2019 04:51 — Anonymous
23/06/2019 17:02 — Anonymous
I'd wait for reasonable blu-ray encode instead.
24/06/2019 10:41 — Anonymous
is Netflix going to release their version on bluray? For some reason that never occurred to me, I guess since it was such a hassle for them to even get the rights to stream it in the first place
24/06/2019 15:58 — Anonymous
Unlikely. But series was released on blu-ray in Japan and fans made remuxs with ADV dub before https://animetosho.org/search?q=neon g...is bd dual

Someone will do the same for Netflix dub in the future.
30/06/2019 08:58 — admin
It's really big, but I decided to add this anyway.
30/06/2019 18:15 — Anonymous
Very poor video quality. too much noise, image sharpening problems etc. Unfortunate waste of time and bandwidth.
30/06/2019 20:46 — Anonymous
01/07/2019 00:13 — Yogicat
Nyahaha! #FelineYogi@irc.rizon.net
I think some people only download these because they need the dub audio tracks for whatever reason.
01/07/2019 04:36 — Anonymous
no one cares, otherwise they would've waited for a blu-ray release. official or remux.
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