Detective Conan - Movie 6 - The Phantom of Baker Street [DCTP][1080p][H264][D9B9B401].mp4

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Date Submitted10/01/2013 20:00
Series (!)Meitantei Conan: Shikkoku no Chaser - Complete Movie || The brand new 1080p release of Movie 6 by DCTP! DCTP's anime team will disband on May 1st, but expect more releases in the meantime!
File Name (Size)Detective Conan - Movie 6 - The Phantom of Baker Street [DCTP][1080p][H264][D9B9B401].mp4 (5.001 GB)
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11 comment(s):
14/01/2013 16:35 — samuri
downloaded all 7 parts from putlocker ..
but can't extract with 7-zip...
which method used to create this archive & what program should i use to extract??? O.o
14/01/2013 21:53 — Anonymous ,there is more info on the faq link .You just need to run the program ,select join and click the first file in the list (.001)of links you have downloaded in the input section, then leave it to run till 100% completion .
15/01/2013 01:31 — samuri
i know that~
but 7-zip keeps saying it cant' open 001' file as archive
that's why i'm asking
15/01/2013 01:46 *Tibb
In this case, you do not need 7-zip to get the movie.
Download the program that anon mentions above, select "join" out of the menu followed by "input file" then find the .mp4.001
hjsplit will then combine all part files it can find.

If you don't want to use a program:


COPY /B <source file1>+<source file2>+....+<source file7> <destination file>

where <source file1> is Detective Conan - Movie 6 - The Phantom of Baker Street [DCTP][1080p][H264][D9B9B401].mp4.001
and all the other ones are the next pieces.


cat file1 file2 > file3

Hope this helps!
15/01/2013 09:31 — Anonymous
Before joining the files I would recommend first to rename the files to something very short, like "1" (w/o quotes). This way it's typing text is less annoying. When joined rename again (if result is not an archive), in this case to "Detective Conan - Movie 6 - The Phantom of Baker Street [DCTP][1080p][H264][D9B9B401].mp4"
15/01/2013 03:43 *A_Registered_Trademark
1. The version of 7-zip has to be 9.2 or later or it won't work
2. Create a new folder on the root of your drive with a short name, like c:\Conan.  Move all the parts there and try 7-zip again.  Windows has a limit on the number of characters in a file name plus it's path.  When it gets near that limit, things don't work but give no reason why.  And this is a long file name.  After joining, the file will probably work wherever you usually keep these shows.  (It's usually the temp files that get too long.  The full address limit used to be 255 characters.  It probably still is, to retain useless backward compatibility with machines older than most of us.)
3. Maybe there was something wrong just with the first part.  Download it again, or get part one from another service that has the 7 parts.  Admin was making these parts interchangable, he said.  Bayfiles still has it.
4. During download, some servers create hard spaces between words (blank_underline_space) instead of soft spaces.  Make sure all seven parts of the title are exactly identical except for the 001 - 007 at the end of each.  Sort by name in the folder so the numbers are in the right order before using 7-zip.

That's all I can think of right now.

To answer your question, I think admin uses 7-zip to create all archives.
15/01/2013 07:26 — samuri
Thx ya all for replies ^.^
still doesn't work.
when I use HJsplit & click Join File ,I can't find any 001 split file in the folder even though I put all 7 parts in it.
My 7zip is 9.2. My home connection is one with data cap , so re-downloading is quite problem for me.I think there was no error during download.
Yeah all files have identical names.Just one thing.It's shown 001' instead of 001 in file type.<That's the problem??

15/01/2013 08:35 *A_Registered_Trademark
That would do it.  Re-name.  What look like small differences to humans are just expected or unexpected values to a computer.

I just started a putlocker download of part 001.  Here's the filename I'm getting:


Did you get anything like that?  These are format codes for underlining, hard spacing and special fonts or characters.  To make this work, you have to re-name each of the files to match the file name listed on the putlocker screen.  In this case,

Detective Conan - Movie 6 - The Phantom of Baker Street [DCTP][1080p][H264][D9B9B401].mp4.001

Not hard, just use the mouse to copy then right click on the file, choose "Re-name" and ctrl-v to paste.  You'll have to do this or whatever for each file so they match the clean example above, except for the end number.  Note: even an extra soft space somewhere in one of them will screw things up.

Usually, when a service does this sort of thing it shows up on the download page.  This one doesn't, so it wasn't my first guess for the problem.

Two last things:
1. you might be able to get away with just renaming the files to xxx.001 to xxx.007.  I forget if that works.
2. These kinds of programs used to not like "double-dot" formats in the file names.  If it still doesn't work, try removing the .mp4 part from each file.  Prefix/Suffix were what the dots were supposed to be for originally -Past and present rules blur for me sometimes.
16/01/2013 02:57 — samuri
Thx alot..
yeah problem solved..
I renamed becomes 001 file ..
16/01/2013 03:15 — A_Registered_Trademark
It's irritating how dumb these programs can be.  Is the movie worth my own attempted download?
16/01/2013 05:09 *alpeia2
1. you might be able to get away with just renaming the files to xxx.001 to xxx.007.  I forget if that works.

For HJsplit & 7zip (if not zipped & segmented) you can. For zip-it & rar you can't cause those prorgrams add information on the filename and how many segments there are in the header of the first file.
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