Detective Conan Movie 16 - The Eleventh Striker, 2012 (IPTV 1280x720 H264 AAC).avi

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Date Submitted02/09/2012 13:24
Series (!)Meitantei Conan: Shikkoku no Chaser - Complete Movie
Commentafreeca V/Kt llehTV
File Name (Size)Detective Conan Movie 16 - The Eleventh Striker, 2012 (IPTV 1280x720 H264 AAC).avi (2.445 GB)
DownloadBayFiles: Part1, Part2, Part3
Freakshare: Part1, Part2, Part3
PutLocker: Part1, Part2, Part3

7 comment(s):
03/09/2012 17:01 — Anonymous
Can you get this on lower quality say 360 oh and is this subbed?6L?G
03/09/2012 17:57 — A_Registered_Trademark
I think you are right, this one is not English subbed.  It's a recent release, so watch for English subbed versions soon, probably from DCTP.  And they usually create larger and smaller file sizes for different preferences.
05/09/2012 05:29 — BMP9975781451
why peejeshare always shows link does not exist???
05/09/2012 10:07 — A_Registered_Trademark
If you really want to know and aren't just expressing frustration: Peejeshare is being targeted by one or more companies representing those who claim property rights for certain groups.  When they detect a title from their list in the Peejeshare archive, they issue a warning to Peejeshare under DMCA or similar trade laws.  Peejeshare must then delete that title and keep it off their system or face lawsuits.  Big, expensive, no-one-wins-except-the-lawyers-regardless-of-actual-rights lawsuits.  If they delete the title, that's the end of the matter.  So download services like Peejeshare just comply and move on.
22/09/2012 11:39 — AnimeBounds
it is still good part 1 and 2 is in english sub but i saw in blogspot site said that it will release the part 3 and 4 tomorrow., maybe you can try it here... Detective Conan Movie 16 - The Eleventh Striker here... for now let enjoy the raw it is better than never but keep watch in the site i mention to have the full part of the movie...
02/12/2012 05:43 — Anonymous
where to find english sub?
02/12/2012 10:08 — Anonymous
According to Nyaa the following has English and Korean subs, but poor production values.  It must be hardsubs if anything, given what I read in the header.  If you don't want to wait for a better version:

Title : Detective Conan: The Eleventh Striker
Detected quality : 480p
Display Size 848x476
Duration : 01:45:42
Audio language : Japanese
SubTitle language : English / Korea
iMDB :

If you just wanted the subs by themselves, don't know.  There should be good softsubbed versions soon.
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